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How To Spend a Honeymoon in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina, has a lot to offer to couples looking for a romantic time together. The place will give you and your significant other experiences worth remembering whether you want to experience different cultures, amazing cuisines, honeymoon or simply a fun time.

Things to Do On a Honeymoon in Charleston

Have a picnic under the Angel Oak

The Angel Oak is one of the most beautiful and oldest live oak trees in the United States. Located on John’s Island, a short drive from Charleston, it is approximated to be between 400 and 500 years old. The beauty stands at a whopping 67 feet and its trunk 28 feet wide. And that’s not all. Its branches provide over 17,000 sq. ft. of shade. It is said that it once served as a resting area for slaves. Angel Oak Park includes a gift shop and picnic areas.

Go for a Stroll at Middleton Place

This is a perfect spot if you’re looking for a breathtaking setting. Middleton Place is one of the oldest landscaped gardens in the country. It is a National Historic Landmark and was built in the 17th century. The house is filled with portraits, documents, furniture and other items collected by the generations that have lived there over the three centuries.

Carriage Ride

The streets of Charleston are suitable for a horse-drawn carriage ride with your sweetheart. Several companies offer these services within the historic town. For an hour-long tour, you will be taken around the town and see places not often seen by tourists. You might be lucky and find a passionate tour guide who will share a lot of information based on their personal experiences. You can opt for either a public or private tour. Nothing would beat a romantic dinner date with your darling, followed by a carriage ride before retiring for the day.

Watch the Sunset on a Rooftop

Imagine sipping some wine on the rooftop alongside your partner. One of the most classic watering holes is the rooftop at the Vendue Inn. This is a boutique art hotel where you can browse through 300 pieces of original art.

Visit the Charleston Waterfront Park

A great advantage of Charleston is that most of the attraction sites are within walking distances of each other. You can visit the Charleston Waterfront Park while strolling around the downtown area. The area is just a few blocks from the City Market. The breathtaking eight-acre park gives a stunning view of Arthur Revenel Jr Bridge as well as the home to Pineapple Fountain. There are many beautiful spots to sit, reflect and even take photos with your loved one.

Go Cruising on the Schooner Pride

The Schooner ship is a classic 84-foot tall ship that is modeled on the 18th-century trading schooners that were once common at the Charleston Harbor. The ship is sailed daily offering charter tours, sunset cruises, dolphin sales, and special events. The cruise is a two-hour-long trip. The peaceful waters will give you a chance to mingle with the dolphins, gulls, and pelicans. Tours are not narrated so just sit back and savor the moment and each other’s company.

Where to Stay on a Honeymoon in Charleston

French Quarter Inn

The French Quarter Inn is a terrific place to spend your anniversary getaway or honeymoon. They have valet services for your car when you arrive. You have to pay extra for parking. The rooms are elegantly done in French toile. Also, they are decorated in Parisian style. You will find wrought iron chairs on the balcony and a table with platter boxes. You will also enjoy free Wi-Fi.

Market Pavilion Hotel

This hotel is located perfectly on the corner of East Bay St, in downtown Charleston. You can enjoy a king room that overlooks the Charleston City Market. This market has been in existence for over 200 years now. Perhaps the hallmark of this hotel is its rooftop bar. It is said to have the best view of the town.  They have a great lobby bar and a restaurant, Grill 225. The rooms are posh and quiet. Their staff is also extraordinary.

Charleston Place

This hotel would be the perfect description for elegance. The guest rooms are stately with exquisitely hand-carved furniture. You will find fountains at every turn and sweeping staircases that seem to beckon you to make a grand entrance. The amenities will take your breath away. There’s a world-class spa, two of the city’s best restaurants, a heated salt-water pool, luxurious cocktail lounge, and on-site shopping. Everything here is crème-de-la-crème and so are the services. Perhaps a fact to illustrate the elegance; Prince Charles and Mel Gibson have chosen this hotel when in Charleston.

John Rutledge House Inn

This inn was built in 1763 by John Rutledge and is the only home of a US constitution signer that now serves as both a historical landmark and an inn. The inn allows its guests to experience a feel of colonial Charleston. It is filled with charming features that are old-fashioned in certain aspects. However, its amenities are as modern as they could get. Flat-screen televisions, splendid mattresses, and posh toiletries are some of the things you will find. They serve sweet tea and snacks in the library every afternoon. They offer a Romantic Getaway Package that will add ultimate romance to your honeymoon.

Where to Eat On a Honeymoon in Charleston

Charleston Grill

This hotel is perfect if you want a silent, elegant and candle-lit meal. Other than that, the restaurant entertains its patrons with world-class jazz. On all days during the week, you can hear soothing music being played during the night. Feel comfortable with the restaurant’s coaches as you order a full drink and peruse their food menu.

Circa 1886

This hotel has been voted the 11th best fine dining restaurant in America by Tripadvisor. Circa 1886 has a reputation for providing healthy options for the unique Southern dishes. They serve locally sourced food in a family-like service, as is the local approach. Prices in fine dining restaurants are normally steep, but you can find some options that are quite affordable yet delicious.

Peninsula Grill

This hotel is located at the heart of Charleston’s historic district and it prides itself as one of Charleston’s true hidden gems. Facilities at the hotel include a champagne bar, dining room, and outdoor courtyard. If you are a wine lover, you want to try this one out. They have a wine list of more than 300 selections. Their Ultimate Coconut Cake is also one to look forward to.

High Cotton

If good seafood is your taste, then High Cotton is the hotel you are looking for. It is ranked as one of the best seafood restaurants in downtown Charleston, although it recently underwent a transition under new management. Here you’ll find shrimp, fried oysters, grits and crab cake.


This stylish hotel in the East Bay area, French district, offers the best global cuisine with Southern ingredients. The food is offered at great prices. Their most distinctive service is the Monday five-dollar burger night, held at the bar upstairs. You have various food options whether salmon wellington, wasabi tuna or tomato basil soup. You and your partner’s taste buds will be thrilled.

When to Go

The best times for visiting Charleston, SC, are between February and June. You can also opt for the period between August and December. If possible, avoid the month of April as the city’s beautiful Magnolia trees attract crowds. Also, avoid visiting during the summer as you don’t want serious heat during your honeymoon.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.