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Honeymoon Planning Guide

How To Plan Your Honeymoon (With 6 Resources to Help)

Congratulations! It’s time to plan your honeymoon.  There are so many ways to experience a honeymoon and to plan it.  You may have something in mind already or you may not even know where to begin.  This guide will hopefully make planning your honeymoon easier or at least more organized.

1. Dream

As you start to plan your dream honeymoon, communication and setting expectations is essential.  You need to spend time dreaming up a few perfect honeymoon options, then discussing them together.  Start with this worksheet to get a few ideas going.

2. Get Real

Now it’s time to get real. We do not have infinite time off to do everything and we do not have unlimited money. The good news is this will not be your last vacation together.  If there is something you can not afford now, you can plan to do it later. If you do not have time to have the big vacation you want now, plan for a bigger trip later.

If money is tight, consider setting up a honeymoon registry to get some help.

You can also split your time up. If you want a 5-star experience, but do not have the budget to stay at a five-star hotel you can start at an Airbnb and stay the last night or two at a luxury hotel.

To help you as your budget, here is a budget worksheet that you can customize.

3. Agent or No Agent

At this point, you have to consider booking with an agent or continuing to DIY your planning.  Both options have their pros and cons so it really depends on your situation as to which is right for you. Here is a post to help you choose between using an agent or going the DIY route.

4. Check for Travel Documents and Requirements

At this point, you know where you are going. Check if you need a visa, passport or vaccines and take care of that.

5. Book Travel

First, you need to book your airline tickets and hotel accommodations. The timing of booking your travel depends on your situation as well.  If you are traveling to a busy destination, you need to book your travel up to 6 months out. I usually love looking for good deals and booking my travel about a month to 6 weeks out, but for your honeymoon, I would advise you book early and know there are always cancellation policies that can allow you to adjust your plans.

6. Book Tours & Activities

Now that the essentials are booked, plan your activities.  Make sure you do not overbook yourselves and plan for time to relax.  You should also plan a surprise or two along the way.

Here are 16 tips for planning a couples trip to help you as you plan the details.

7. Pack

Time to make sure you have everything to enjoy your time on your honeymoon. Make sure you go through your packing list to make sure you have everything a few weeks before you go.  That will allow you plenty of time to order anything you need. If you want to let everyone know you are on your honeymoon, consider buying matching t-shirts. You never know what kind of freebies you might get from it!

Here is a great honeymoon packing list from The Knot.

8. Organize

With so many details, it can be hard to keep track of everything.  Make sure you have all the information you need to get around on your honeymoon.  Take copies of your passport and email them to yourselves. Have all your flight info and other reservations in at least two places.  Consider sharing all your plans with someone you trust back home.

Here is a spreadsheet from The Honeymoon Guy to help you keep track.

Have Fun!

Your trip is planned!  Makes you relax a little, laugh plenty and make lots of memories as you enjoy your first vacation as a married couple.

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