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Destination Weddings in Santorini, Your Most Romantic Affair

With breathtaking views across the Aegean Sea and the volcanoes, a rich choice of wedding venues, and the possibility to tie the knot while one of the most stunning sunsets in the world witnesses your love, Santorini promises treasured memories for years to come. 

Your Ionian wedding will be blessed by the beautiful settings of one of the most dramatic and spectacularly beautiful Greek islands. But, to make sure your special day is memorable, you must organize it properly. Continue reading this article and find out all you need to know about planning your Santorini wedding. 

Save the Date – When to Get Married in Santorini

The first step in planning your big day is to decide on the date, and the best time of the year for a memorable wedding in Santorini is between May and September. Summers are hot in Santorini, but they can also be windy. The wind, however, is not necessarily bad news, as it tends to relieve everybody from the heat. 

If you decide to say “I do” under the summer sun, it is best to avoid having the ceremony in the middle of the day, and opt for a sunset wedding, not only to indulge in the mesmerizing sunset but also to enjoy the mild temperatures. 

Find Your Favorite Spot- Santorini Dreamy Wedding Venues

Depending on how you visualize your big day, you can choose from a variety of wedding venues and packages. Whether you dream about having your ceremony and reception on the beach, on a cliff, in a winery or the garden of a sumptuous hotel, your dreams can come true because Santorini offers a great variety of wedding venues. 

If you are orthodox, you can even organize the ceremony in a small church of a picturesque Greek village. To make everything smoother, however, the best choice is a symbolic wedding. You can get married officially, before or after your special ionic celebration. 

A Sandy and Salty Happily Ever After – Your Beach Wedding in Santorini

So many people dream about saying their vows by the beach, enjoying the fresh breeze and the pure summer fun, and if you are one of them, you will be happy to find out that the beach venues in Santorini are absolutely spectacular. 

Oceanids Estate, for instance, is a fantastic choice for both your ceremony and reception. Located in an old tomato factory, which was built in 1937 from the volcanic rocks of the island, the venue is beautifully renovated, perfectly merging the old style with new high-end features. And, of course, as you can imagine, the views are breathtaking.  

The same can be said about Laze Santorini, a venue with similar, glorious views of the Aegean Sea, and an enchanting beachfront deck, perfect for your ceremony. And if you are looking for an elegant venue with a laid-back vibe for your celebration, Akro, located on a private Akrotiri beach, is a fantastic choice.

Romance with a Twist – Saying ‘I Do’ on the Side of a Cliff in Santorini

A beach wedding is a perfect choice for a free-spirited, romantic couple, but if you want something with a more adventurous vibe, you can always get married on the side of a cliff. Privately located on the Caldera cliff in Oia, the Diamond Rock Venue promises to offer you a magical view of the deep blue sea, clear sky and imposing volcano, as well as all the privacy you need, though it is located very close to the lively town of Oia. 

Another great venue for bold couples is Dana Villas, located in charming Firostefani, a few minutes from Fira, the capital of the island, at an altitude of over 300 meters. The panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, volcanoes, Caldera and the bay will definitely enhance the already great joy of the bride, groom, and all their guests.  

In Vino Veritas- Your Fairytale Vineyard Wedding

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to choose a vineyard as your wedding venue, though it would be great to be a wine lover. But, whatever your drink of choice is, starting your new life in an old greek vineyard makes all your fairytale dreams come true. Venetsanos Winery, the oldest vineyard on the island, is welcoming, dreamy, and it offers amazing, panoramic views, thanks to its unique location, above the port of Athinios.

Saint Antonio Vineyard is also a great option. On top of a hill surrounded by vineyards, this romantic venue is known for the mesmerizing views and landscapes, as well as its unique, traditional architecture and the natural beauty of its location. 

Luxury and Elegance: Tie the Knot in a Lavish Santorini Hotel

If you want to get married in a sumptuous hotel in Santorini, there are plenty of spectacular options, all of them promising incredible services and unforgettable views. 

La Maltese Estate is a great choice for both the wedding ceremony and reception. The elegant setting, combined with the volcano view terraces, make this venue one of the most romantic in Santorini. If you have more than 100 guests, and you want to celebrate your love in great style, this hotel is the perfect location for you. 

Andromeda Villas, a beautiful hotel located in the vibrant Imerovigli village and known as one of the best luxury hotels on the island, is another great spot for love birds who want an exquisite Santorini wedding. And if you are looking for a more traditional settlement, the village of Oil is home for the sumptuous Canaves Oia Hotel, a place where the 360° views of the Santorini Caldera promise to amaze your eyes and fill your soul. Featured in many weddings, fashion, and travel magazines, this hotel offers you experience neither you, the love of your life, or your guests will ever forget. 

Your Island Wedding Attire: Simplicity Is the Key

When it comes to your wedding attire, there is no exact rule. But, when purchasing the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit, you have to keep in mind that you are planning a summer wedding on an island. So, keeping your wedding attire simple is a great choice. The style and colors, however, depend on personal preferences and the wedding venue of your choice. 

If you choose a beach or a garden wedding, avoiding uncomfortable shoes and painful heels is mandatory. Also, whatever venue and attire you choose, make sure you let your guest know the dressing code. 

Love Is Priceless, but How About Your Memorable Greek Wedding?

Though love birds are spending between 800 and 6000 euros, most couples pay less than 2000 euros for their Ionian wedding. The cost of your party will depend greatly on the number of guests, menu, venue, time of the year and all the other arrangements you want. 

Whether you choose to say “I do” on a sandy beach, on top of a cliff, in a romantic vineyard or on the terrace of a lavish hotel, the picturesque island of Santorini promises you romance, dreamlike views, glorious sunsets, memorable culinary experiences, and everything you need to have the wedding of your dreams. 

To make sure everything is properly organized, hiring a wedding planner or choosing one of the many wedding packages offered by every venue available are great options, especially since you are not familiar with the island. And while your big day is thoroughly planned, you can relax and enjoy the warm sun caressing your skin on one of the scenic beaches of Santorini.