Enjoying Butler Service at Sandals Resorts

Sandals all-inclusive resorts already made an excellent vacation, with 16 different resorts scattered throughout the Caribbean. The Butler Elite Service elevates this already indulgent offering to a whole new level of luxury by providing guests with a dedicated attendant.

Butlers are not simply trained to respond to all guest requests, but to anticipate the requests ahead of being asked in the first place. Taking advantage of the Butler Elite Service will ensure that your vacation is filled with personalized surprises and magical moments.

What Can the Butler Do?

In short, the butler is there to guarantee you are having a perfect vacation. They simplify the whole experience by doing all of the busywork, planning, and logistics, thus freeing you up to simply enjoy the ride. Here are some of the services you can expect from your butler.


No waiting in line for the front desk staff—the butler will greet you upon your arrival and provide lemongrass-scented hand towels, welcome cocktails, and culinary delights to revitalize you after your long trip. They will escort you to your suite personally, ensure all luggage handling, and offer to unpack and store the suitcases while you enjoy a private check-in from the comfort of your room.

Prior to taking their leave, the butler will provide you with a mobile phone that can reach them 24-7 for service. Think of the phone as a refined version of the antiquated service bell. Personal service is just a call or text away.

VIP Pool Service

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, so waking up extra early and rushing out the door to guarantee a spot by the pool could be stressful. The butler saves you the hassle by reserving chairs or a private cabana on your behalf, so you can arrive at your leisure and enjoy the perfect spot. In addition, the butler prepares a cooler filled with your favorite drinks and snacks to enjoy and can serve you a poolside lunch if you prefer to enjoy fun in the sun all afternoon.

Dinner Reservations, Spa Treatments, and Excursions

The butler functions as your personal concierge and makes all accommodations so you can focus on savoring every moment of the vacation. Instead of poring over endless lists of activities and dining choices, your butler already knows the restaurants, the most lavish spa treatments, and the most popular tours and island activities there are to enjoy.

It’s almost like visiting an old friend in an unfamiliar city and they know all the best spots, who to call, and how to get it done. Actually, the butler is even better because they won’t insist on telling embarrassing stories about you to strangers.

Check Out

From the moment you arrive to the moment you depart, the butler is there to oversee everything and ensure it is meeting or exceeding your standards. On your final day at Sandals, the butler will help you pack, handle all your luggage, and arrange your transportation back to the airport. Just like with check-in, the butler handles all checkout paperwork with you before wishing you a safe journey home.

What Makes the Butlers So Good?

For one, all butlers at Sandals are required to complete training with the Guild of Professional English Butlers, a prestigious organization founded in 1995 to deliver exemplary service in the hospitality industry. Beyond the first-class training, Sandals also sends a preference form that guests may fill out prior to their arrival. Guests are not required to fill out and submit this form, but it is recommended because it gives the staff a chance to wow them with a pleasant surprise from the moment they arrive at the resort.

Is the Butler Worth It?

In a word: yes. The butler is more than just your appointment maker or personal waiter. They’re the finger on the pulse of each resort, personally and intimately acquainted with all the best offerings of the island and the resort you are visiting.

They know all the best places and things to do and all the best times to do them. Beyond the logistics, the butlers, as well as all the staff at Sandal’s all-inclusive resorts, understand that special moments are what really make the difference between a nice vacation and an unforgettable getaway. The value they provide is difficult to quantify, but your happiness and peace of mind is invaluable. Choosing to stay in a butler-level room at Sandals is the surest way to guarantee you will be absolutely spoiled on your vacation.

How Much Do You Tip the Butler?

Sandals have a no-tipping policy except for spa staff and the butlers. Officially, they advise that you tip the butler at your own discretion, which leaves guests with no hard and fast rules to follow or general expectations. The most common answer is $20 per day, but this number could be increased or decreased depending on how above and beyond your butler went.

What Rooms Come With A Butler?

In order to enjoy the experience of having a dedicated butler during your Sandals stay, you must book a “butler level” room. There is no way to add on a butler to any other level of the room after your stay begins, so you must have the foresight to book this prior to arriving. Butler-level rooms can be as simple as a one-bedroom suite, often including a balcony or a Tranquility Soaking Tub for the ultimate relaxation, to sprawling overwater bungalow suites that require guests to arrive by water taxi.

The Over-The over the water villas at Sandals Royal Caribbean is exceptionally breathtaking and feature lavish accommodations including a glass floor for ocean viewing, an over-the-water hammock to lounge with your sweetie, a spacious soaking tub, and a private infinity pool.

Book a Butler Elite Room and Receive the Royal Treatment!

Sandals have remained one of the best options available for Caribbean all-inclusive resorts, and the Butler Elite Service innovates the experience by taking it to new heights. The Sandals butlers provide that extra je ne sais quoi that will guarantee an unforgettable experience filled with magical moments.

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