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How Much Do Sandals Resorts Cost?

Many couples dream of a romantic getaway or honeymoon at a luxurious Sandals all-inclusive adults only resort in the Caribbean. One of the first questions most couples ask is, how much do Sandals resorts cost?

In this article, we’ll give you some details about how much it costs to stay at Sandals Resorts, why it’s worth it for many couples, and how you can save money at Sandals Resorts by looking for specials, considering Sandals packages with airfare, and choosing the cheapest times to go to Sandals resorts.

Sandals Royal Caribbean

What does a week at Sandals cost?

The cost of a week at Sandals can vary widely depending on the resort you choose, the level of room you want, and the time of year you travel. On average, a 5-night stay at Sandals can cost about $2800 to $4800, and a 7-night stay at Sandals can cost from $4000 to $8500 per couple.

There are more expensive resorts and suites, but the average booking is around $6400 for a couple.

Remember that since Sandals resorts are all-inclusive, this will be the total cost of your stay except for airfare. Knowing the complete cost upfront makes a Sandals vacation easier to budget for than a vacation where everything is a la carte.

Sandals Halcyon Beach boat

What is included in the price at Sandals Resorts?

Sandals resorts prices include unlimited meals and snacks; all beverages including unlimited premium liquors and unlimited Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks wines; a stocked minibar in your room; a coffee maker with Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend coffee; water sports and equipment plus professional instruction; scuba diving; unlimited land sports; greens fees at resorts with golf courses; state-of-the-art fitness center; WiFi; daily and nightly entertainment; complimentary airport transfers; and all tips, taxes, and gratuities.

Each Sandals resort offers multiple different gourmet restaurants to choose from; several fun bars including swim-up bars, beach bars, and piano bars; and a huge variety of onsite activities and amenities. Rooms are luxurious, with even the most affordable rooms offering luxe amenities and gorgeous décor.

What affects the price at Sandals Resorts?

There are many factors that affect how much a Sandals vacation costs. These include the location of the resort, the level of room you choose, the time of year you go, and whether you choose any optional activities. Let’s break these factors down.

The location matters for several reasons. The first is airfare; the further away the resort location is from where you live, the more expensive your airfare may be. Plus, some islands are more difficult to get to or have less traffic, and so will have higher airfares.

Sandals resorts can be found in Antigua, Barbados, The Bahamas, Curacao, Grenada, Jamaica, and St. Lucia. In general, you can find less expensive airfare to Sandals resorts in The Bahamas and Jamaica.

The second reason that location matters is the resort itself. Sandals resorts that are newer or recently renovated tend to have higher rates (although they often have special offers that can give you a great discount on that rate). For example, Sandals Royal Curacao is one of the newest Sandals resorts, and rates there start at $374 per person per night.

There are also some Sandals resorts that are more affordable. The cheapest Sandals resort is Sandals Ochi in Jamaica, with rates that start at $216 per night per person. Other affordable Sandals resorts include Sandals South Coast, Sandals Negril, and Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica, as well as Sandals Regency La Toc in St. Lucia. All of these Sandals resorts can cost less than $300 per person per night.

The next factor affecting the cost of your Sandals vacation is the room level you choose. Sandals Resorts offer three levels of room category: luxury, club, and butler. While most Sandals resorts have all three, there are some that only have butler-level rooms, which are the most expensive. Club-level rooms are in the middle range of price, and luxury-level rooms are the least expensive. For details on the differences between these categories, check out our article on how to choose the best Sandals room for you.

Tip: Some Sandals resorts offer less expensive butler-level rooms; these include Sandals Ochi and Sandals Royal Plantation in Jamaica.

Another variable affecting the cost of your room at Sandals Resorts is the location of the room. Garden view rooms tend to have lower rates than oceanview or beachfront rooms. However, there are more affordable oceanfront rooms at some locations, such as Sandals South Coast in Jamaica.

Time of year matters because certain months are high season, and certain months are the low season for tourist traffic to the Caribbean islands where Sandals resorts are located. In general, the cheapest times to go to Sandals Resorts will be in the offseason, which is usually June to November. However, be aware that on most Caribbean islands, this is hurricane season, so be sure to get trip insurance if you decide to travel during this time.

Optional activities at Sandals Resorts include spa services, private dinners on the beach, scuba lessons, and area excursions. If you want to take part in any of these, that will add to the total cost of your Sandals vacation.

Are Sandals worth it?

Yes, staying at a Sandals resort is worth it for most people. There is so much included in the price, such as food, drinks, activities, and airport transfers. There are also several ways to save when booking. If you’re wondering, how do I book a cheap Sandals resort, here are some tips.

Sandals Resorts always offer great discounts and deals, including introductory discounts at new resorts, up to $1000 instant credit on certain bookings, up to 65% of the standard rate for stays of 3+ nights, airfare credits, and credits for booking online, service personnel discounts, and more. An example is the 7-7-7 deal, which offers 7% off 7 specific rooms and suites.

You can also check the Sandals website for last-minute deals, such as booking 3 nights and getting the 4th night free. You could use this to get two free nights by booking back-to-back 4-night stays at neighboring resorts, like Sandals Royal Plantation and Sandals Montego Bay in Jamaica. This way you have an 8-night stay but only pay for 6 nights.

You can also save on your Sandals vacation by getting Sandals’ packages with airfare (available on the Sandals website or by working with a Certified Sandals Travel Agent).

Did we answer all your questions on how much a Sandals resort costs? If not, let us know in the comments.