AmaWaterways Danube Cruise Review

The historic and scenic Danube River flows through eight countries in Europe, including Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia. It’s one of the most popular rivers for European river cruises, and AmaWaterways is a top river cruise provider with multiple itineraries along it.

If you’re interested in taking an AmaWaterways Danube cruise, read on to learn all about them, including AmaWaterways Danube cruise cost and itineraries.

AmaWaterways Danube Cruise Overview

One of the top-rated river cruise companies, Amawaterways offers some of the best Danube River cruises in 2024 and beyond with a wide variety of destinations, excursions, and experiences in this beautiful region.

Itineraries range from up to four countries over five or seven nights to all eight countries over fourteen nights. Top destinations include Budapest, Hungary; Bratislava, Slovakia; Vienna, Austria; Iron Gates, Romania; Belgrade, Serbia; Passau, Germany; and Nuremberg, Germany.

Ships are luxurious, with spacious staterooms and posh amenities like heated outdoor pools and whirlpools. One of the AmaWaterways Danube cruise itineraries takes place on the European flagship AmaMagna, which has mostly suites with twin balconies plus extra amenities like four restaurants, a juice bar, a pickleball court, outdoor spin bikes, and a cinema (as well as a pool and whirlpool on deck).

AmaWaterways Danube river cruise reviews rave about the activities, excursions, and onboard service and amenities.

AmaWaterways Danube Cruise Itineraries            

In 2024 there are 11 itineraries offered for AmaWaterways Danube cruises. These are Magna on the Danube, Gems of Southeast Europe, Grand Danube, Celebration of Classical Music: Danube, Majestic Capitals of the Danube, Melodies of the Danube, Romantic Danube, Legendary Danube, Blue Danube Discovery, Iconic Christmas Markets, and Christmas Markets on the Danube.

They range from 5 nights to 7 nights to 14 nights, and cover different stretches of the river. The 5-night Majestic Capitals of the Danube cruise goes from Budapest to Vienna, visiting Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria. It also stops in Bratislava.

The 7-night Magna on the Danube cruises from Budapest to Vilshofen through Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, and Austria. It visits Bratislava, Vienna, Krems, Spitz, Linz, and Passau along the way.

The 7-night Gems of Southeast Europe goes from Budapest to Giurgiu through Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and Serbia. It stops at Mohacs, Vukovar, Ilok, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Iron Gates, Vidin, and Rousse.

The Celebrations of Classical Music cruise covers 7 nights and sails from Budapest to Vienna, also stopping in Bratislava, Linz, and Melk. This themed cruise features several musical performances in the planned excursions.

The 7-night Melodies of the Danube cruises from Budapest to Vilshofen and passes through Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia. It stops in Bratislava, Vienna, Weissenkirchen, Grein, Linz, Cesky Krumlov, and Passau.

Romantic Danube covers 7 nights and goes from Vilshofen to Budapest through Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia. It stops in Passau, Linz, Weissenkirchen, Vienna, and Bratislava.

The 7-night Legendary Danube cruise sails from Nuremberg to Budapest through Germany, Austria, and Hungary, stopping in Regensburg, Passau, Melk, Wachau Valley, and Vienna.

The Blue Danube Discovery 7-night cruise goes from Budapest to Nuremburg through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany, stopping in Bratislava, Vienna, Durnstein, Melk, Linz, Passau, and Regensburg.

The 7-night Iconic Christmas Markets cruise sails from Nuremberg to Budapest through Germany, Austria, and Hungary and stops at markets in Regensburg, Passau, Vienna, and Budapest as well as at Melk and Wachau Valley.

The Christmas Markets on the Danube cruise covers 7 nights and goes from Budapest to Vilshofen through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany, stopping in Bratislava, Vienna, Weissenkirchen, Melk, Linz, and Passau.

The 14-night Grand Danube cruise sails through Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and Germany. It goes from Vilshofen to Giurgiu and stops at Passau. Linz, Weissenkirchen, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Mohacs, Vukovar, Belgrade, Iron Gates, Vidin, and Rousse.

You have the option with all of these cruises of adding on land packages for additional time either before or after the cruise. Also on all the cruises, you generally have a choice of excursions at many of the stops. AmaWaterways offers standard tours, biking tours, hikes, and special interest tours.

AmaWaterways Danube Cruise Schedule

You can book an AmaWaterways Danube cruise in most months, from March through December. Most cruises have multiple departures available each month. Obviously, the Christmas markets cruises are only available in November and December.

AmaWaterways Danube Cruise Price

Your AmaWaterways Danube cruise price will vary depending on the itinerary you choose, your cabin selection, and the time of year you travel. Currently Danube cruises on AmaWaterways range from around $2200 to more than $8500 per person.

What’s great about an AmaWaterways Danube cruise price is that it’s all-inclusive, covering all meals, most beverages, onboard activities and programs, WiFi, bikes to use when onshore, and excursions.

What are the best months to cruise the Danube?

The best months to cruise the Danube River are usually considered to be the fall months of September, October, and November. During this time, the temperature is milder (although you will want to bring layers as it can get cold) and there are fewer tourists at the destinations.

A very popular Danube River cruise option is the Christmas market cruises, which happen in late November and December. This is another of the best times to cruise the Danube, despite the colder weather.

The summer months of June, July, and August can get hot and crowded, but do offer extra daylight hours. In the spring, weather can still be cold at times, as well as quite rainy. Sometimes there is flooding, which makes parts of the river impassable.

Now that you’ve read our AmaWaterways Danube cruise review, are you ready to book one? If so, our expert AmaWaterways travel agents can help!

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