Honeymoon Facts, Stats & Trends

Who pays for the honeymoon?

Traditionally, the groom pays for the honeymoon, however today it is quite different. There are many different ways to fund the honeymoon, and most couples today opt out of the traditional way of doing things.

Often, the parents or the couple themselves pay for the honeymoon, or perhaps a mix of both. Each of the newlyweds contributes and they share the cost as a pair. Some couples choose to create a honeymoon registry, which means aspects of the honeymoon are covered rather than getting more traditional wedding gifts. Alternatively, using the money given as wedding gifts towards the honeymoon is money well spent!

Where does the work “Honeymoon” come from?

The word ‘honeymoon’ comes from the Old English words hony and moone. Hony refers to the sweetness of the beginning of a new marriage, with moone relating to how long that sweetness lasts following the waning moon in the lunar cycle.

The first recorded description of the word can be dated back to 1542, when Samuel Johnson wrote, “the first month after marriage when there is nothing but tenderness and pleasure; originally having no reference to the period of a month, but comparing mutual affection of newly-married persons to the changing moon which is no sooner full that it begins to wane”. While the term was originally used to warn against waning love, today it describes a post-wedding holiday to bond as a married couple and is a very special trip for the newlyweds.

How long is a honeymoon?

In 2019, the average honeymoon lasted between seven to nine days for couples in the US, but many factors go into deciding on the length of a honeymoon, such as work, budget, and family obligations.

Some couples opt for a ‘mini-moon’; this is a nearby getaway for a long weekend. This is a great option if you’re under time restraints or on a smaller budget. Depending on where you live, there are many different mini-moon getaways on the option. Mini moons are great for couples on a budget, as the travel costs are mostly gone. Just because the honeymoon is shorter does not mean it is any less romantic. Picnics in the woods, candlelit dinners, and relaxing with your loved one may not be very far away!

Were your wedding and honeymoon plans affected by the pandemic? If so, you’re not alone. Travel website Expedia recently conducted a survey of 1700 couples and found that the vast majority of them had to cancel or postpone their honeymoons.

Now that travel is possible again, these couples are taking their trips and most are changing their original honeymoon plans. This is creating some new honeymoon trends for 2022, 2023, and beyond.

These trends mean that honeymoons in 2023 and beyond are going to be bigger and better than ever. A collective itch to travel is combined with the desire to make up for the previous years’ disappointments and stress.

“Mega-moons” and “splurge moons”

Many couples that Expedia surveyed are opting to supersize their postponed honeymoons into “mega-moons” by spending more than they originally planned and going to dream destinations—essentially turning their honeymoon from a chance to chill after the wedding into the “trip of a lifetime.”

Couples want to feel indulged on their honeymoons in 2022. For their “splurge moons,” they’re choosing luxurious resorts, amazing accommodations, and romantic extras on the trip like pampering spa treatments, sunset cruises, private candlelight dinners, personal butler service, luxury car rentals, boat charters, and private guided tours.

More and more couples are planning unique honeymoons. They seek incredible experiences they’ll remember forever and are willing to spend more on their honeymoon in order to get them.

northern lights in Norway for honeymooners

Many couples want to cross things off their bucket list, like swimming with dolphins (or pigs!), seeing the Northern Lights, taking a cooking class in Italy, doing a hot air balloon ride, or going to an exotic island.

Active honeymoons are on the rise, whether the couple likes to snorkel, scuba dive, bike, hike, play tennis or golf, ski, or sail. Adventure honeymoons featuring things like hiking into a volcano, going on safari, or ziplining in a jungle are becoming increasingly popular.

Serengeti Safari

Couples are also planning longer honeymoons, with an average stay of 10 to 20 days.

