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Getting the Best Deal At Sandals Resorts

No one wants to pay more than they have to. When you are looking to book a Sandals Resort you always want to make sure you get the best deal.

The good news is that Sandals Resorts are always running different promotions and here are a few things to know that will help you get the cheapest price at Sandals.

Sandals 777 Deals

Sandals Resorts have a deal called the 7-7-7. For 7 days (weekly), you can take advantage of an additional 7% off the rack rate promotions on 7 rooms and suites that they choose. These deals are updated every week. You can see the currently discounted suites here.

Sandals Last Minute Deals

Check last-minute deals. These deals are usually one night free on stays of 3 or 4 nights during selected last-minute travel dates. If you are really savvy and flexible with your vacation you can spend 4 nights at one resort, and then another 4 nights at a nearby resort. This is a great deal where you can get 8 nights for the price of 6 nights.

Get a Free Anniversary Night

Get a Free Anniversary Night. When you are staying for your anniversary and are staying in a Club Level or Butler Room Category, you can get your 7th night free if your stay is 30 days before or after your wedding anniversary date.

Sandals Loyalty Program Deals

When you stay at a Sandals Resort, you will receive loyalty points. After staying for 70 nights at any of their resorts you get to redeem a free week. Additionally, there are membership recognition gifts that you will receive along the way.

Rebooking Deals at Sandals

When you stay at a Sandals Resort, you can book your next stay while on resort. When you do this, you get an additional 10-12% off your next stay. The best thing about these deals is you can combine them with the 777 deals available at the time. Even if you are not sure about your next vacation, you can always change the details later.

Sandals Grand Opening Deals

When a new resort opens, Sandals gives grand opening deals for the first few months of opening. This usually means a significant resort credit that can be used at the resort. Sometimes the resort isn’t exactly 100% ready at the opening so that is the only risk you take with getting one of these deals. Currently, you can book for Sandals Dunn River and get a deal for their opening.

Can Travel Agents Get Me A Better Deal?

Usually, no. The prices on the Sandals website are usually the best. In fact, as you get different quotes from different people, they will usually be the same. If you see a different price there is probably something different in the room type, flights or additional add-ons like excursions.