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Grenada Cost: Here’s What You Can Expect To Spend 2024

Grenada is a tiny but gorgeous Caribbean island that offers a variety of attractions for couples looking to take a break from everyday life. There are plenty of reasons to choose Grenada for your Caribbean honeymoon or romantic getaway, including breathtaking beaches, great snorkeling and scuba diving, delicious cuisine, history and culture, and fabulous resorts.

If you’re interested in traveling here, you’re probably wondering, is Grenada expensive? Or is it cheap to visit Grenada? The answer is, it depends. Grenada travel costs can vary widely depending on what type of vacation you want.


This article will tell you all about how much a trip to Grenada costs. We will discuss the factors that determine Grenada cost of travel and include tips on how to save money on a trip to Grenada.

Grenada Cost: Overview

The main factors affecting your Grenada travel cost are accommodations, transportation, activities, food and drink. The price of lodging and your flight to Grenada will vary depending on what time of year you visit.

High season here is mid-December to mid-April, so costs will be most then. To save money, travel to Grenada during the shoulder or low seasons (November and May, or June to October). Accommodation cost can also depend on the type of lodging you choose and what area it’s in.

With that said, the average low budget traveler can expect to pay around $110-$130 per person per day. This includes the cost of accommodations, food, transportation around the island, and activities. Travelers with a moderate to high budget can expect to pay $250-$350 or more per person per day.

These figures don’t include your flight to Grenada. Depending on departure city, prices will range. For example, round-trip flights from New York can be around $400-$500. From Miami, you can expect to pay around $600, and departing from Europe can be $800 or more.

However, you can find good deals on flights if you can be flexible on your travel dates. Track flights using travel apps like Hopper, which will notify you when prices have dropped and tell you what days and months are the cheapest to fly.

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Grenada Cost: Accommodation

Once you have your flights figured out, it’s time to look at where you will stay. Here are average accommodation costs in Grenada for budget stays, moderate hotels, and luxury resorts.

Grenada Cost: Budget Accommodations

Different types of budget-friendly accommodations are available in Grenada, including 2- to 3-star hotels, private rooms on Airbnb, and small cottages. Costs for these can be as low as $20-$50 per person per night. While they may not be the most luxurious places, it’s still a place to sleep. If you plan on going to the beach and exploring Grenada’s rich culture, you may not be spending much time at your accommodation anyway.

Grenada Cost: Mid-Level Accommodations

You can find mid-level accommodations in Grenada for $60-$100 a night. These hotels usually include a pool, restaurant, bar, and comfortable rooms.

In addition, mid-level accommodations typically are closer to beaches and attractions. This will save you time and money, as you can walk there instead of taking a taxi or renting a car. Groups or families can use services like Airbnb or VRBO to rent an entire house, which gives you multiple bedrooms plus a kitchen to cook meals in to save money.

Grenada Cost: Luxury Accommodations

Grenada has multiple high-end hotels and resorts for couples who want to splurge on their honeymoon or romantic getaway. You can find boutique hotels and resorts starting at $120-$300 per night; some cost upwards of $1,000 per night.

These more expensive rates are generally found at luxury all-inclusive resorts. For example, rooms at the adults-only Sandals resort in Grenada range in price from $300-$1000 per person per night, depending on the room you choose and the time of year.

While the cost per night is higher, you benefit from having everything included in the price. You won’t need to worry about paying for food, drinks, and most activities during your stay. This is an excellent option for those who don’t want to stress during their vacation.

How Much Does a Meal Cost in Grenada?

If you aren’t staying at an all-inclusive resort in Grenada, then you will need to budget for food. Dining out in Grenada can be as affordable or expensive as you want it to be.

Of course, you can go to a fast food restaurant and find meals for under $5. However, enjoying local culture by eating at street vendors can be a better choice and just as inexpensive. You can expect to pay $10-$15 per meal for casual dining. Local dishes tend to be less expensive than Western food, such as burgers.

Fine dining will cost you a lot more. Typically, these are steakhouses or seafood restaurants with ocean views or located in desirable areas. Here, expect to pay from around $25 to more than $50 per meal.

Drinks will range in price depending on where you are, with local bars being less expensive than swanky hotel lounges. (However, if you are staying at an all-inclusive resort, your drinks will be included.) The average cost of beer in Grenada is $2-$3, while mixed drinks will be higher.

Grenada Cost: Transportation

Getting around Grenada is easy, especially if you are staying in St. George’s, the capital city. Most restaurants and attractions are accessible by walking, taxi, or public transportation. Taxis are more expensive than public transportation.

If you don’t need to go far, they can cost around $1-$5+ per one-way trip. Since Grenada is a safe tourist destination, you don’t need to worry about getting in a taxi or hopping on a bus.

The other option is to rent a car for an average of $50-$75 per day. Typically, you will get a better daily rate if you rent for a week or more. One benefit of renting a car is that you can go anywhere at any time during your trip. The downfall is that costs can add up fast.

Grenada Cost: Tours and Activities

There are many tours and activities in Grenada to enjoy during your visit. If you’re on a budget, you can find free activities such as going to the beach, walking tours, and museums.

Other activities, such as hiking to a waterfall on a short guided tour, are inexpensive. Typically, you can find a tour for $50-$75 per person, which includes transportation, a guide, and entrance fees.

For activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, or a full-day tour, you can expect to pay $100-$200 per person. This is another area where all-inclusive resorts can be beneficial, as they often include water sports and other activities in their rate.

Grenada Cost: Conclusion

As you can see, a trip to Grenada can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be. If you plan ahead and book a trip during the shoulder season, you can find great deals on flights and accommodations. But at any time, with research and proper planning, you can have an unforgettable trip to Grenada without spending a fortune.

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