Honeymoon Insurance

“In 2022, another less positive trend we are seeing is more expensive travel and more travel disruptions. Flights are being canceled, and luggage is being lost. We are also seeing an increase in interest in travel insurance. Consider protecting your mega-moon, extended moon, or any other type of moon with Seven Corners travel insurance. It covers your prepaid and nonrefundable trip expenses if you cancel or interrupt your trip due to a covered reason.” – Angela Borden

Stress-relieving honeymoons

Planning a wedding has always been stressful, and honeymoons have historically been a time to rest and recuperate. After the unprecedented stress levels many couples have experienced over the last few years, however, this is even more true in 2022. Forty-five percent of the couples surveyed were planning to honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort. All-inclusive honeymoons offer an especially stress-free and relaxing experience, with everything provided onsite and covered in one charge.

Another honeymoon trend in 2022 resulting from pandemic stress is that many couples want a wellness-focused destination to make their honeymoon a restorative retreat. They’re booking wellness holidays at resorts that offer extras like locally sourced, organic, farm-to-table cuisine; detoxing and rejuvenating spa treatments; soothing exercise classes like yoga; and nature-based activities like hiking and kayaking.

Honeymoon funds

The Expedia survey also discovered that couples getting married now are 65% more likely to have a honeymoon fund on their registry to help them finance their dream trip.

This is an increasingly popular option that allows friends and family to contribute toward experiences rather than buying items that may or may not get used. (If you’d like to have a honeymoon fund but are not sure about the etiquette or how to word it, check out our article on “honey funds” here.)


Of the couples in the Expedia survey who are planning to get married, 83% want to have a “duo-moon,” where they take a minimoon right after the wedding, then a longer trip at a later date.

Especially when the couple is planning a mega-moon, having a duo-moon gives them more time to plan and save for their main honeymoon. For example, a duo-moon could be taking a long weekend minimoon at a nearby beach, then heading off to a honeymoon in Africa the following year to go on safari. Mini-moons usually last between one and four nights, making them an affordable trip that is easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Mini moons are a great way to take a short break and recuperate from the wedding, especially if you don’t go far. Many couples choose to spend their minimoon at the place where they got married, which could be the easiest option ever—your destination is just a short walk or elevator ride away!

Mini moons can be a good option for the couple who doesn’t have time for a longer trip right after the wedding, but still want to mark the occasion. Another reason many couples are taking minimoons is because travel is still somewhat unpredictable and risky. They want to wait a while to avoid the current travel delays, high costs, and issues that might arise if they were to get sick on their honeymoon.


More than half of the couples in the Expedia survey who got married and took a honeymoon during the pandemic are planning another trip as a “redo-moon.” This is to make up for their pandemic mini-moon, which was less than satisfactory due to all the travel restrictions at the time.

Dream destinations

The couples that Expedia surveyed had a wide variety of places they want to honeymoon, with 19% choosing tropical or beach honeymoons, 18% going to multiple destinations, 15 percent going to national parks, and 16% choosing cities.

eiffel tower with couple

The top 10 honeymoon destinations on their lists were England and Scotland in the United Kingdom; Dubai; Paris; Palm Beach and Miami, Florida; Los Angeles; Spain (especially Madrid and Seville); Rome, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast of Italy; St. Lucia; Iceland; and the Maldives.

Multi-destination honeymoons

After years of pent-up travel demand, many people are planning multi-stop honeymoons to maximize their time away and hit several dream locations in one trip. A multi-destination honeymoon is a great idea for couples who have different interests or want to have several types of experiences (such as active plus relaxing).

These trips could be combining a beach vacation with exploring a city, going to several cities or destinations in one country, visiting multiple countries, taking a road trip, exploring several national parks, or any other creative itinerary that the couple wants.

Responsible and eco-conscious honeymoons

An additional honeymoon trend is sustainable and eco-friendly travel. Couples are increasingly aware of the ecological and cultural impact of tourism. Many are choosing eco-tourism destinations for their “eco-moons,” or are looking to volunteer or get involved in the local culture on their trips.

Extended honeymoons

And then there’s the honeymoon that keeps going, a trend that we personally champion (#honeymoonalways)! One benefit of the last few years has been the increase in remote work, allowing many people to work from anywhere with a good internet connection. This has given rise to another 2022 honeymoon trend, the extended honeymoon.

