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Sandals Resorts Certified Travel Agents

When it comes to booking your trip to Sandals, you have two choices. You can book directly with Sandals or work with a travel agent. If you want to book on your own, you can go to Sandals.com, and on this page, you can see the current specials they have.

BUT, you may want to take advantage of the benefits that come with booking with a Certified Sandals Specialist Travel Agent.

Overall, there are a lot of choices that come with booking a Sandals vacation and a Certified Sandals Specialist is going to give you the insight to make those choices easy.

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We’re Dan & Michelle, travel enthusiasts, Sandals experts, and members of the Sandal’s Chairman’s Royal Club. We would love to help you plan your travel vacation.

Key Benefits of Using A Sandals Travel Agent

Certified Sandals Travel Agents know the different Sandals Resorts very well, having visited many of them first hand, and can help you make the right choice on resort and room options.- With our expertise, we can prepare you better to get the most out of your stay at Sandals.– We will save you valuable time when planning. – If there is a disruption in your travel, your travel agent will be an advocate for you to remedy the situation.

Why a Certified Sandals Travel Agent?

A Preferred Sandals Specialist is a travel advisor who specializes in booking travel to Sandals locations and is recognized as an expert. We have gone through an extensive education program about Sandals Resorts and keep up to date on the latest information.

We’ve been to all the resorts personally and can give you a ton of details that you won’t find just by looking at the website (like whether there are renovations happening at the property).

When we help clients book their trip, we can give them insights to help them decide the best option for them using our experience.

For example, we can share our experiences dining and let them know which resorts have better food.

Once they have decided on a resort, we can give them our recommendations for restaurants and snacks like where to get the best cocktails, lunches, or our favorite menu items for dinner.

We have also been able to give clients options for excursions and let them know if it will be worth it for them to upgrade their transportation like taking a helicopter or ferry to avoid long windy roads.

Plus, we can help during your trip if any problems come up. We monitor the area for weather issues or other factors that can impact you on your Sandals Vacation, and can easily reschedule flights or make itinerary changes if you need it.

Once a new resort opens, we get there as soon as we can so we can speak to the pros and cons of each resort.

Using a preferred Sandals travel agent can be extremely helpful if you’re not sure which resort you want to go to, or if you’re planning a special occasion trip, such as an anniversary or family reunion. Since we book so much travel with Sandals Resorts, we can make sure that special requests are taken care of.

If you’re planning a destination wedding or your honeymoon, you can even work with a travel consultant who is a Sandals Weddings specialist. They know everything about the various wedding and honeymoon packages available and can match you with the best options and resorts for what you want and we can connect you with the best of the best.

The only downside to using a Sandals Travel Agent is that we are not available 24/7. We are usually available during your travel so if you have an issues we can help you figure it out. But we aren’t always available like a call center.

Our Process

We try to keep things as simple as possible. To connect with a Certified Sandals Travel Agent, just fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP. After that we can answer some questions through email and can set up a call to review any questions you have.

When it comes time to book your Sandals Resort package we can take care of that for you and send you and updates leading up to your trip.

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Let’s Get Started

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Let us know your preferences, what is most important to you, or any questions you have.

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