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The Secret to Getting Free Drinks in Vegas

It’s no secret that you are able to get free drinks when you’re gambling in Las Vegas, but casinos are starting to slow the serving pace. This is because of people who camp out at slot machines and other gaming tables, taking their time in order to get as many free drinks as possible.

Do they still give free drinks in Vegas? Yes. While casinos are tightening up their free drink policies, people can still get free drinks. However, you need to be careful how you do it.

In this article we’ll give tips on how to get the most free drinks in Vegas casinos.

Why Get Free Drinks in Vegas Casinos

Taking a trip to Las Vegas is far from cheap, as luxury hotels, award-winning shows, and exclusive nightclubs can put a significant dent in your wallet. Like other hot tourist destinations, the prices of everything are high, including alcoholic drinks.

While there is a chance you will come home with winnings from the casino, there is a good chance that you won’t. That’s why many take advantage of the free drinks while trying their luck.

Think about it, if you’re losing money, you might as well knock back as many free drinks as you can, right? If anything, it will at least alleviate the pain temporarily.

The problem is many casinos are starting to crack down on people trying to take advantage of the system. For casinos, it’s pretty easy to spot when someone has been sitting at a slot machine for hours but has only bet a small amount.

The key is to play the game right in order to maximize your chances of getting free drinks in Vegas. So, here are some tips on how to get free drinks in Vegas casinos.

Tips for Getting Free Drinks in Vegas Casinos

Play Machines Near the Bar and Wait to Be Served

One of the easiest ways to get free drinks in Vegas casinos is by playing slot machines and video poker games. However, the mistake many people make is putting their money in the machine and immediately pressing the play button.

Instead, sit down at a machine near the bar and insert your money, then wait for a server to come over. When the server comes, they will notice that you have money inserted and will offer you a drink.

The reason you should choose a machine near the bar is it will cut down on the wait time to receive your cocktail or beer. And the reason you should wait to press play until after receiving your drink is that once your money is gone, so are the free drinks.

Thus, in order to get more free drinks, you will need to insert more money into the machine. By following this simple strategy, you will likely receive an extra drink or two throughout your session.

Tip Well on the First Drink

Tipping is something everyone should do when getting free drinks in Vegas casinos. Servers depend on tips to make a living.

If you tip well, you will increase your chance of getting free drinks more quickly. It’s not to say you need to tip $10 every time, as that would defeat the purpose of getting free drinks. The key is to give that great tip on the very first drink to set the stage for the rest of your session.

Remember, first impressions are everything, and if a server thinks you are a great tipper, then they will provide great service.

Get to Know Your Server

No matter if you are sitting at the bar or slot machine, it pays dividends to be polite and engage with the server. Simply asking them how their day is going and showing respect will increase the chances of them coming back around more often.

If you put yourself in their shoes, would you rather come back to the person who is constantly demanding a drink in a rude manner or the person who is friendly and tips well?

The latter will always receive great service, and that is key to getting free drinks in Vegas casinos.

Order High-End Alcohol

Like cheating the alcohol system on a cruise, you can do the same at casinos. If you order a cocktail and don’t specify liquor, then you will receive the basic well liquor.

Instead, ask if you can get top-shelf liquor such as Grey Goose or Patron. If you have followed the above tips, there is a chance that you can get premium liquor for free.

If that is the case, you can even try different types of liquor since they are on the house.

Play Games With Higher Limits

When you enter a casino in Las Vegas, you will notice that machines and table games have a variety of betting limits.

While games with higher limits cost more to play, you will increase your chances of getting high-end drinks more frequently. If you play penny slots for hours, it doesn’t take a genius to realize you are milking the system.

It’s not to say that you have to play a slot machine with a $100 minimum, but at least find a game that has a multiple-dollar minimum.

Play Games at the Bar

Gambling is the heart and soul of Las Vegas, and you will notice that almost every bartop has games to play. Just like sitting at the bar at a restaurant, you will receive faster service than if you were playing a machine on the casino floor.

Additionally, bartop games are great for getting to know the server and scoring more free drinks. However, it’s important to note that many bartop games can track how much you are spending to get a complimentary drink. So, it’s worth mixing up your play not to give yourself away.

Play at Popular Casinos

Well-known casinos, such as the Bellagio, MGM, and Cosmopolitan, will typically offer more free drinks to players. Less exclusive casinos won’t provide the same level of service as the top ones in Vegas.

So, even though it’s easy to gamble at the nearest hotel, it may be worth wandering a few blocks to get to those popular gambling spots.

Other Ways to Save on Drinks in Vegas

Since you won’t spend 24/7 in a casino in Las Vegas, you will have to find other ways to save money on alcoholic drinks.

Buy Your Own Alcohol

With the wonders of delivery apps, you can have liquor delivered to your hotel room. This way, you can make drinks in the room. In Las Vegas, you are allowed to carry alcoholic beverages on the Strip as long as they are in a can or plastic cup.

This will cut down your expenses significantly, as drinks at bars can be $20-$40, depending on their size.

Look for Happy Hours

There is a reason they call it “Happy Hour” – because you will be happy to see how much money you save on drinks. As mentioned, drinks in Vegas are not cheap, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of every happy hour you find.

Happy hours can have deals like two-for-one drinks, $3 beers, and inexpensive shots. There are even deals for activities such as the Observation Wheel where if you buy a ticket, you get access to the open bar.

Getting Free Drinks in Vegas Conclusion

While you won’t find unlimited free drinks in Vegas like you would at an all-inclusive resort, there are several ways to get drinks free while gambling or at a discounted price when you’re not. Have you had success getting free drinks in Vegas? Let us know in the comments.

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