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Romantic Honeymoon Cruises From The USA

Romance and Cruising have made a perfect duet for couples. Whether you are seeking a sweet vacation or a lifetime honeymoon, the cruise has everything you need. From spa and Jacuzzi, fine dining restaurant to stunning seascape serving as the backdrop, you can rest assured that you two will have a quality time together.

Speak to a Cruise Specialist

Let an experienced travel advisor plan your trip to save you time, money and ensure you have a great experience!

Why Take a Honeymoon Cruise

Planning your wedding is exhausting and complicated. You have a budget to stick to and are trying to appease a very large group of people. Going on a honeymoon should be relaxing and allow to rest, unwind, and enjoy your time together. Going on a cruise for your honeymoon makes that so much easier. With a cruise, the planning is easy. You won’t even have to worry about where you are going to eat.

Taking a cruise will also allow you to see various islands or cities without needing to check into a new hotel room, transportation or plans, the cruise ship will take you there.

Last, regardless of your budget, you should be able to find a great honeymoon cruise for you. You can find a Caribean cruise for a few hundred dollars a person, or a luxury cruise for over ten thousand dollars. It really depends on your taste, budget, and expectations.

Honeymoon sunset cruise

Honeymoon Cruise Planning Tips

If you are planning a honeymoon cruise, use a travel agent focused on cruises. I have personally used a Cruise One travel agent and know 2 other people who have and recommend it. Going through a travel agent will save you money since they have access to promotions that you do not. We saved about 10% when we booked a Royal Carribean cruise.

Make sure you pack everything you need but don’t go too crazy. Look online for packing guides for your specific cruise to see what other people recommend. Also, pay attention to the required attire and do some online research as well to see how strictly it is followed.

Don’t worry about overbooking yourself. There is so much to do on a ship and at the ports, but make sure you leave some time to relax.

When planning your trip, you want to look at four main details.

1. Which port will you be leaving?

If you are getting married near a port then this will be an easy choice, but if you need to fly to a port, choose a city you want to explore as well. You can fly to Miami and spend a few days before the cruise relaxing. For an Alaska cruise, go enjoy some time in Seattle before sailing away.

2. What ports do you want to visit?

This may or may not matter too much to you, but it could make a big difference. Research the stops each cruise will make to see if you have preferences.

Credit SBW-Photo

3. How Long is the cruise?

Are you taking a short 3-night cruise, 7-night cruise or even longer?

4. What cruise ship do I prefer?

Different ships have different amenities. Which are important to you? Do you want water slides? Laser tag? An Ice ring?

All of these decisions affect the others. For example, when we planned our last Caribean cruise, we had to find something leaving Galveston since we live 3 hours aways. We found that Royal Caribbean was in our price range. I wasn’t picky about the ports of call but did realize the longer the cruise, the bigger the ship and the more amenities. We also have noticed that a longer cruise is better to avoid the partiers. We decided on going on the Liberty of the Sea on a 7-night cruise even though it was longer than I thought I wanted to go be, but I wanted a FlowRider on my cruise with waterslide. It ended up being the perfect cruise for us.

Which Cruise Line to Choose For Your Honeymoon?

There are so many cruise lines to choose from and all of them have amenities to make your trip special.

1. Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises won “2016 Cruise Critic Editors’ Picks Awards” for “Best Cruise Line for Romance”. Featured in the famous TV series “The Love Boat”, romantic moments on this cruise is already familiar. Princess Cruises sail all around the world making it likely they will sail to someplace you have in mind. Princess Cruises offer a series of romance package is available for you to choose from with options like a champagne bottle in your room, flower arrangements, and couples massages to make your cruise special.

Paul Gauguin Cruises

A midsize luxury cruise provides tailor-made cruise to wonders of the South Pacific, Tahiti, and Fiji. The Beautiful tropical island of French Polynesia has long been central of romance land in the world. Private, white-sand beaches with blue water are calling you, and it’s hard to say no. You have a chance to explore the island which is a hive of activity such as snorkeling, kayaking or paddle boarding, safari adventure…etc.

Paul Gauguin does not only offer a special package for honeymooners but also for the anniversary, vow renewal and even wedding cruise. You can experience a Polynesian blessing ceremony to commemorate your new life or anniversary.

Windstar cruise

Windstar cruise is perfect for couples who want more relaxation and romance without kicking up a fuss. The passenger onboard is just around 140 people (crew-to-passenger ratio is 1 to 1.5) to guarantee an attentive and personalized service. There will be no lines or too much waiting during embarkation and Disembarkation. The small size of the ship allows it to reach further pretty places like Greece’s Monemvasia where other big ship may not fit in. You can enjoy romance packages that include breakfast in bed, champagne, boxes of chocolate and enjoy the other amenities aboard.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian cruise line boasts the youngest fleet of any North American cruise line.  That means you are likely to get a newer ship with exciting amenities. You’ll enjoy a variety of food options each day, activities to choose from, worldwide destinations and romance package with options like chocolate covered, red roses, breakfast in bed, massages and other options. You really can’t beat the variety of entertainment and food you will find onboard. Norwegian is fairly budget friendly, but also make it easy for well-wishers to gift your experiences or to pay for a portion of the cruise with a wedding registry.

