Bahamas vs Bermuda: Which Island Should You Visit?

Looking for a dream island to spend your summer holidays? The Bahamas and Bermuda are paradise destinations not far from the east coast of the United States. Even though they both enjoy blue skies and sunshine most of the year, they each have their own unique charm.

Here we’ll have a look at the aspects to consider when deciding which island you should go to.

Bahamas & Bermuda: Location and Accessibility

Receiving 6.5 million tourists every year, the Bahamas is a popular beach destination composed of more than 700 islands and cays located in the Atlantic Ocean 180 miles from Miami.

The main airport is located in the capital Nassau and you can find direct flights from Miami for $200, from New York for $400 and from Europe for $800.There are also ferries that take you from Fort Lauderdale to Freeport in just 2.5 hours for around $100 each way.

The Bermudas is much smaller than the Bahamas and consists of a group of 7 main islands and 170 smaller islets located in the Atlantic Ocean, 870 miles east of the United States.

There are direct flights to the Bermudas from New York and Miami for $350, while a ticket from Europe costs around $800.

When To Visit The Bahamas

The Bahamas have warm temperatures the whole year, with a hot and humid summer season, and a dry winter.

The Bahamas are within the hurricane belt so it’s important to be smart about  when to go. The peak hurricane season goes from July to November, so it’s better to avoid these months.

Considering that the high season goes from December to February and prices are at their highest, March and April are the best months to visit. The Bahamas are a popular spring break destination among Americans so if you want a relaxed holidays try to avoid this period if possible.

the coast of bermuda, clear waters with rocks, perfect for a honeymoon

6 night elbow beach bermuda package

Spend 6 nights at a luxury resort, Elbow Beach Bermuda. This resort has 98 guestrooms dotted amidst 50 acres of landscaped gardens. Honeymooners can expect high class leisure facilities, proximity to Bermuda’s capital and a private pink sand beach.

pigs in bahamas for honeymooners

7 Night bahamas romantic honeymoon getaway

Spend 7 nights at The Musha Cay-The Exumas, Bahamas, an all exclusive retreat. The property maxes out at 24 guests and is as private and romantic as it gets. Honeymooners can expect five villas to choose from with kitchens, a private sauna and a wraparound porch.

sunset honeymoon dinner on bahamas beach

10 Night caribbean cruise Package

Spend 10 days aboard a cruise ship exploring the Caribbean. Stops include The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Sint Maarten, Saint Barthélemy and Puerto Rico. Honeymooners can expect complimentary specialty restaurants, open bars, butler services in Penthouses and entertainment.

When To Visit Bermuda

Bermuda has very pleasant weather year round and is usually cooler and less humid than the Bahamas. The hottest and busiest months are from April to October, and the low season runs from November to February.

the coast of bermuda, clear waters with rocks, perfect for a honeymoon

Even though it is less affected by hurricanes, it’s advisable to avoid the summer months, making March and April the best time to visit Bermuda.

Bahamas vs Bermuda: Attractions

The Bahamas are a fantastic choice for beach lovers. There are plenty of options with turquoise water and white sand but some of the best ones are the Pink Sand Beach in Harbour Island, Cabbage Beach in Paradise Island, or Tahiti and Great Guana Cay Beach in Abacos.

Other sites worth seeing are the city of Nassau with its colonial heritage, Fort Fincastle and Lucayan National Park with one of the longest cave systems in the world.

Also known as the playground of the rich, Bermuda is a fantastic destination for those looking for beautiful beaches, great conditions for kayaking, and amazing coral reefs. One of the must-sees is definitely Horseshoe Bay with its turquoise waters and pink sand.

Despite its small size (only 21 square miles), this nation is home to the historic town of St. George, and the capital city Hamilton which has both a traditional and metropolitan feel. Other activities include the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, the famous Crystal Caves and world-class golf courses. Bermuda is great for kids, couples or the whole family.

Bahamas vs Bermuda: Accommodations

The Bahamas offer a wide selection of accommodation options from local hotels to international chain resorts. A room in a cheap hotel starts at $100 per night, while a beach resort will set you back $300.

Bermuda doesn’t have as many options as the Bahamas and it tends to be more expensive. A cheap double room in a local hotel costs between $150 and $200, while a night in a beach resort starts at $350.

Bahamas vs Bermuda: Cuisine

Bahamian cuisine has southern American and Caribbean influences and is known for its love of spices. The most popular dish in the Bahamas is the conch, a large mollusk that can be served in different ways: salad (raw conch with lime juice, tomato, onion, and vegetables), fritters (deep-fried and mixed with spices), and in stews and soups. Other must-tries are lobster, baked crab, and souse (stew with lime, hot chili pepper, vegetables, and chicken).

Bermudian cuisine combines English and Portuguese influences with some local elements and fish is usually the star ingredient. Some of the most popular dishes are fish chowder (fish broth with vegetables and spices); grouper or cod fish usually steamed and served with potatoes, vegetables, and bananas; or the traditional rum cake with vanilla & lemon.

Bahamas vs Bermuda: Cost

These two aren’t the cheapest options out there. The Bahamas is a popular tourist destination that offers more variety in terms of accommodation and dining. Staying in mid-range hotels and eating in good restaurants will set you back around $150 per person per day.

bahamas honeymoon sunset

Bermuda, on the other hand, is a more expensive destination. The alternatives for accommodation are limited and transportation within the island is expensive so expect to spend between $200 and $250 per person per day.

Several companies offer cruises that go to these islands and sometimes the packages they offer are great value for money if you enjoy an all-inclusive style holiday.

The Verdict

Both the Bahamas and Bermuda are stunning places with different things to offer. The former has a larger number of amazing beaches and a wider variety of accommodation and dining options making it the best choice for those who want to enjoy a beautiful place without spending a fortune.

Bermuda is a more upscale alternative. It has some excellent beaches and cool cities to visit but it doesn’t have many cheap hotels and restaurants, so your time here will be more costly.

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