A Honeymoon Guide for New York City

Heading to New York City could be one of the most ambitious things a newlywed couple could do to start of their marriage, while also providing ample opportunities for romance and creating lasting memories of unique experiences together.

NYC Honeymoon

Unlike other destinations where you may spend a lot of time relaxing on the beach, NYC is a bit more fast-paced with limitless things to do. Each season brings in a new set of challenges and rewards to claim in the city and can definitely be an amazing honeymoon destination in the USA. 

Where to stay in NYC


For First-Class Treatment

1. The Plaza – $$$$$ ($$700-1000/night)

Iconic for its luxury, The Plaza offers rooms overlooking Central Park, huge rooms, and gold-plated bathroom fixtures. It also has an exceptional spa and 24-hour butler service. If you were going to splurge on hotel accommodations during your trip, this would be the place.

For a Quirky Woody Allen Vibe

2. Library Hotel – $$$$ ($450-800)/night)

Library Hotel NYC

The Library Hotel is minutes away from the New York Public Library, and this whole place is book-themed. It’s got a Dewey Decimal-themed layout and the rooms to charm any bookworm. With its Midtown location, you’re close to all the classic attractions of the city and a subway ride will get you to any destination.

Modern Architecture and Views

3. The Standard High Line $$$ ($300-500/night)

The Standard High Line gives you an uncanny modern experience with stunning architecture. It overlooks the Hudson River in one of the chicest neighborhoods in Manhattan. If you’ve always wanted to experience that provocative movie moment where you’re showering in a modern skyscraper through a glass window, this may be your spot.

Luxury on a Budget

4. The Time New York $$ ($154/night)
There are plenty of budget friendly options to get the most value without sacrificing much luxury. At The Time New York, you’ll get the great Midtown location with modernist interiors and edgy industrial accents, and you can spend the saved cash on a Broadway show.


Trendy in Brooklyn

Nu Hotel $$ (188/night)

nu hotel NY

Here’s a spot for the aspiring hipster couple and trendy connoisseurs. Brooklyn’s Nu Hotel is what they call “affordable luxury,” with its artsy charm, eco-friendly materials, and recycled wood. They even have free bike rentals!

Things to do during your NYC Honeymoon

Go on a Food Tour. Food tours provide an opportunity to get to know cities on a deeper level being guided by someone who lives there and going to popular, iconic, and even quirky NYC restaurants that they know and love. Not to mention you are likely to make a friend or two with the other travelers.

Most recently, we went on a China Town and Little Italy tour with Ahoy New York Food Tours. Starting in Chinatown we started with a tea tasting and also enjoyed dumplings, pork buns, dim sum, and a Chinese pastry. We also learned about the constantly evolving history of Chinatown, including stories of gang wars. In little Italy we tried foods like Eggplant Rollatini, enjoyed fresh pasta and visited an Italian import shop that has been around since 1910, finishing off in.

Central Park

Go for a bike ride in Central Park.  I think it is probably the best way to get around the large park in a reasonable amount of time.  You can stop during the ride wherever you would like.  There are plenty of apps and guides available online to help you find all the best places.

Brooklyn Bridge

Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, especially at night when you are able to see a wonderful view of the New York City skyline.

Stroll around the MET.  The second-largest art museum has something for anyone from mummies, suits of amour, impressionistic painting, and many other masterpieces.  Not only is it huge, but you can pay whatever you want to get in.

Go see a broadway musical.  The artists playing on Broadway are top-notch and there is always a broad selection of musicals to attend.  For cheap tickets, learn about lottery and rush tickets or check the TKTS discount ticket booths on the day of the show.

Go to the Top of the Rock.  While most people go to the Empire States Builder, you can save a bit of money, get a better view of central park and get a view of the Empire States Building from the Top of the Rock.  If you go just before sunset you will be able to see the area in sunlight, see the sunset and then see NYC at night time all in one trip.

Take a stroll on the High Line, one of the most unique parks ever.  This 1 mile-long stretch of elevated railroad repurposed into an urban park really lets you experience the city from a different vantage point. As you walk the path you will get a view of several landmarks from the Statue of Liberty and most of the famous skyscrapers.

Visit The Fashion Institute of Technology Museum which holds one of the largest collections of clothing dating as far back as the 5th Century!

