Honeymoon Fund Wording & Etiquette: How to Politely Ask for Money

Honeymoon funds, also known as honey funds, are an increasingly popular form of gift registry for couples who are getting married. With a honeymoon fund, you ask for loved ones to contribute to your honeymoon as their wedding gift to you.

Get Started With A Free Honeymoon Registry

Your 1st Step is setting up your Honeymoon Registry.

With a Honeyfund page on Honeyfund, wedding guests’ contributions become cash in your hand to travel to apply towards your honeymoon. You can create an itinerary and wedding guests can choose what they want to contribute towards. It can be flights, all-inclusive resorts, activities or anything else you add to your registry.

A honeymoon fund is a wonderful way for your friends and family to be part of one of the most meaningful trips you’ll ever take. It’s a way for them to gift you experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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Many couples who want to do this wonder about honeymoon fund etiquette and how to word their request. They don’t want to offend anyone, and they wonder if it’s tacky to ask for money for wedding gifts. If this is you, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article we’ll tell you all you need to know about honeymoon fund etiquette and wording, and we’ll answer questions like “how does a honeymoon fund work,” “how do I politely ask for money for my honeymoon,” and “what do you say in a honeymoon fund?”

How do you set up a honeymoon fund?

An easy way for your friends and family to contribute to your honeymoon fund is by using a honeymoon registry. There are plenty of services you can use to set up a honeymoon fund registry online. Then all you have to do is share the link to the site. This is a very simple way to have a honey fund, as the site will provide honeymoon fund templates you can fill out, and it will track all donations for you.  

One such service is HoneyFund.com, which appeared on Shark Tank and was set up specifically to make it easier for couples to ask for money for wedding gifts. Their honeymoon registry service doesn’t charge fees to gift-givers, and you only pay a fee on cash gifts that are deposited into your bank account (3.5%) or PayPal account (2.6%). Gift cards are free.

Popular wedding website TheKnot.com also offers a honeymoon fund registry; they charge a 2.5% service fee to the gift giver.

On your honeymoon registry site, you’ll be able to share details about what you’re planning, such as your destination, where you’ll stay, and what sort of activities you want to try. Guests can contribute toward specific items. For example, they could give you the beachfront candlelight dinner you’re dreaming of, or a fun local tour you want to take, or a night’s stay at your honeymoon hotel.

The more details you can provide on your honeymoon registry, the better. Telling friends and family all about your wish list will help them feel like they’re part of the experience, and it will give them a variety of choices as to what they can purchase—just like a traditional wedding gift registry would.

You can also set up a “honeymoon fund box” at your wedding reception that your guests can place checks, cash, or gift cards inside. If you choose to do this, you’ll want to be sure guests know about it in advance; just include that information on your wedding website. Wedding showers are also a good time to do this; be sure that the shower invitation tells guests about it.

There are all sorts of ideas available online for designing your honeymoon fund box; you can customize it to match your wedding colors, or to showcase your honeymoon destination. A honey fund box is a fun opportunity to get creative and could be a nice project to work on together before the wedding.

Honeymoon Fund Etiquette

How do you ask for money as a wedding gift? Very carefully. Be polite, be gracious, and follow good etiquette.

While it’s OK to ask for financial contributions instead of gifts for your wedding, it’s not OK to ask for them on your wedding invitation. The only appropriate places to mention your honeymoon fund are your wedding website, shower invitations, and via word of mouth.

Let your wedding party, as well as close family members and friends, know about your gift preferences. It’s helpful to explain to them why you’re requesting honeymoon contributions rather than traditional gifts—for example, that you have too much stuff as it is, or that you value experiences over material things. Other guests will ask them about gifts, so they can help spread the word and educate anyone who isn’t familiar with the honeymoon fund concept.

You can put your honeymoon fund registry information and link on your wedding website. Most wedding website templates have a “registry” tab where you can list all the places you are registered at. If the site you’re creating doesn’t offer that option, just include a “Wedding Registry” section in your wedding details.

You can also include honeymoon fund information on invitations to wedding showers, such as bridal showers and couples’ showers.

HoneyFund.com recommends tying cash donations to specific aspects for the most tasteful way to ask for money for your honeymoon. For example, you could request donations toward your airfare, your resort stay, a romantic dinner, local excursions or experiences, spa services, or a rental car at your destination. You can even request contributions toward a charitable donation you plan to make at your destination.

What do you say in a honeymoon fund?

Are you wondering, what should I write in my honeymoon fund? Here are some honeymoon fund wording tips that will help you communicate your wishes politely and effectively.

Your honeymoon fund wording should be personal and authentic. In other words, it should sound like you. If you’re a formal person, use formal language. If you’re not, phrase it informally.

You can use simple honeymoon fund wording, with just a couple of sentences, or write a paragraph or more. Either way, make your honey fund request specific. Let people know what they will be contributing toward by giving a few pertinent details about your plans, like where you want to go and what you want to do.

Honeymoon Fund Wording Examples

Here are some honeymoon fund wording examples.

Short and simple honeymoon fund wording examples:

Your presence at our wedding is the best present of all. However, if you’d like to give us a gift, we would appreciate contributions toward our honeymoon fund, which will help us go on our dream trip to [location]. You can find the link to our honeymoon registry here [include link].

We can’t wait to celebrate with you on our wedding day. We’re planning a honeymoon to [destination here]; if you’d like to help us get there by contributing to our honeymoon fund, we’d be grateful! You can find our honeymoon registry at [URL here].

Here are some additional honeymoon registry wording samples:

As we look forward to celebrating our wedding with you, we realize we have all the “stuff” we need to start our lives together. What we want most of all is to create memorable experiences on our honeymoon. You can help us by contributing toward our dream trip to [destination name here]. You can find our honeymoon fund registry at [URL here] and choose what part of our trip you’d like to be part of!

Thank you for sharing in our happiness. If you’d like to give us a wedding gift, we would love a contribution toward our dream honeymoon to [destination here]. At our honeymoon registry [include link], you can view our wish list for all the places we’d like to go and things we’d like to do, and choose what you want to contribute toward.

Creative ideas include making your honeymoon fund request into a poem or writing a funny honeymoon fund request.

You can find suggestions for all sorts of honeymoon registry wording examples including honeymoon fund poems and, funny honeymoon fund requests at plenty of places online, such as Pinterest or wedding planning websites like TheKnot.com.

Sample shower invitation honeymoon fund wording:

The bride [or couple, if it’s a couples’ shower] is registered at: [include a list of places you’ve registered, including the website where your honeymoon fund registry is.

If you plan to have a honeymoon fund box at the shower, you could say:

The couple is requesting donations to their honeymoon fund in lieu of wedding gifts. A honeymoon fund box will be available at the shower if you’d like to contribute toward their dream trip to [destination].

Saying Thank You for Honeymoon Fund Contributions

Not only can you be creative in asking for contributions to your honeymoon fund, you can also be creative in showing your gratitude!

If a guest donates toward or purchases a specific experience, take a picture during it and include it in the thank-you note once you get home. If they contributed toward a general fund or something like your airfare, you could just share a picture from the trip. That way, they’ll get to see what a wonderful memory they helped create!

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Now that you know all about honeymoon fund registries, honeymoon fund etiquette, and honeymoon fund wording, what do you think? Are you planning to set up a honey fund? Let us know in the comments!

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