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About Us

Dan and Michelle are the creators of Honeymoon Always.

We’re experts in all-inclusive resorts and have traveled to the most popular honeymoon destinations and started Honeymoon Always to share it with you.

We met in Austin, Texas, and took our first trip together to NYC, an experience that led us to realize how much we loved each other. We got married and started sharing our travel experiences together with millions of visitors.

In early 2021, we decided to sell our home in Austin and move to Lisbon, Portugal to work on our travel business full-time. We share more about our lives as expats and travelers on YouTube and Instagram.

We also partner with 58 Stars, a travel agency offering custom travel experiences, to provide travel planning services to our readers. 

We are members of the Sandals Royal Chairmans Club at the highest level for our expertise and experience with Sandals Resorts and are some of the top Sandals Travel Agents.

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Our Travel Experts

Mike Salvador

Mike is the Co-President of 58Stars Travel, our travel agency partner. He has helped honeymooners plan their trips worldwide from custom tours of Europe to overwater bungalows in tropical destinations.

Shannon Hanes

Shannon is a honeymoon and destination wedding specialist. She is an in many destinations including Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Cancun, Cabo, St. Lucia, Antigua, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, and Tahiti. She is also a Sandals expert and knows the ins and outs of all-inclusive resorts.

Alicia Hansen

Alicia is a Certified Luxury Travel Specialist with additional certifications in honeymoon travel, Safaris, European travel, and more. She is a Disney expert and has helped honeymoon couples travel across the globe.

Karen Soto

Karen Soto specializes in adult all-inclusive and adventure travel. She is an expert in honeymoons and romance trips to the Caribbean, Jamaica,  Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, and Hawaii.

Jenn Beherndt

Jenn is a Travel Design Specialist with extensive experience in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Greece, Mexico, and many other honeymoon destinations. She is an expert in all-inclusive resorts and has extensive knowledge of brands like Sandals Resorts.

Work With Us

Honeymoon Always is a fast-growing travel blog open to working with brands, tourism boards, and honeymoon destinations. We are open to working with you on sponsored posts, press trips, sponsored reviews, and interviews.

Contact us at [email protected]

We also accept guest posts from other Travel Writers.

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