AmaWaterways Ships: All You Need to Know

The luxury river cruise company AmaWaterways has a huge variety of itineraries in multiple countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. Since it operates in so many locations, it has quite a few cruise ships.

Read on to learn more about AmaWaterways river ships including what types of rooms and amenities you can find, what destinations they visit, and what the newest AmaWaterways ships are.

AmaWaterways Ships: Overview

AmaWaterways ships are upscale river cruise ships that feature luxurious extras like fitness centers, spas, and swimming pools.

These ships range in size and amenities. For example, one of the best AmaWaterways ships is the European flagship AmaMagna, which holds 196 passengers and features four restaurants; a sun deck with pickleball court, pool, and whirlpool; a state-of-the-art fitness center with massage rooms; a juice bar; a hair salon; a nail salon; and mostly suites that range between 355-710 square feet with full balconies.

How many ships does AmaWaterways own? There are 28 AmaWaterways ships currently, with one coming soon: 22 in Europe, 1 in Asia, 1 in Africa, 2 in Egypt, and 2 in Latin America. Ships are spacious with comfortable public areas and hold an average of 156 passengers.

Current Amawaterways ships are the AmaBella, AmaCello, AmaCerto, AmaDante, AmaDolce, AmaKristina, AmaLea, AmaLucia, AmaLyra, AmaMagna, AmaMora, AmaPrima, AmaReina, AmaSerena, AmaSiena, AmaSonata, AmaStella, AmaVenita, AmaVerde, and AmaViola in Europe; AmaDouro, AmaVida, and AmaSintra (coming soon) in Portugal; AmaDara in Vietnam and Cambodia; Zambezi Queen in Africa; AmaDahlia and AmaLilia in Egypt; and AmaMagdalena and AmaMelodia in South America.

Amawaterways ships reviews are generally very positive, with guests especially praising the facilities and the crews.

Amawaterways Ships: Rooms

You’ll find a variety of staterooms and suites onboard Ama Waterways ships, all of them spacious and offering river views. In fact. AmaWaterways staterooms are some of the largest in the river cruise industry.

Suites have more luxurious features, including double balconies, larger sitting areas, and marble bathrooms with full-size tubs and multi-jet showers. All staterooms are open concept, and all bathrooms come with complimentary high-end products.

Rooms tend to range between 160 to 700 square feet. The double balconies are a unique offering, featuring a French balcony as well as a full outside balcony side by side for excellent views and plenty of light. Solo travelers will appreciate comfortable cabins that are designed for them and are smaller but still spacious.

Staterooms also come with complimentary WiFi and On-Demand entertainment as well as air conditioning, luxe linens, and a minifridge.

AmaWaterways Ships: Amenities and Facilities

There are plenty of luxurious extras on Amawaterways ships. Each ship has hair salons, massage rooms, and gyms. All have outdoor sundecks as well, with walking tracks and sitting areas. Most have heated outdoor swimming pools and these often have swim-up bars. Some have whirlpools on deck. The Amawaterways ship AmaBella has a putting green on deck as well as a pool.

There are onboard activities, entertainment, and fitness classes—all included in your fare—as well as complimentary bikes that you can use to explore destinations. There are also multiple dining venues, with at least the Main Restaurant and the specialty Chef’s Table on every ship. Each ship also has public lounge areas.

Amawaterways ships like the huge AmaMagna have even more to offer, such as four different restaurants, a juice bar, outdoor spin bikes, a pickleball court, and a cinema.

Amawaterways Ships: Destinations

You can find Amawaterways ships on many of the main rivers in Europe as well as in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

In Europe, AmaWaterways ships cruise on the Rhine, Danube, Main, Moselle, Rhone, Saone, Seine, Garonne, Dordogne, and Douro Rivers as well as the Dutch and Belgian Waterways. They stop at destinations in France, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, and Romania.

In Asia, they cruise along the Mekong River through Cambodia and Vietnam. In Africa, AmaWaterways ships sail the Chobe River and explore Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania with special itineraries that combine cruises with African safaris and tours.

In the Middle East, they sail on the Nile River through Egypt. And in South America, you can find AmaWaterways ships on the Magdalena in Colombia and Panama (beginning November 2024).

What is AmaWaterways newest ship?

One of Amawaterways newest ships is the AmaSintra, which is coming soon. It will sail along the Douro River in Portugal and will carry 102 passengers in 51 cabins. Most of the staterooms will have private balconies. There will be multiple dining options onboard including gourmet, al fresco, and casual. AmaSintra will have a heated pool on the sundeck.

Two other new AmaWaterways ships are set to start cruising in November 2024 on the Magdalena River in South America: AmaMagdalena and AmaMelodia.

Amawaterways ships by age are: AmaCello, AmaDante, AmaDolce, AmaLyra, Zambezi Queen, AmaBella, AmaVerde, AmaCerto, AmaPrima, AmaVida, AmaReina, AmaSonata, AmaSerena, AmaVenita, AmaDara, AmaStella, AmaViola, AmaKristina, AmaLea, AmaDouro, AmaMagna, AmaMora, AmaLucia, AmaSiena, AmaDahlia, AmaMagdalena, AmaMelodia, AmaSintra.

Each ship is refurbished every year to keep it in excellent condition.

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