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Greece Honeymoon Planning Guide For 2023

Selecting a honeymoon destination can be difficult, but it gets a little easier after hearing some first-hand experience. Fortunately, we just went on a Greece honeymoon trip and wanted to share our recommendations for those looking to plan a honeymoon to Greece or the surrounding islands.

Greece is a beautiful country full of scenic ocean views, cascading cliffsides, and distinct food and culture, making it a perfect honeymoon destination. But there’s so much this beautiful country has to offer, so it’s a good idea to do a little planning before the trip.

Greece Honeymoon Highlights

Where To Go

For an amazing honeymoon in Greece, we recommend visiting Athens and Santorini without a doubt. If you have time Crete and Mykonos are excellent as well.

Where To Stay

A few (of many) top resorts are White SantoriniKapari Santorini, and Astra Suites.

What To Do

We trust GetYourGuide for activities and our honeymooners have always loved an Athens day tour, catamaran tour in Santorini, and wine tastings!

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When to Honeymoon in Greece

The best time to honeymoon in Greece is between late May and early October, but within those dates, your vacation will vary greatly.

Late Spring (May to June)

Late spring is our preferred time to honeymoon in Greece. The weather is warm enough to enjoy the water with temperatures ranging from 70°F to 85°F. The tourist crowds are not as overwhelming as during the peak summer months, and it won’t be too hot like in July and August.

Early Autumn (September to October)

Another really great time for a honeymoon in Greece is early autumn. The weather starts to cool from the highs of the summer and summer crowds start to dissipate, making it a more peaceful and romantic time to explore.

Shoulder Seasons (April and October)

April and October are considered the shoulder seasons. You are going to enjoy the relatively mild weather, lower prices for flights and accommodations, and lower crowds, but there might be occasional rain showers. You can still enjoy romantic sunset catamarans but its going to be too cold to swim for most.

Peak Summer (July and August)

We have been to Greece twice and both times it was during the peak of summer. We love going swimming so we loved that it was hot enough for that, but when we were away from the beaches we felt like we were melting. 

I’m being a bit dramatic, but the point is it is hot, especially when visiting the historic sites around Athens.  Accommodation prices will be higher during this time as well. If you don’t mind the heat and prefer a vibrant and lively atmosphere, this period might still suit you.

Best Places to Honeymoon in Greece

The Greek Isles are made up of more than two hundred islands for honeymooners to explore, each with its own distinct personalities, beautiful sunsets, and cerulean blue waters. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the most popular ones and a few attractions to see or experience in each.


Our top pick for honeymoons in Greece is not what most people would think, but we loved Crete and recommend it as the best island for honeymoons. It isn’t as busy as the other islands and it offers a lot more variety. Maybe most importantly, you don’t have to pick just one island, so this is just the start of our recommendations.

View from Mount Olympus, Greece

On Crete, you’ll find sandy beaches, cascading mountains, palm tree forests, and plains can all be found on the adventurous island of Crete. Their bustling modern towns are great fun to explore but you can also just relax at the resort you choose for a few days and enjoy the beautiful water.

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Best accommodations in Crete

Best activities in Crete

  • 🏛️ Labyrinth of Knossos Skip-the-Line Ticket with Tour Guide
  • 🛥️ Comfort cruise – sailing boat trips from Heraklion, Crete
  • 🍷 Crete Wine and Olive Oil Tour


Athens, the capital of Greece is a favorite spot for honeymooners and newlyweds. Athens used to be a short stopover on the way to the Greek coast but has become a hot spot for romantic travel and adventure. Athens offers cultural history to be discovered, wonderful food to be tasted, and excellent hotels that are tailor-made for romantic relaxation. You’ll fall in love with Athens on your honeymoon. 

While on your way to Santorini or other Greek Isles, take a few nights to explore Athen. Tour the Parthenon, explore Anafioitaka, and see the view from Mount Lycabettus. Visit Brettos Distillery, the oldest distillery and second-oldest bar in all of Athens.

