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8 Honeymoon Registry Websites To Make Wedding Registries Easy

Would you prefer a new pot of pans, some china, and some other housewares or an amazing honeymoon you can’t quite afford? If you two truly want to have your dream vacation somewhere far away in a lush tropical land but don’t want to stress about your finances, you might want to consider signing up for honeymoon registry sites. Today it is easier than ever to set up a honeymoon registry.

Here are some of the top honeymoon registry sites to consider:


Honeyfund is a zero-fee online honeymoon registry. With Honeyfund you can customize a page for your guest to go to with wedding information.  You then select the things on your honeymoon people can choose from like drinks, meals, accommodations, flights, activities, and anything else you would like to request. In the chance you want to register for something that isn’t for your honeymoon, you can add that to your fund as well.


If you are tired of paying high registration fees and dropping hints to your loved ones about desired presents, Zola is your best bet. With a nominal registration fee of 2.5 percent of credit card processing rate, it gives an option to couples to pay for it themselves. The innovative website has a charming pastel-pink interface with an easy-to-use tool guide. It offers plenty of options to choose from – from adventurous travel packages to practical waffle makers for your kitchen. Furthermore, Zola has several benefits including free shipping and returns, price matching, group gifting, and an adviser to help you decide. Whether you are looking for home upgrades or a trip to the Maldives, Zola makes it possible for you. Beyond your registry, Zola provides a lot of other resources to make planning your wedding easier.


SimpleRegistry enables users to add ANY gift for the couple. Perhaps your grandma wishes you two to learn cooking or maybe your best man wants you to have some horseback riding classes – They can easily present them to you. If you are not in a mood to be covered in flour or mud, you can redeem your gifts in cash without hurting anyone’s feelings! Somebody gifted an older model of a gadget you were longing for? Exchange it at once! You can even ask your friends to pitch in for an expensive item or a beautiful journey as a group gift. Once the wedding is over and you are done with your honeymoon, send thank you notes in a jiffy.

Blueprint Registry

Absolutely free with no hidden charges, Blueprint Registry allows users to add items they would like to request. Blueprint makes a perfect honeymoon registry because you really are getting cash and can use it for whatever you would like on your trip. You can even add luggage and other goods that you may need to buy before you go.


Classic and simple, Wanderable collects honeymoon contributions for you in a gorgeously personalized setup. The layout is eye-catching and user-friendly allowing you to easily receive gifts from your loved ones. You can put up some of your photographs and there is even a story-telling feature through which you can share some of your special memories of how you met and how he proposed with friends and family. Wanderable lets you collect gift however you want with no fee! It can be through bank deposit, cheque, or gift cards. There is an app for iPhone users which makes using Wanderable quite convenient.

Traveler’s Joy

Operating since 2004, Traveler’s Joy is an ideal option for a honeymoon registry for couples who have adventures in their mind. Be it gazing at star-kissed skies from your glamorous camp in Vancouver, a thrilling safari in dense African jungles or a lazy summer spent on a golden beach, the innovative honeymoon registry makes it possible for you. The site has a simplistic interface where you can organize your honeymoon fund page by choosing the destination, airline, and travel agencies. It is completely up to the couple to plan their holiday. The website doesn’t interfere at all. Moreover, redemption is completely free with no service fee.

Honeymoon Wishes

Offering free setups and multiple convenient services, Honeymoon Wishes helps you in each and every step of planning your very first vacation together. Couples are given an option to directly transfer their gifts to hotels, resorts, and cruise lines. Is there a delay? No worries. You can redeem your money any time you like and as many times. Honeymoon Wishes also has a tracker that keeps you up to date about your thank you note. On their website, you will find a number of sample itineraries to help you make up your mind.

The Knot

Newlyweds, here is the perfect wedding registry service that can turn your travel dreams into reality. Venture out to stunning locations on your honeymoon by simply setting up your newlywed funds on The Knot. The all-in-one service has a cash registry and even a list of classic gifts to choose from. When your guests contribute to your funding program, the money is automatically deposited into your bank account. You can keep a track of your gifts and find out who gifted what! Apart from designing a wonderful vacation for you, The Knot can also help in arranging wedding dresses, accessories and contact local vendors for you.

Did you use a honeymoon registry? Who did you use?