Instead of a short-term vacation, couples are opting to spend months or even years traveling. Some choose the nomadic lifestyle, essentially taking a never-ending honeymoon.

Are you planning a mega-moon, duo-moon, redo-moon, unique honeymoon, adventure honeymoon, wellness honeymoon, multi-destination honeymoon, eco-moon, or extended honeymoon? Did you have a minimoon and are now planning a do-over trip? Let us know in the comments!

5- 7 Day Honeymoons

For a honeymoon trip of five to seven days, look into places such as Hawaii, Riviera Maya, Napa Valley, and New York City.

Hawaii is well known to be a fantastic honeymoon location, offering beautiful beaches and a sense of seclusion for a romantic trip for two. Many airlines offer direct flights to Hawaii from all around the US and no passport is required. Hotels and resorts range from $200 a night and can go up to $1500 a night or more. A week in Hawaii will allow you time to settle in, spend time on the beach, get pampered at the spa, and take a few excursions like whale watching, snorkeling, or a helicopter tour.

Riviera Maya offers everything from the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea to exotic jungles filled with ancient sites. No matter how adventurous you’re feeling, Riviera Maya can cater to any needs. The area has a wide range of prices for accommodations, from affordable all-inclusive resorts to luxury 5-star resorts. 5 days will allow you time to take advantage of all the amenities at your resort, enjoy the local cuisine, and relax on the beach.

Napa Valley is so perfect for honeymoons that lots of accommodation choices have specific honeymoon packages for newlyweds to explore the valley. Soar above the valley in a hot air balloon while cuddled up with your loved one and taking in the spectacular view. You can go on several wine tours and take advantage of the spas and amazing restaurants in the area.

New York City operates at a much faster pace than many honeymoon locations, but that doesn’t take away the romance; a cycle around Central Park is beautiful no matter what season it is. A trip to Broadway is a must; there are always fantastic musicals playing, and a myriad of other shows.

1 – 2 Week Honeymoon Destinations

Bali, Santorini, Bora Bora, an Italy & France combination, and an African safari are great destinations for longer honeymoons between one to two weeks.

Bali makes a fantastic choice as it has a lovely climate year-round, and has an extraordinary number of activities on offer, both land, and sea. The island is relatively unspoiled, so the varied landscape can be enjoyed as nature intended. For an authentic experience, Bali is a good option. You can find accommodations at practically any price point, but in general resorts in Bali are more affordable than other destinations. Giving yourself over 1 week to enjoy Bali is recommended since it takes a long and expensive flight to get there.

There’s a reason that Santorini is one of the most popular locations for weddings and honeymoons. The beautiful island is packed with history, offers stunning views over the unique landscape, and oozes romance in its picturesque charm. With 1-2 weeks, you can also explore other Greek Isles and Athens as well before returning home.

Bora Bora is known as the Pearl of the Pacific, and for good reason. Stunning blue lagoons, white-sand beaches, and a dramatic landscape make for a breathtaking setting to enjoy watersports and hikes, or simply soak up the serenity of the island. Bora Bora is home to some of the most expensive resorts in the world so it is not a choice for budget travelers. With 1-2 weeks, you can get to know other French Polynesian Islands during your trip after together with your time in Bora Bora.

French is known to be the language of love, but it isn’t just the language that is romantic. Taking a trip through France and Italy together is an adventure that will make memories for a lifetime; there are plenty of places to visit, whether you’re looking for some relaxation on the beach or ancient historical sites. With 1 week, you can spend the whole time in Paris with some day trips out of the city, but if you can make 2 weeks work you can split your time between several cities or take a short flight over to Italy.

A highly popular choice for honeymooners is a safari in Africa, where the world’s most famous – and predatory – animals roam free. Different amazing wildlife can be found all over Africa, such as the famous Big Five in South Africa. As the continent is so varied, a diverse collection of wildlife can be found in different destinations, so a safari trip with multiple stops along the way is highly recommended. A safari is an adventure you won’t forget and is ideal for a freshly wedded couple.

honeymoon safari

How much to spend on a honeymoon?