You can also access several day trips, like a trip to ancient Corinth or to our favorite, Poseidon’s Temple. There are plenty of great hotels in Athens for honeymoons. Hotel Grande Bretagneneo is a classical royal property in a prime location with a rooftop terrace and stunning city views from every room. The Foundry Hotel is a unique property in Athens with vertical gardens and a beautifully landscaped roof terrace which is perfect for a midnight stroll when honeymooners finish their adventurous day.

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Best accommodations in Athens

Best activities in Athens


After a few days in Athens, Santorini is a must-visit destination. This island of Santorini is located around 190 miles southeast of Athens in the Aegean Sea and is one of the most visited Greek islands. With dramatic cliffs, picturesque towns, and glamorous hotels, Santorini is one of the most romantic islands that honeymooners can visit.

The most popular towns in Santorini are Fira and Oia. These two cities remain famous for not only their beautiful sunsets but also their romantic accommodations that honeymooners will love. We personally did not understand all the hype about Oia, especially for the sunset. There are so many other great options for sunset like Imerovigli.

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Best accommodations in Santorini

Best activities in Santorini

  • 🏛️ 6-Hour Private Best of Santorini Experience
  • 🛥️ Half-Day Exclusive Catamaran Cruise in Santorini with Meal and Open Bar
  • 🍷 Santorini Wine Adventure with 12 Wine Tastings, Tapas and Sunset


After a few nights in Santorini, consider spending a couple in Mykonos. The famous island of Mykonos is well known for its beautiful beaches and fun nightlife. They’re also well known for their winding twisting roads and beautiful churches. This island is a great spot for honeymooners to explore, especially if they’re looking for a party. Many call it the “Ibiza of Greece” and pretty much guarantee that honeymooners aren’t far from a party and an adventure at any time.

Quick links for romantic vacation in Mykonos

Best accommodations in Mykonos

  • 🏨 Olia Hotel (3-star, situated in the Tourlos part of Mykonos)
  • 🏨 Eternal Suites (Entire apartment, situated in the Mykonos City part of Mykonos)
  • 🏨 Olive Mykonos Villas (5-star, situated in the Ano Mera part of Mykonos)

Best activities in Mykonos


This island is part of the Saronic Gulf. Hydra stands out because of its lack of motorized transportation so if you’re looking to explore Hydra on your honeymoon, be prepared to travel on foot or donkey. This is one of the most appealing parts of Hydra to honeymooners. There’s no better way to explore a town than on the back of an animal or on foot. This way, honeymooners can meander through cute and quaint seaside towns and find romantic adventure down every turn. the beautiful shoreline.


Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades Islands, means that there’s plenty of romantic beach exploration, relaxation, and activity. The famous Plaka beach can be found on Naxos. Sit back and enjoy some time relaxing in the sand on your honeymoon or gear up for some fun water sports. Because of the strong wind coming off the west side of the island, Naxos is a great place to try windsurfing and kitesurfing on your honeymoon.

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Best accommodations in Naxos

Best activities in Naxos

How to Get Around the Islands on Your Honeymoon

The Greek Isles are made up of more than two hundred islands for honeymooners to explore, each with its own distinct personalities, beautiful sunsets, and cerulean blue waters. If you want to do a little exploring on your honeymoon, there are ways to get from island and island.

By Air

Twenty-five of the Greek islands have their own airports and although many of the islands have several flights in and out during the summer travel season, honeymooners should remember that planes fill quickly, and booking four months ahead will save you the most money. Plus, domestic flights from Athens to the islands are only an hour (or less) long, so flying is an option if honeymooners are willing to do a little research and planning.

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By Sea

All the large Greek islands and many of the small ones have ferries that leave and go from the island. It’s easy to find tickets for ferries and they don’t fill up nearly as quickly as planes do. So if you’re looking to stay a little spontaneous on your honeymoon, tickets can even be booked the day before. Catamarans, which are quicker, are also an option to get from island to island.

