AmaWaterways Cabins: All You Need to Know

AmaWaterways, a luxury river cruise provider, currently has 28 ships that cruise rivers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Egypt, and South America. If you’re considering taking an AmaWaterways cruise, you’re likely curious about accommodations.

If you’re wondering what AmaWaterways cabins are like and how to choose the best one, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know about cabins on AmaWaterways cruises including Amawaterways cabins prices, Amawaterways cabin categories, and Amawaterways cabins reviews.

AmaWaterways Cabins: Overview

Every AmaWaterways ship has regular cabins—or staterooms—and suites. Each has river views and many feature balconies, including the pioneering double balconies. AmaWaterways cabins are also all spacious—among the largest in the river cruise industry.

How big are the cabins at AmaWaterways? Most AmaWaterways cabins range between 160 and 700 square feet. Each stateroom is open concept and comes with complimentary amenities like WiFi, On-Demand entertainment, high-end bath products, air conditioning, luxe linens, and a minifridge.

Suites have extra luxe features like double balconies, larger sitting areas, and marble bathrooms with full-size tubs and multi-jet showers. The double balconies are a unique feature, where you have a French balcony as well as a full outside balcony side by side for the best views and natural light.

There are also cabins for solo travelers that are smaller but still comfortable on certain ships.

AmaWaterways Cabins: Reviews

AmaWaterways cabins reviews are almost all positive, with passengers especially liking the layouts as well as the cabins with double balconies. AmaWaterways reviews of cabins that are at the rear of the ship near the engines are less positive, citing noise and vibration when the engines are running.

AmaWaterways Cabins: Prices

AmaWaterways cabin prices range depending on the category you choose, ship, destination/itinerary, and time of year you’re cruising. In general, cruises can cost from around $1500 per person to more than $5000 per person; most tend to be around $3000 per person.

Note that these prices are almost completely all-inclusive. What is included in Amawaterways cruises? Your fare will cover all meals plus some beverages; excursions; bicycles to use on land (Europe only); WiFi; and onboard programs. Nonalcoholic beverages like coffee, tea, and water are included and available all day. There is complimentary beer and wine at meals, but premium liquors are extra. However, you’re able to bring your own.

AmaWaterways Cabin Categories

Amawaterways cabins come in multiple different categories, from basic staterooms to deluxe suites. The types of cabins available vary by ship, so be sure to check the ship for your itinerary to see which categories are available for your cruise.

Most ships have cabins on three decks out of four (with the top deck being reserved for amenities such as the SunDeck, pool/whirlpool, and public areas). The least expensive AmaWaterways cabins tend to be on Deck 1, which is the lowest deck.

On most AmaWaterways ships there are a few suites, some fixed window staterooms, some staterooms with French balconies, and mostly staterooms with twin balconies. There are generally some AmaWaterways triple cabins as well as single cabins (but not on every ship). AmaWaterways single cabins have about 140 square feet of space.

AmaWaterways cabin categories are named by letter and there are quite a few of them. Choosing the best one for you can be tough with so many options, so this is where the expert assistance of an AmaWaterways travel agent can really be helpful.

On most ships, E and D cabins are located on deck 1 and are less expensive. They have windows with river views that don’t open. Category C cabins tend to be located on the middle and top decks at the rear of the ship. These have French balconies, which you can’t step out on but have a sliding glass door for better views and some fresh air.

Category B cabins are usually on the middle deck and Category A cabins are usually on the top deck. Double-letter categories like AA, AB, BA, and BB feature AmaWaterways’ unique double balconies, which are French balconies next to full balconies you can walk out on. They also have somewhat larger bathrooms.

The largest AmaWaterways cabins are the suites. Not only do these feature more space and a sitting area as well as double balconies, but you also get extras like free drinks in your minifridge, a fruit basket, free laundry service, and butler service. Bathrooms are significantly larger and have tubs as well as showers.

AmaWaterways Cabins to Avoid

AmaWaterways cabins to avoid are mainly the ones that are at the rear of the ship. While they’re often less expensive, that’s because they are closer to the engines so they can be noisy and vibrations can be felt when the engines are running.

In order to see whether a cabin is close to the engines, just check the AmaWaterways deck plans for the ship you’re considering. You may also want to avoid cabins that are close to stairways and elevators, as there can be noise from people passing by.

Cabins in the middle of the middle deck are often the most quiet. Upper deck cabins can sometimes hear people walking around on the SunDeck.

AmaWaterways Cabins on European Cruises

Cabins on AmaWaterways European cruises vary depending on the ship you choose and its age. Some of the older ships such as AmaDante, AmaDolce, and AmaLyra (found on the itineraries in France) don’t feature the twin balcony rooms.

The European flagship AmaMagna has some of the largest cabins on AmaWaterways European cruises. AmaMagna cabins range from 205 to 750 square feet. You can choose from Category E or D cabins, which have double fixed windows and 205 square feet, and Category A or B cabins with 250 square feet and outside balconies. There are also plenty of suites, which have between 355-750 square feet.

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AmaWaterways Cabins on Asian Cruises

In Asia, the AmaDara cruises the Mekong River through Vietnam and Cambodia. AmaWaterways cabins on this ship are a bit larger than many of the ones in Europe, ranging from 226 to 624 square feet. There are 62 staterooms and suites, all featuring the twin balconies.

AmaWaterways Cabins on Nile Cruises

Cruises along the Nile happen on the AmaDahlia and AmaLilia, which have a different design and carry fewer passengers than the European ships. AmaDahlia carries 72 passengers in 20 cabins and 16 suites, and AmaLilia features 28 cabins and 13 suites. Suites are sizeable and feature twin balconies.

AmaWaterways Cabins on African Cruises

AmaWaterways cruises the Chobe River in Africa with the smaller ship Zambezi Queen. This unique ship holds just 28 passengers in 14 staterooms and is eco-friendly. AmaWaterways cabins on this ship are all suites, and all have large private balconies. They are located on the lower or middle deck and range from 215 to 300 square feet.

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AmaWaterways Cabins on South American Cruises

Newly sailing the Magdalena River in Colombia in 2024 are two brand-new AmaWaterways ships, AmaMagdalena and AmaMelodia. Also smaller than European ships, they carry 60-64 guests. Cabins on these ships are all spacious and have balconies.

Have we told you all you need to know about AmaWaterways cabins? If you have any questions, let us know in the comments. If you’re ready to book an AmaWaterways river cruise, one of our expert AmaWaterways travel agents can help you choose the perfect cabin for you.

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