It’s important to consider the budget when choosing your honeymoon destination, as that will affect the duration and location options. The average amount of money spent on a honeymoon is $5,000, which is an increase from $4,000 in 2017. More than 60% of American honeymooners travel outside of the continental U.S. for their getaway. No matter what your budget is, there are plenty of options for a perfect honeymoon.

$2,500 – $3,000 Honeymoon Budget Destinations

If you’re looking for an idyllic getaway without breaking the bank, then have a look at options in Puerto Rico, Florida, Key West, and Cancun. Puerto Rico is an island with an extremely beautiful and diverse landscape. From tropical beaches to lively cities, Puerto Rico is a historical island with a myriad of adventures to have on a honeymoon. Since it is so close to the US, flights are affordable. The accommodations on the island are also affordable making it easy to make your dollars stretch.

Key West trip

Florida is a fantastic location for a honeymoon, with plenty of stunning beaches for some rest and relaxation with your partner. In Florida, you can snorkel through the clear waters, watch the sunset from a waterfront park, or even watch space launches from the beach. If you choose to honeymoon in Florida, then a trip to Key West is a no-brainer. Key West is known to be one of the most popular wedding and honeymoon locations worldwide; warm beaches with a luscious tropical background make for a perfect honeymoon destination.

Cancun offers a mix of white-sand beaches, tropical rainforests, and Mayan archeological remains. The diversity of Cancun means that your honeymoon can be both packed with activity and highly relaxing. Flights are usually affordable and you can choose a resort that fits your budget.

$4,000 Honeymoon Budget Destinations

Jamaica, Cabo, and the Dominican Republic are great honeymoon destinations. As well as the white-sand beaches and vibrant blue waters that Jamaica is famous for, there are also energetic towns to explore. The rich Jamaican culture is still evident at every corner, and reggae is always on play.

Cabo caters for everybody, with beaches, towns, excellent food, and plenty of places to unwind. After some delicious Mexican cuisine, either classic or contemporarily adjusted, book a tequila tasting session for a fun evening together.

The Dominican Republic has a feeling of remoteness that will make you feel alone together. There is also a hugely diverse array of activities on offer. Whether kicking back on the beaches or exploring the surroundings, this is a lovely place for newlyweds.

 $5,000 Honeymoon Budget Destinations

The enchanting islands of Hawaii each have their own culture and history and are all absolutely beautiful. Sunsets in Hawaii are spectacular to behold. Each island offers a different aspect of Hawaii, whether that be the vibrant city aura of Oahu or the serenity of the island of Maui. With $5000 you should be able to find flights, accommodations and pay for a few excursions.

 $6,000 Honeymoon Budget Destinations

France is a wonderful mix of fascinating history and blissful relaxation. Visit Paris for excellent museums and historical landmarks; the famous Mona Lisa takes residence in the Louvre museum. Small galleries and hidden gems are at every turn, and of course, the language of love is in the air. The French Riviera and côte d’Azur offer a more sun, sea, and sand experience of the European gem.

 $7,500 Honeymoon Budget Destinations

Santorini is an ancient island with a unique shape and landscape. Beautiful views are seen from all over the island, with mesmerizing sunsets guaranteed over the Aegean Sea. Iconic architecture would fit on a postcard, and the crystal-clear waters below are lovely for a refreshing dip. The resorts in Santorini are expensive, but a $7,500 budget will cover your stay for the week and all your other expenses.

$10,000 – $15,000 Honeymoon Budget Destinations

Splurge on your special time together and take a trip to Bora Bora or on an African safari. Bora Bora has been known as the epitome of romance with its overwater bungalows and unspoiled beaches. The beautiful coral teems with wildlife and swimming through the waters with turtles and other aquatic creatures is a beautiful experience. For the wild at heart, an African safari is a great way to bond with your loved one while marveling at wild animals in the barren bush. The diversity of countries and landscapes across the continent leads to an equally diverse wildlife population. Namibia and South Africa are popular choices for safaris in Africa.

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