Top Greek Honeymoon Resorts

There are several well-recommended resorts in Greece that are perfect for a honeymoon. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Oia Castle Hotel & Suites

As the name suggests, the hotel, which has a front-row seat to one of the world’s most renowned sunsets, Oia Castle Hotel & Suites resides on the same property as the once battle fortress of the Castle of Oia itself. To enhance the sense of romance that radiates from the location, the honeymoon suite at Oia Castle is above and beyond expectations. The view from the outside jacuzzi at the top of the complex is spectacular. The contemporary suite is sure to turn up the heat on any honeymoon.

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  • Room upgrade when available
  • Daily Breakfast

Santorini Secret Suites & Spa Honeymoon Suite

The honeymoon suite at Santorini Secret Suites & Spa is a honeymoon location crafted with absolute finesse. A quirky king-size round bed is adjacent to the living area and separate fitness area, with a completely panoramic terrace lining the suite, holding a private outdoor heated swimming pool and dining area. Attention to detail, such as tropical music, a jet and steam bath, and different soothing massage treatments, ensure a romantic home for your trip.

Use My Perks

  • $100 resort credit
  • Room upgrade when available
  • Daily Breakfast

Adronis Boutique Hotel & Executive Suite with Cave Plunge Pool

A terrace with wonderful vistas of the Aegean Sea and the volcanic landscape wraps around the executive suite with a cave plunge pool at the Adronis Boutique Hotel. As well as a traditional private cave plunge pool – and jacuzzi – the contemporary and luxurious suite pays homage to its location, with whitewashed walls blending into Santorini’s famous architecture. Sleeping in a cave has never been so comfortable.

Blue Palace Resort and Spa

Located in Crete, the Blue Palace Resort and Spa is a luxury five-star resort that has an intimate boutique feel even at full capacity. This isn’t like the sometimes crowded Greek Island you have heard of. 

You can book a suite with a private pool and enjoy a beach with amazingly clear water. A five-minute walk down the road takes you to a small village where you will eat mouth-watering chicken souvlaki, moussaka, and other traditional Greek foods.

Abaton Island Resort & Spa

Also on Crete is the Abaton Island Resort & Spa which will be a better choice for a modern resort near a more lively area of the island. Located about 20 minutes from the airport, Abaton is located directly on the water and has plenty of seats around the pool or at the edge of the sea. Just thinking about the breakfast is making my mouth water.

Top Romantic Things To Do In Greece

As you plan your honeymoon try to plan a few activities that you will fondly look back on for years to come.

Take a Sunset Cruise

Watching the sun dip below the horizon while sailing along the coast is an unforgettable experience. There are several options for sunset tours that include meals, drinks, snorkeling, and even a visit to hot springs. Enjoy a small group cruise and even some dancing together as you return on the boat.

Go on a Wine Tour

Touring a vineyard and sampling some of Greece’s famous wines is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening. With this wine tour in Santorini, you can visit the most acclaimed wine estates and sample 12 different wines produced in the local wineries.

You’ll learn about the 3,500-year history of winemaking and hear about the local viticulture that makes Santorini a world heritage site for wine production. Enjoy visiting 3 distinct wine estates while tasting organic wines, such as Nykteri, Assyrtiko, and Vinsanto, with local delicacies including cheese and olives.   

Have a Romantic Dinner

Greece is home to some of the best food in the world. Treat your special someone to a memorable meal at one of the country’s many restaurants. Consider a reservation at one of the many restaurants with an ocean view to enjoy a special evening together.

Explore Ancient Ruins

Visiting archaeological sites like Athens’ Acropolis or Delphi’s Temple of Apollo is a must-do for any history buffs.

Have a Relaxing Day at the Beach

With over 13,000 miles of coastline, Greece has no shortage of beaches to relax on. Soak up the sun and take a swim with your loved one.

