Swim with Sharks in Bora Bora: All You Need to Know

Take some time away from relaxing at your overwater bungalow and enjoy some time swimming with sharks in Bora Bora.

We recommend taking this snorkeling and shark tour or this tour that includes lunch, time of a jet ski, and snorkeling with sharks.

Sharks are the symbol of French Polynesia, and they have a privileged place and an important role in the culture, coral ecosystems, and tourism of the area. 

There are few places in the world where you have 100% chances to swim with sharks, with Bora Bora being one of them. If you are fascinated by their beauty and their scary reputation as bloodthirsty attackers, and you want to find out more about diving with sharks in this lovely destination, continue reading this article. 

Is Diving with Sharks in Bora Bora Safe?

The last deadly shark attack in French Polynesia was recorded over 50 years ago, so it is fair to say that usually, the sharks in Bora Bora are not dangerous. The most common type of shark you’ll meet during your exploration is the Blacktip reef shark, which is far from being aggressive, and it easily allows you to get closer. 

While having a certain degree of fear when it comes to sharks is natural, considering they are wild animals, there are huge numbers of people swimming with sharks in the lagoon, daily. With the lack of negative interactions reported, it’s clear that attacks are extremely rare. 

To make sure you are safe, however, don’t feed them, don’t try to pet them, and avoid wearing shiny jewelry when in the water with them. 

The Types of Sharks You’ll Find in Bora Bora

As mentioned, Blacktip reef sharks are the most common type of sharks found here. They live under the green lagoons, inhabiting the tropical coral reefs, they prefer to swim in inshore waters, and they are used to the presence of people, letting them approach and observe. Usually, Blacktip reef sharks eat fish and small water animals, but they are also successful at hunting sea snakes and sea birds. Their most known feature is their fin. It is exposed above the water, allowing people to see them coming.

You will also find Lemon sharks, gorgeous creatures that grow up to three meters in length. Because of that, and thanks to their brown or olive-gray coloration on the dorsal surface and pale yellowish color on the underside, they are very easy to spot. 

Whitetip sharks, hammerhead sharks, and gray sharks are also regular inhabitants of Bora Bora’s waters, promising to make your diving experience one of a kind. 

Black Tip Sharks

Diving with Sharks in Bora Bora: Best Tours, Cruises, & Safaris 

Depending on your preferences, time, and budget, there are many diving with sharks opportunities in Bora Bora, and, to help you choose, here are some of the best tours, cruises, and safaris available. 

Private Lagoon Snorkel Cruise with BBQ Picnic

If you want the chance to discover the underwater paradise of Bora Bora, stop at pristine beaches on small islands, and indulge in a delicious Polynesian-style lunch, opt for a private lagoon snorkel cruise with a mouthwatering BBQ picnic.

After pick-up at your hotel or the Vaitape pier, you will board your private boat and begin an exclusive, customized 5-hour snorkel cruise. While you relax on the deck, the private vessel takes you to the hottest snorkeling hotspots, where you can swim in glittering lagoons, snorkel amid colorful corals, and see gentle stingrays and blacktip reef sharks. You will also indulge in perfectly grilled fish, chicken or beef, served with salad, fruit, and other sides.

Prices begin at around $1,248 per group up to two people. 

Jet Ski, Lunch & Shark/ Ray Safari

Join a Jet Ski safari and enjoy the adrenaline rush while exploring the Polynesian paradise with an experienced guide. After a morning pick-up from your hotel or the Vaitape pier, hop aboard your jet ski and take off for a 2-hour tour led by a professional guide. Get ready to see picturesque bays, Motus, and the gorgeous Mount Otemanu, as well as reef sharks, stingrays, and a variety of fish. 

Indulge in a delicious lunch at a legendary Bora Bora restaurant, feasting on a menu of seafood, burgers, sandwiches, and local specials, before you go back on the water for your 2.5-hour shark and stingray safari. End the safari with a final snorkeling stop at a vibrant viral garden. 

Prices begin at $ 230 per person.  

Luxury Tour and Beach Picnic

Explore the lagoon and barrier reef of Bora Bora, indulge in luxury, and savor the unique flavors of a Polynesian-style barbecue picnic during this ultimate luxury tour, a memorable 26-mile boat cruise around the island.

During this lavish water escapade, snorkel and observe the amazing underwater life of the South Pacific Ocean, interact with blacktip reef sharks and other marine animals, enjoy the local hospitality, and relax on a white-sand beach, with Mt. Otemanu as your backdrop. Then, indulge in the delicious Polynesian-style barbecue, while learning how to cook some of the local favorites. 

Prices being at $ 211 per person. 

Toa Boat Vaiana Experience with Lunch and Ambassador Boat

If you are traveling with a group of friends or family members, there are plenty of tours and excursions available. The Toa Boat Vaiana Experience, for instance, gives you the chance to navigate through the mythical lagoon of Bora Bora, meet the colorful fish, rays, and sharks, explore the coral gardens, and indulge in a flavourful “Vaiana” lunch, together with your loved ones. 

The double-deck pontoon boat offers all the amenities necessary for a lavish experience, and it is the perfect choice to discover the mythical Bora Bora lagoon in style, spend hours snorkeling, and have fun with your squad. 

Prices begin at $ 1,375 per group up to 20 people. 

Shark and Snorkeling Safari

If you are looking for a shorter excursion, you can enjoy a two-and-a-half-hour shark safari that promises a memorable encounter with Bora Bora’s colorful underwater life. 

After boarding a motorboat that will take you across the lagoon, you’ll make multiple snorkeling stops that will allow you to get very close to stingrays and see sharks being hand-fed. During the safari, you’ll have the chance to stop near the barrier reef and admire a superb coral garden and around 700 species of delightful tropical fish.

Prices begin at $86 per person. 

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