Plan an Unforgettable Honeymoon in Switzerland

With its imposing mountains, enchanting valleys, breathtaking waterfalls, mesmerizing resorts, and luxury stays, Switzerland is a fantastic honeymoon destination for nature lovers from all over the world. 

If you already said “I do” and you are thinking about spending your romantic getaway in a special place, continue reading this article and find out all about planning your honeymoon in Switzerland. 

Best Time to Honeymoon in Switzerland

If there is something very important you should know about Switzerland before you start planning your trip, is that usually, the temperature doesn’t go beyond 25 degrees Celsius, and the beautiful Alps are covered in snow during the whole year, even when the plains welcome visitors with a temperate climate. 

The best months to visit this delightful country, however, are April, May, September, and October. If you want a summer honeymoon, though, choose mid-June, and if you love winter, and low temperatures don’t scare you, you can plan your honeymoon between December and March. 

Switzerland Honeymoon Cost

Though the exact price for your honeymoon will depend on the time of the year you choose, your personal preferences, and, of course, the length of your stay and type of accommodation you want, visiting Switzerland will not be cheap. 

This beautiful country is rated as one of the most expensive countries in the world. If this information doesn’t stop you from dreaming and planning your perfect Swiss honeymoon, the natural beauty of the country, together with its delicious chocolate and fondue and the orderly society, will conquer you, making you very happy with your choice. 

Find Your Swiss Paradise: Best Locations for A Honeymoon in Switzerland

Thanks to the breathtaking landscapes, luxury accommodation, and impeccable services, many people choose Switzerland as their honeymoon destination. If you are not sure which of its incredible cities and resorts are for you, catch a glimpse at these incredible locations. 


Nestled on the shores of the picturesque Lake Geneva is the resort town of Montreux. It has everything honeymooners expect for their romantic getaway: a beautiful promenade filled with flowers and sculptures, a mild climate perfect for a romantic stroll, and medieval castles straight out of a fairytale. It’s also surrounded by beautiful vineyards with a breathtaking backdrop of snow-capped Alpine peaks.

If you happen to take your honeymoon in July, you’re right on time for the highly-anticipated Montreux Jazz Festival. It’s held right on the lakeshore and fills the air with seductive Jazz music while the sunset throws an orange glow across the grounds. Nearby, you can also take a romantic walk through the UNESCO-listed Lavaux Vineyards. It has arguably the best views of Lake Geneva (home to Evian water), situated against the sloping hills between Montreux and Lausanne. A definitely must-do is a trip to Château de Chillon, a medieval castle sitting right on the water at the end of a flower-lined path.

Located right next to the charming Lake Geneva, the picturesque resort town of Montreux welcomes honeymooners with the most romantic settings. From medieval castles that make lovebirds feel like in a fairytale, to lavish hotels, Montreux has everything couples need to celebrate their love. 

If you want to make the most of your stay, you can spend your romantic evening in Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, the most famous hotel in the area. Relax in an elegant room, located on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva, enjoy a tasty meal in one of the hotel’s restaurants, and unwind at the cozy Montreux Jazz Cafe before you start exploring the immense beauty of the area. 


Zurich is a cultural hotbed. It’s one of the most vibrant and internationally recognized cities in the world, letting the old and the new thrive together harmoniously. Its waterfront promenades and picturesque lanes, with a view of the Alps in the distance, have earned Zurich its place as a romantic destination for couples.

If you are mesmerized by the natural beauty of Switzerland, but you prefer staying in a cultural hub and getting close to the culture of the country, Zurich is your best honeymoon destination. Whether you are foodies, you love museums, art galleries, and cafes, you are into long shopping sessions, or you love wandering around hand in hand and discovering hidden gems, Zurich welcomes you with plenty of surprises. 

It offers visitors a wide range of activities that range from strolls on the northern shores of Lake Zurich to more strenuous hikes on the nearby Uetliberg mountain. You can spend days visiting over 50 museums and more than 100 art galleries and nights in some of the hottest clubs and bars in Europe. Before ending your trip, walk down Bahnhofstrasse and enjoy exceptional display windows of some of the biggest fashion and retail brands from all over the world – including shops full of Swiss watches, Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry and lots more.

Love birds, who want to explore the bustling Swiss city but prefer staying in a more tranquil area, should consider Atlantis by Giardino, a peaceful retreat, with a long history, located very close to central Zurich. The retreat opened in 1970, and it had a huge success among renowned artists, especially musicians. 

History aficionados, however, can stay in Zurich’s colorful historic quarter, where the stunning Hotel Florhof is located. The area is filled with great historic landmarks; even the building of this fascinating hotel is an 18th-century silk factory. Foodies can pamper themselves at the hotel’s Gault-Millau-rated restaurant or enjoy a culinary adventure into the city, where plenty of great eateries are waiting. 


What better way to mark your honeymoon in Switzerland than a snapshot with the most famous Swiss Alpine mountain in the world? Zermatt lies at the foot of the Matterhorn and is the perfect Alpine playground for couples. There are countless things to in this romantically-carless town.
No visit to Zermatt is complete without a mountain excursion to see the Matterhorn. Forget about scaling to the top as it’s no easy feat, but couples can enjoy 360 views at the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. At an altitude of 3,883 meters, couples can view French, Italian and Swiss Alps after dining at romantic restaurants and enjoying some of the local Swiss cuisine.

There are also several hiking trails to take and miles of ski pistes to choose from for some snowy adventures. At the end of the day, head to one of the many outdoor spas around the town and upon the mountains so you can pair up a relaxing hot soak in a spa with never-to-miss mountain views.