Take a Cooking Class

One great thing to do on your honeymoon in Greece is to cook together. There is no better way to learn to cook than by the local experts that have been cooking traditional food for decades. Learn how to make some of Greece’s most iconic dishes and eat your creations afterward – perfect for any foodies out there!

Stroll through the Markets

Wandering through the markets, hand in hand, and taking in the sights, sounds, and smells is a quintessential Greek experience.

Watch the Sunset Over the Acropolis

There’s no better place to watch the sun go down than Athens’ world-famous Acropolis. Not only will you see an amazing sunset, but you’ll also get to see an iconic piece of Greek history and culture.

Take a Hike

If you are taking a trip to Greece, there is a good chance you are an active couple. Exploring Greece’s beautiful countryside on foot is a great way to bond with your loved one on your honeymoon.

Greece Honeymoon Packages

When it comes to honeymoon packages to Greece, they can be customized to fit your budget and interest. Here are our top 3 packages to give you some ideas or you can see our 10 ten Greece honeymoon packages here.

Featured Travel Package

7 Night Athens & Santorini Honeymoon

Visit the two most popular destinations for a honeymoon in Greece. Start with the rich history of Athens on arrival before relaxing in Santorini. Enjoy wine tours, a sunset cruise, and delicious cuisine.



per person



Featured Travel Package

Greece in 10 Days: Athens, Santorini & Crete

This 10-day exhibition of Greece’s natural beauty, historical wonders, and charming culture is the perfect getaway for honeymooners. Enjoy the view from your private terrace at Santorini’s caldera and stroll the streets of Chania’s Old Town on Crete with picturesque lanes and delightful markets.



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See The Top Greek Honeymoon Packages & Resorts in 2021

Talk to our Greece Honeymoon Expert

I can’t begin to tell you how much i love this country. And, as much as I’ve seen, I’ve barely explored the many, many islands that make up it’s wonder. As a travel agent, I offer great expertise, and as an explorer I’m wowed every time.

– Mike Salvadore

Greece Travel Tips

Making some of the bigger decisions – when to go, where to go, where to stay – for your honeymoon in Greece is a great start to an amazing trip. But moving around Greece and the islands can be made easier with a few tips.

  • The water: in the major cities, you can drink tap water. However, on islands and in rural areas, it’s strongly encouraged to stick to bottled water on your honeymoon.
  • Tipping: It changes across Greece a lot. Some serves may include their tip in the bill, but it is still a common practice, especially in popular tourist destinations. Taxi drivers typically expect a tip and it’s also customary to tip local tour guides.
  • Travel light: Chances are, you’ll ride every kind of transportation getting to and getting around Greece on your honeymoon. So expect to lug your bags on and off planes, trains, boats and cabs. Make sure not to bring much luggage so traveling will be easy. Chances are, you’ll only need a few swimsuits, some summer clothes and a jacket in case the nights get chilly and you want to take a romantic walk.
  • The friendly Greeks: Their culture has an excellent reputation for being hospitable and welcoming to tourists. Honeymooners and travelers also report that Greeks are even more eager to help if you try to speak some Greek. So say “efxaristo” instead of thanking you and you’ll be sure to make their day and get some great direction.
  • Cash is king: People use credit cards abroad all the time, but typically in Greece, payment is taken care of in cash. Taverns, small grocery stores, and quaint restaurants on the inland or on the isles will likely only accept cash, so it’s smart to keep some on you during your honeymoon, just in case.
  • Greek Taverns: The best part about drinking in Greece? Greek taverns usually don’t have a closing time. They close when guests leave and if there’s live music, the bars stay open pretty late. If you’re looking for a honeymoon late night out, Greece is the perfect country.
Cafe in Greece that honeymooners love

These tips and suggestions are a great way to get some ideas and start the honeymoon planning. If you’re looking for a beautiful and romantic destination for your honeymoon, then get ready to start planning your greek honeymoon.


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