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Virgin Voyages Cruise Review

Virgin Voyages Cruise Review

We are big fans of Virgin Voyages Cruises. They have illuminated several pain points that have soured the mood of cruisers and in this article, we will go over the common threads in hundreds of Virgin Voyager Reviews

What Cruisers Love About Virgin Voyages

Almost All-Inclusive

On many cruise lines, it feels like you are being nickel and dimes every step of the way. With Virgin Voyages, passengers love that there is no specialty restaurant upcharges, and many beverages are included in the price of the cruise. Also, no tips!

The only things you pay for after the price of the cabin, taxes, and fees are the excursions, spa treatments, and alcohol. And we have seen many reviews that there are not any aggressive salespeople looking to get you to purchase.

An Adult-Only Cruise

No kids! If you are looking for a more grown-up experience, you will love this. This also means the entertainment and activities are all going to be focused on adults.

Affordable Drinks

Virgin Voyages do not have a drink package where you need to drink a lot to get your money’s worth. Instead, non-alcohol drinks are all included, except for specialty coffee drinks.

For alcoholic drinks, prices are very reasonable. Beer will be $6-9, most wine glasses are under $10 and cocktails are $10-$13.

Longer Port Stays

Most cruises leave ports by 6 pm, but Virgin Voyages stay later and sometimes overnight, giving you more time to explore and experience the destinations.

The Beach Club at Bimini

New Ship Fleet

You do not have to worry about being on an outdated ship since Virgin Voyages lady ships are all just a couple of years old.

What cruises do not like about Virgin Voyages

Small Pools

The ships have 2 very small pools so some people complain about that.

App Issues

Reservations for classes and restaurant reservations have to be done by using the App, but some people have had issues with this.

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