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Oceanview vs. Oceanfront vs. Beachfront Rooms; What are the differences?

If you’re going on a beach honeymoon or vacation, you probably want “a room with a view.” But room descriptions and categories vary from hotel to hotel, so it can be hard to know what you’re getting.

In this article we’ll explain the difference between oceanfront and oceanview rooms, including partial ocean view vs. oceanview, as well as the difference between beachfront vs. oceanview rooms.

In short, the main difference between ocean view vs. oceanfront rooms is that you are guaranteed a full view of the ocean in an oceanfront room. This is not always the case in an ocean view room, which may offer just a tiny glimpse of the sea. What is an ocean view room varies from hotel to hotel.

The main difference between beachfront vs. oceanview is that beachfront rooms are directly on the beach, offering a full view of the ocean and sand (and sometimes access), while oceanview rooms are usually further back from the beach and may only have a partial view.

It can be a real mood-killer to discover that you can only see the ocean from your “ocean view” room if you lean over the balcony rail and crane your neck to the left! We suggest reading hotel room descriptions carefully, studying the pictures on the website, and calling the hotel directly to confirm that the room you book will deliver the view you want.

You may also want to check out reviews of the hotel to see what other guests have said about the room locations and views. Another way to find out more about a particular room is to study the resort map.

Read on to get all the details about beachfront vs. ocean view vs. oceanfront rooms, and what you need to know to be sure you get the view you want on your honeymoon or romantic vacation.

What is the difference between oceanfront and ocean view?

The difference between oceanfront and oceanview rooms is that oceanfront rooms are directly facing the ocean, and therefore have a full view of the ocean. While oceanview rooms will have views of the ocean, this can mean different things at different hotels.

What does ocean view mean? A room can have just a glimpse of the ocean in the distance, or only have a view from the balcony or a certain part of the room, and still be called an ocean view room. Beware the difference between partial ocean view vs. ocean view rooms! Some hotels will be up front in calling rooms like this “partial view,” but some will not.

Something else to look out for is that in some cases, an oceanfront room may not have an ocean view. This could happen where the room faces the ocean, but something obstructs the view (like palm trees). If you are set on a full ocean view from your room, make sure your oceanfront room is also an ocean view room.

There isn’t usually a difference between sea view vs. ocean view, but there can be a difference between ocean view and water view. This can occur in places that are close to the ocean but also have other bodies of water, such as a bay, lake, or river. Rooms that face onto those bodies of water would be water view, but not ocean view. If you are booking a room somewhere like that and want an ocean view, be sure your room is an ocean view room and not just a water view room.

Oceanfront rooms will usually cost the most, followed by ocean view, partial ocean view, and water view rooms.

What is the difference between oceanview and beachfront?

Usually, the difference between beachfront vs. ocean view rooms is that a beachfront room is located directly on or overlooking the sand, while ocean view rooms can be located far away from the water. You will generally be able to get to the beach very quickly from a beachfront room.

An ocean view room can be in a building that is set back (even across the street from) the ocean, or located at a high elevation (such as on a cliff). There may be no beach or water access on the property at all. Ocean view rooms do not mean that you will be able to easily get to the water from your room. If you want that, you will need to book a beachfront room.

What is considered beachfront? At most resorts, beachfront rooms are located just steps from the sand, or are directly overlooking the beach. In many cases, you can access the beach directly from your room. These are often called “beachfront walkout” rooms.

Be aware that there is a difference between beachfront and beach view. What does beach view mean? In most cases it means the same as “ocean view”—that you will be able to see the beach from your room, but you might not be close to it. You may also not have a full beach view, but just a partial one, or you might only be able to see the beach from a certain spot in the room.

For example, your “beach view” room could only offer a sliver of a view between two buildings in front of yours. Or, a room in a resort located on a hilltop could have a view of the beach hundreds of feet below, but no access to that beach.

Also be aware that in some cases, a beachfront room will not have a beach view. This could happen with a room that is near the beach but has something blocking the view, like a walled garden. Again, be sure to double check with the hotel that your room will deliver the view and location you want.

Is there a difference between beachfront and oceanfront?

In most cases, there is no difference between beachfront and oceanfront rooms. They often mean the same thing. However, some resorts may have oceanfront rooms that have views of the ocean but are not located close to the beach, while their beachfront rooms are directly on the sand. In this case, the oceanfront rooms might have something between the room and the beach, like a pool area.

Or, some hotels are on the ocean but don’t have a beach. For example, they might have a seawall, but no access to the water. Another example would be a hotel that is located on a cliff overlooking the ocean; this hotel would have oceanfront rooms, but not beachfront rooms.

If you have your heart set on being on a beach, make sure to double check whether your room is beachfront or just oceanfront.

Resorts can also have “beachfront walkout” rooms, where a room is set on the beach and is on the ground floor with direct access to the sand, allowing you to walk onto the beach from your room.

Have we answered all your questions about the difference between oceanfront and oceanview and beachfront and beachview rooms? What type of room is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


Tuesday 28th of March 2023

Hi, we booked a beachfront room at Sandals Barbados but now I am concerned that it doesn't have a direct ocean view, which is important to us. I notified Sandals about that and the best I could do is put in a request for the best view possible. Here is a link to a video for the same room we booked that expresses my concern:


Any advise?

Dan and Michelle

Tuesday 28th of March 2023

There are a few options for you, depending on your reservation. Email me at [email protected] with your travel dates and the date you made your original booking and I can see what is possible.