Royal Caribean

Known for having the largest cruise ship in the world, Royal Carribean has something for everyone.  With Royal Carribean, you get a great bang for your buck with quality food and entertainment. While the cruise is all-inclusive, there are paid restaurants that charge a little extra.  They are worth their price so consider adding a special dinner or two during your trip. Being such a large cruise line they offer a variety of cruise options for many ports.

Where to go on a honeymoon cruise to?

Carribean Honeymoon Cruises

The most popular cruising destination in the world is the Carribean and by cruising here you are able to stop by several islands during the same trip, enjoy beautiful beaches and have some adventure as well. All of the major cruise lines sail out to the Caribbean.

Bahamas Honeymoon Cruises

If you are thinking about going to the Bahamas for your honeymoon, a cruise is a perfect option.  Many of the cruise lines have their own private islands and will take to you several other islands during your trip.  In addition to enjoying the islands, you can also have time to explore the city the cruise is coming out of before or after your trip.  Why not start your honeymoon off with some fun at Disney World or spend a few days in Miami before sailing off? All of the major cruise lines.

Most Princess Cruises will make a stop at Princess Cays during most of their Eastern Caribean cruises.  Celebrity Cruises have 3 ships that go between Fort Lauderdale and the Bahamas for 2-4 nights. Royal Caribbean will take you to Coco Cay, a private island for Royal Carribean passengers as well as other stops during a 2-10 day cruise.  You can start your cruise from several ports along the east coast. Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is a low-cost 2-night cruise.  The main difference is these cruises can be booked one way so that you can spend some time in the Bahamas before returning to Florida.

Mexico Honeymoon Cruises

The Eastern coast of Mexico is spotted with great destinations for cruising. At one of your stops, you can visit some of the ancient Mayan temples, go swimming in a cenote or enjoy the white sand beaches. You can also find cruises that stop in Mexico and then make their way to some of the Caribean Islands on the same trip.

You’ll find several options from all the major cruise lines stopping in ports like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Costa Maya, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen.

Alaskan Cruises

Ruby Princess In Alaska

An Alaskan cruise provides for an amazing adventure in the summer months.  If you are planning a honeymoon cruise between late May and September, consider an Alaskan cruise.  It is the easiest way to explore several small port towns, see glaciers and tons of wildlife. You can start your cruise in many different cities in the US or Canada.  You can sail out of Seattle and enjoy the city before you embark. You can also plan a one-way trip to go further explore the Alaska mainline before returning home.

Silversea Expeditions provide a luxury cruise option smaller than the huge cruise ships, without sacrificing most of the amenities, making it perfect for an Alaska honeymoon. Suites on a 7-day Alaskan cruise start around $4000 per person and go up from there based on seasonality and which suite you choose.

Norwegian Cruise Line is launching a new ship made especially for Alaska cruises. It is also made for couples that are young at heart. Take advantage of water slides during the sunny days out to sea, try laser tag on deck, and fulfill your need for speed with the largest race track at sea! Try relaxing in one of the 6 infinity hot tubs and eating tons of food at one of the many restaurants onboard. The Mandara Spa will make a perfect place to unwind and enjoy a much needed reviving treatment.

A cruise on the Norwegian Bliss will cost around $2500 a person for a room with a balcony leaving Seattle in June.  

Princess Cruises have won the award for Best Cruise Line in Alaska year after year.  On a Princess Cruise, you will see the inside passage, two glaciers and 3-4 ports to explore. Princess is unique in offering so many options to cruisers. You can go on an Alaskan cruise starting as far away as LA or from within Alaska itself.

If you have the time and money, Princess offers Cruisetours which allow you to disembark for a few days to explore the land by train. This way you get a chance to experience all the highlights Alaska has to offer without worrying about all the planning or about rushing back to the cruise ship.

Princess Cruises vary in price based on duration. For a round-trip cruise out of Seattle, a balcony in peak season will cost around $2300 per person.

Hawaii Honeymoon Cruises

Romantic sunset and hidden waters of Hawaii is the perfect way to leave all the stress behind and immerse your soul in love. Take a trip passing volcanoes and beautiful beaches. Venture in great Maui. Hawaii honeymoon cruises allow you to visit several Islands during on trip, something that would be hard to pull off otherwise.

The best way to enjoy a Hawaiian cruise is to fly to Hawaii first, then go on a cruise to the other Islands. If you have ample time and don’t mind being out to sea for 5 days at a time, then you can consider leaving one of the west coast cities on a 10-15 day Norwegian

Norwegian Cruise Line has a round-trip cruise from Honalulu for a 7-day Hawaii cruise that has overnights in both Maui and Kauai as well as visits to Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii. You’ll be on island time as you discover cascading waterfalls, active volcanos, black, green and white sand beaches, historic sites and unspoiled nature.

Have you been on a honeymoon cruise?  Where do you go off to?

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