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Sandals Military Discount: Does Sandals Give Discounts to Service Personnel?

If you are in the military and want to honeymoon or vacation at one of the luxurious Sandals adults-only all-inclusive resorts, you might be wondering, does Sandals give discounts to active service personnel? Do military veterans get discounts at Sandals?

The answer is yes! Military veterans get discounts at Sandals, as do active military service personnel and their spouses.

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In fact, Sandals gives discounts to more than just members of the military. The Sandals military discount also extends to firefighters, police, Department of Defense, and Federal Emergency Management Agency members.

In this article we’ll tell you all about the Sandals military discount, including who qualifies, how much it is, and how to claim it.

The Sandals Service Personnel Discount

In appreciation of all that members of the military and other service personnel do, Sandals resorts offer their Sandals Service Personnel Discount. Also called the Sandals military discount, it gives 10 percent off a Sandals all-inclusive vacation at every Sandals resort in the Caribbean.

The Sandals Service Personnel Discount gives 10% off rates to all members of the U.S. and Canadian military, firefighters, police, and active FEMA staff.

And even better, this 10% discount can be applied in addition to any special promotional offers, including sales like the Winter Blues Sale, last-minute deals, and the Sandals 777 deal. For more details on these types of Sandals discounts, check out our article “Getting the Best Deal at Sandals Resorts.

What qualifies for a military discount at Sandals resorts?

Here are the different types of service personnel who qualify for the military discount at Sandals:

  • Active members of the United States or Canadian armed forces, retired members of the U.S. or Canadian armed forces, members of the Reserves, members of the U.S. National Guard, members of the U.S. Department of Defense and Canada Department of National Defense. This discount includes spouses.
  • All active, retired active, and retired inactive firefighters in the United States and Canada (all members of the International Association of Firefighters).
  • All active and retired United States and Canadian police personnel.
  • All active United States Federal Emergency Management Agency personnel.

How do you get the Sandals military discount?

In order to get the Sandals military discount, you will fill out a form after booking your vacation, and once details are verified they will issue a credit to your reservation. Only one room per person is eligible for the discount.

Proof of your affiliation is required at check-in. This includes military identification or discharge papers; a copy of a valid International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) membership or alumni card; police identification; or valid FEMA identification.

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Now that you know about the Sandals military discount, are you ready to book your honeymoon at Sandals? If so, you’ll find tons of helpful information on our site, including individual Sandals resort reviews.

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