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Can You Bring a Vape on a Cruise Ship?

Public smoking rules are fairly well-known, but laws governing vaping can be a bit more confusing, especially on board cruise ships. Can you bring a vape pen on a cruise ship, and if so, are you allowed to take a quick puff wherever you want? 

Can I vape on a cruise?

Yes, you can vape on a cruise. But while you can bring a vape pen, cartridges, and e-juice on a cruise ship, there are rules you must follow regarding where you can vape. 

Cruise ship rules about vaping are the same as those for cigarettes. There are designated smoking areas where passengers can use their vape pens, and they vary depending on the cruise line.

Let’s keep things simple. Here is a brief outline of the smoking and vaping policy for some of the most popular cruise lines. You can read each one’s individual smoking policy on their website. 

Can I bring my vape on a Norwegian Cruise Lines cruise ship?

Vaping on Norwegian cruise ships is allowed in designated outdoor smoking areas. Indoor vaping is allowed in the cigar lounge and the casino, and passengers traveling in Garden Villas can vape in their private gardens and on their sundecks. 

Can I bring my vape on a Disney cruise ship?

Vaping on Disney cruise ships is only allowed outdoors. There are very few specified smoking areas aboard Disney cruises.

Can I bring my vape on a Princess cruise ship?

Apart from designated outdoor smoking areas, vaping on Princess cruise ships is permitted in certain parts of the nightclub, in the cigar lounge, and at specific slot machines in the casino. Occasionally, the casino will implement non-smoking nights depending on the length of the trip. Vaping is not allowed during non-smoking nights. 

Can I bring my vape on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship?

Vaping on Royal Caribbean cruises is only permitted in designated outdoor smoking areas. 

Can I bring my vape on a Carnival cruise?

Vaping on Carnival cruises is permitted in assigned outdoor smoking areas. Guests can also vape in the casino if they’re seated and playing. 

While some cruise ships will allow vaping on your balcony, most don’t, so make sure you’re aware of the rules before you use your vape pen. 

Generally speaking, other cruise lines will have the same rules regarding where you can’t use your vape pen, including indoor and outdoor areas. Vaping is not allowed in food venues, in crowded outdoor areas, and in areas where kids play such as near the pool, in theaters, or in your stateroom. 

Cruise lines won’t hesitate to stick you with a hefty fine if you’re caught vaping outside of designated smoking areas, especially in your stateroom. Some cruise lines fine guests up to $5000 for breaking that rule, plus you might have to pay a cleaning fee on top of that. 

Also, cruise lines reserve the right to remove passengers who aren’t abiding by cruise rules, and although this isn’t likely to happen for smaller infringements like vaping in your room or sneaking alcohol onto your cruise, it can still happen. 

You will, however, be removed if you’re caught trying to bring TCH e-juice onboard a cruise. Although weed is legal in quite a few states and even countries, most cruise ships abide by U.S. federal law and prohibit drugs of any kind, including marijuana, onboard. You can’t bring weed on a cruise, and if you try to sneak it on and get caught, you will be denied boarding and may even face legal consequences. 

How Do You Pack a Vape for a Cruise?

There is an international rule prohibiting vape pens in checked bags. Just like when you board a plane, when you board a cruise your vape pen must be packed in your carry-on. You should also turn it off and remove the battery to prevent the heating element from accidentally being switched on. 

If you’re bringing refillable cartridges and e-juice onboard (which is also allowed), be prepared to have them inspected. Port Authority Security may want to test your vape pen and e-juice for THC. Drug-sniffing dogs are usually around during boarding as well, so don’t try to sneak weed onboard. It’s just not worth the risk. 

Using Your Vape Pen on a Cruise in Port

Be advised that countries you’re traveling to might have their own laws regarding vaping. Mexico, Cambodia, and Taiwan have officially banned the sale and use of all e-cigarettes, so consider leaving your vape pen in your stateroom if you’re visiting these destinations. You might have a hard time getting it back on board. 

The sale of vape pens and vape pen products like e-juice and cartridges are illegal in many countries, especially in South America and the Caribbean, so don’t rely on being able to stock up as you travel. Be sure to pack enough e-juice to get you through your trip. 

Now that you’ve read all about whether you can vape on a cruise, are you ready to book one? If so, you may want to talk to one of our cruise travel agents. Or, check out the many articles we have about cruises, including 10 Best Honeymoon Cruises, Royal Caribbean vs. MSC Cruises, Norwegian vs. Princess, Royal Caribbean vs. Celebrity, Are Christmas Cruises Worth It?, Royal Caribbean vs. Princess, and Carnival Cruise vs. Royal Caribbean.


Saturday 2nd of September 2023

I've been looking to read something that would let me know what to expect on a cruise regarding vaping. Thank you! (What a hassle & in pain in the ass, vaping is totally unlike smoking. You have to be seriously, seriously, rude about it to offend another.) I do understand the rules about checking for THC & international law though, & I'd had no previous knowledge about any of that. I flew to Orlando from Ohio and spent a week at Universal studios and then a week at Daytona Beach and managed to survive while vaping, lol. (Of course every single place I wasn't supposed to, & of course I didn't offend anyone.) Again, thank you!