In addition to the outstanding views given by the location of the lovely town, at an elevation of around 1,600m, right below the iconic Matterhorn peak, Zermatt also welcomes couples with lavish hotels, boutique shops, and luxury restaurants. If you want to make the most of your trip, stay at Hotel Romantica, a chalet-style hotel with a breathtaking mountain view. There is no better place for feeling the coziness and romance of the Swiss mountain resorts.


Lausanne has not always been a crowd favorite for Swiss destinations, but the slow burn of its charm is perfect for easy-going couples. The many discoveries in this town surprise many travelers and will definitely give couples a lot to enjoy together.

The beautiful Lake Ouchy might be the perfect place to celebrate a romantic sunset in Switzerland, but there are more amazing things in Lausanne than that. Visiting the breathtaking Lausanne Castle and praising the wonderful views of the city from its terrace, admiring the large Notre Dame Cathedral, or sharing a delicious meal in a cozy restaurant are just some of the romantic things you can do in Lausanne. 

Couples can also make their way to Lavaux Vineyards from here, which promises to be the most romantic walk you’ll take in the city. In the summer, the Ouchy Promenade is perfect for a relaxed afternoon and fun picnic. There are many parks, museums, and galleries around Lausanne that sit in the middle of perfectly manicured lawns and lush gardens. Indulge the wife to a shopping trip at Flon district, or stroll through the bustling café-lined streets of the Old Town.

And if you want to stay in a comfortable, lavish place, Hotel Carlton promises love birds the elegance and relaxation they deserve. For excited foodies, however, Movenpick Hotel, located right on the shore of Lake Leman, might be a better choice, thanks to its gourmet restaurants, which made it famous among gastronomic tourists. 

St. Moritz

A fancy holiday in a luxurious hotel in a glamorous town: St. Moritz has it all. Honeymooning in St. Moritz in the Engadin Valley is just as good as what you’ll see in the movies. In fact, it’s a popular destination for the world’s rich and famous thanks to its stunning panoramas and elegant establishments.

Winter sports lovers who plan a memorable honeymoon in Switzerland, should consider going to the incredible St. Moritz, a fine ski resort known for its fabulous views, delicious culinary scene, shopping opportunities, and a relaxing, romantic vibe. Also, there are some special activities available, like skiing at night and horse-drawn carriage ride.

For an unforgettable honeymoon, make sure you stay in one of the best hotels in the area. Grand Hotel Kronenhof Pontresina is a great example, especially for people who are interested in quietness and solitude. 

Though it’s only 4 miles away, and it is not exactly in St. Moritz, staying in Pontresina offers the privacy some couples need, away from tourist crowds. Also, besides its extraordinary services, comfortable rooms, and beautiful historic architecture, this hotel offers visitors the chance to relax in a cozy spa with impressive views of the surrounding mountains.  

A honeymoon trip here is not for everyone as expenses can easily skyrocket. However, if you have the money (or if you don’t mind spending more than you usually do), St. Moritz is the best place for a romantic getaway. It’s most famous for its mineral springs, establishing St. Moritz as a summer spa resort. It has also hosted the Winter Olympics twice thanks to its sunny winter days with breathtaking Alpine views. There are many high-end restaurants with balcony or roof deck seating for couples to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of Switzerland with wine in hand and your loved one in your arms.


If you want to be at two places at once, then head to the Italian-speaking region of Ticino. Here, couples get the best of both worlds: lively Italian culture (including fantastic cuisine) and that trademark nature panorama that Switzerland is known for. It’s a pretty surreal feeling to see palm-lined streets and stretches of beach sharing a view with Alpine peaks, but Ticino is a memorable destination for the romantic and adventurous.

The town of Lugano is a popular destination in the region. It sits by the shores of Lake Lugano and known for its beautiful waterfront promenades. The capital city of Bellinzona is where you go to see stunning medieval castles. For the more outdoorsy couple, trek to the magical jade waters of Verzasca Valley or up to the top of Monte Bre.

Whether you dream about exploring the Verzasca Valley, climbing Monte Bre, or visiting the Castle of Bellinzona, spending your honeymoon in Ticino is a fantastic idea. There are plenty of outdoor things to do in Ticino, as well as great restaurants and cafes, where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company. 

If you are looking for a great hotel in this area, Kurhaus Cademario is the best answer. The hotel welcomes you with charming views of Lake Lugano, a modern spa and outdoor pool, as well as a saline bath and saunas, promising the relaxing honeymoon of your dreams. 


Live out your happily ever after surrounded by its preserved medieval architecture of Lucerne. The city’s vintage feels punctuated by gorgeous water fountains is the perfect setting for a somewhat fairytale kind of a honeymoon.

Walkthrough the very colorful Aldstadt or Old Town, bordered by a 14-century rampart. There are several charming attractions around here and you can spend quiet time together sitting in a quiet café and just taking in the scene. A boat ride on Lake Lucerne is also a great way to explore the area and should definitely be in your romantic itinerary. You can head off to nearby Mount Rigi and Pilatus for an incredible hike, but don’t forget to walk the famous Chapel Bridge, Lucerne’s cultural and historical centerpiece.

Lucerne welcomes honeymooners with the breathtaking serenity of a car-free town, the chance to explore historical places and imposing mountains, to enjoy cruises on Lake Lucerne, as well as other great outdoor activities. 

Also, your romantic escape in Lucerne is enhanced by the beautiful accommodation available. Hotel Chateau Guetsch, for instance, is waiting for couples with unrivaled views, as well as a fantastic restaurant with a romantic and relaxing terrace that gives you the chance to indulge in delicious dishes while admiring the spectacular landscapes.  

Now, you know more about Switzerland as a destination for honeymooners. You can decide where and when to go, choose a hotel, as well as plan your activities. So, make sure you have the necessary budget, and start planning your memorable Swiss honeymoon. 

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