Nerd out on all things tech at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Visit the Museum of Modern Art (and take advantage of free admission on Fridays at 4pm-8 pm if you don’t mind the crowds.

Check out 5000 species in one of New York’s City’s most famous zoos, The Bronx Zoo. It’s free on Wednesdays!

Check out the Grand Central Terminal.  Not only will you likely need to go here to get anywhere out of NYC, but it is a sight in itself.  Make sure you check out the whispering arch while you are there.

Go to Battery Park. Definitely, an underrated park located on the tip of Manhattan that I would consider a luxurious public park if there ever was one. I even think they have their own security. Plus, you can’t be the view of the Statue of Liberty. Remember to take your photography gear with you. Some of the best travel cameras are listed here.

Enjoy a show at Shakespeare in the Park. Held in the middle of Central Park during the summertime, you can watch, you just need to be willing to stand in line for a free ticket.

Last but definitely not least, enjoy Movie Night in New York City. Mostly during the summer, film festivals, HBO, and Bryant Park hold outdoor movies for the public.

Where to Eat

New York is filled with amazing food from all around the globe. There is absolutely no way I can give you anywhere near a full or complete list of places to eat at, but here are some tips and suggestions.

First, go to a Michelin rated restaurant and enjoy the experience.  New York City has several to choose from and they can even be affordable.  Check out the lunch menus and the ones that are outside of Manhattan for 2 or 3 course meals under $50. I recommend eating a bagel or donut for breakfast and making lunch the biggest meal of the day.  Fit in a snack and a light dinner to finish off the day.

Recommended Restaurants

Katz’s Delicatessen

A staple in NYC, Katz’s deli is known for its pastrami sandwiches and its Italian heritage and atmosphere. Katz’s really is a can’t miss restaurant. Get the pastrami and some cheesecake!

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Located in the East Village, this trendy modern Japanese noodle bar will bother you all day if you don’t go in and try their pork buns.

Other New York City Eats:

Black Top

Probably the most indulgent venue on the list. Their sweet concoctions are not only delicious, but they’re also addictive. Be prepared to wait, everyone is obsessed with this place.


Here’s the Parisian macaron mecca. For those who want a quick sugar fix with a chance to bump into Blake Lively or Katie Holmes.

Pomme Frites

Craving the best fries in the city? This authentic Belgian fry joint is open late prepared with your double cooked frites and an impressive menu of amazing sauces.

Café Habana

You’ll have to travel to Nolita and Fort Greene, Brooklyn to grab one of these tasty Gilled Mexican corn with a low price tag of $3.

Doughnut Plant

The best doughnuts in the City are located in the Lower East Side, Chelsea, and Brooklyn.

Where to go outside the City

Whiteface Lake Placid – 5hrs from NYC

If you and your special someone like to stay active, this place will give you the full New York winter mountain experience. Famous for hosting the Winter Olympics in the ’80s, fulfill those Olympic fantasies and try riding the luge or bobsledding. Or you could just launch your dog-sled across Mirror Lake from the Golden Arrow Resort.

Thunder Ridge – 1.5hrs from NYC

If the slopes are on your honeymoon agenda, then Thunder Ridge provides a convenience for those that don’t want to wander too far off from the City. They’ve got over 100 acres filled with gentle trails and those coveted black-diamonds. It’s not the biggest mountain, but this family-owned operation could add a lot of charm to your trip.

Castle Hotel in New York – 45 min from NYC
A romantic spa getaway with all the treatments you could wish for. First, this place actually looks like a castle – you can’t get more romantic than that. Not to mention the life-size chess set. You can go hiking, bird watching and horseback riding in nearby Rockefeller State Park, then come back to the hotel and relax near the poolside waterfall.

Mirbeau Inn & Spa – 4hrs from NYC

Enter this water-lily sanctuary in preparation for a relaxing honeymoon wellness retreat. This place specializes in massages, facial treatments and promoting relaxation. They have a full menu of relaxing and rejuvenating experiences for couples. One of the most popular treatments is an aromatherapy treatment called Monet’s Favorite Fragrance which aims to better one’s physical/emotional balance by incorporating the relaxing property of essential oils with a relaxing couple’s Swedish massage.

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