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Plan The Perfect Honeymoon In Spain

The only thing sweeter than the wedding is going on a honeymoon where you and your spouse can finally get some rest and properly spend time together as the newlyweds.

Spain is known for great weather, a fun night scene, delicious food, and cultural activities like bullfighting. If you’re thinking about going there for the honeymoon, here’s the list of the most popular Spanish cities.

When To Honeymoon In Spain

While you can visit Spain all year and have an enjoyable time, the best time to visit is in the Spring or the Fall. This will mean lighter crowds, great temperatures, and plenty of cultural events. September, October, April, May, and June are the best months to visit.

Honeymoon Resorts & Hotels in Spain

Lani’s Suites Deluxe

Located directly on the beach in Puerto del Carmen in the Canary Islands, Lani’s Suites Deluxe is a small 25 suite hotel perfect for a honeymoon. Their romance package includes champagne and strawberries on arrival, roses, relaxing massages, a romantic picnic on the beach, and more.

Seventy Barcelona

Seventy Barcelona blends the warmth of a Mediterranean guest house with the vibrancy of modern multifunctional space in an ideal location in Barcelona. There is an outdoor pool, spa, bar in the lobby and modern, spacious rooms.

Hotel Palacio de Villapanes

Hotel Palacio de Villapanes is located just a few steps away from the historic Barrio de Santa Cruz, next to the vital center of Seville city. Built in the XVIII century for Mr. Manuel Lopez Pintado, the first Torreblanca de Aljarafe Marquis, it has been excellently renovated and turned into a luxury hotel.

Gran Hotel Miramar GL

The Gran Hotel Miramar Resort & Spa is a 5 star hotel in Malaga with amazing views over the Bay of Malaga and is just 5 minutes from the city’s top museumsIt is considered the masterpiece of architect Fernando Guerrero Strach being opened in 1926 by King Alfonso XIII.


View over the city of Barcelona

1. Barcelona

Probably the best-known place in Spain, more popular than Madrid and Ibiza, which are, let’s be honest, pretty popular. Whether you plan to visit Sagrada Familia or walk on Las Ramblas, you’ll have a great time if you choose Barcelona as your honeymoon destination.

Aside from these well-known sites, you can also visit The Jewish Quarter, The Magic Fountain, and Jardines de Joan Maragall, just to name a few. Also, the nightlife is very rich There are also a lot of affordable options, so before you decide to book a ticket and accommodation, make sure you’ve got the best deal for yourself and your spouse.

2. Madrid

Aside from being one of the most breathtaking capital cities in Europe, Madrid is also very romantic which makes it an ideal candidate for honeymoon destinations.

There’s nothing more romantic than strolling alongside Madrid Río, and when you wish to have a rest, you can treat yourselves to a glass of wine at one of the terraces overlooking the river. In addition, you can also go to the rooftop of the Círculo de Bellas Artes, which is a cultural center that also boasts one of the most stunning views of Madrid.

After you’re done admiring the view and exploring the center, you can relax on the sofas with some wine, while enjoying the sunset. Madrid also has a lot of green parks with charming lakes where you can see swans and rowboat with your honey.

3. Valencia

Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain, and probably not the first place that crosses your mind when you plan romantic excursions. However, this city has a lot to offer — great music, delicious food, a lot of greenery, and stunning architecture.

You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Old Town while walking cobbled alleys before you decide to have a drink in one of the cute pavement cafes. And if you want a full romantic experience, then you cannot miss The Puente de Los Flores (Bridge of flowers), where you can even sit on the bench while admiring the view. If that’s not enough, then feel free to go to the Botanical Gardens where you’ll find a lot of exotic plants, succulents, and other sweet-smelling flowers.

Malaga honeymoon

4. Malaga

This Mediterranean gem of a city is the most populous southern place in Europe and also the sixth-largest city in Spain. It’s no surprise that it’s a very popular vacation spot for tourists from all over the world. It is home to lovely beaches and a lot of rooftop terraces where you can enjoy the sunset while looking at the sea.

Additionally, you can visit one of the many spas that offer relaxing massages and baths. One of the most famous spas is Hammam Al-Andalus, an idyllic place with Arab baths.

Aside from the city itself, you can also visit the white villages nearby Malaga, where you and your beau can walk the narrow streets while holding hands and also enjoy the lovely view from atop.

5. Granada

Granada is probably best-known for the gorgeous Alhambra palace, which is also a great representation of the rich Basque culture. The best time to visit the palace is in the sunset when it’s less crowded, so you can have a picnic while watching the sunset turn the palace walls coral pink. In case that Alhambra palace isn’t enough, you can also visit Generalife, another stunning summer palace with beautiful gardens.

Besides palaces, there’s also The Cathedral of Granada, which dates back to the 16th century. If you’re more into casual activities, you can always hop to Paseo de Los Tristes, where you can enjoy some beer with tapas. For all the foodies, there are many food markets in every residential area. Alcaiceria Market is probably the best place in Granada where you can get traditional North African spices, herbs, and teas.

Spain is probably the only European country that is still home to Arabic architectural sensuality and Western Christian aesthetics. Whichever destination you choose, make sure to use the most of it. It’s easy to be romantic while you’re on the honeymoon with the one you love, but take some time to enjoy beaches, architecture, and food while celebrating the start of a new chapter of your life.

6. Seville

Another honeymoon getaway destination is Andalucia’s Seville. It is a small town that has much more to offer than what you’d expect. The city is everything you have heard and read about Spain, all together in one. There’s flamingo, bullfights, churches, and everything in between.

You cannot come to Seville without visiting the second-largest cathedral in the world. Another must-see is the Alcazar Palace, which once was a fortress, a palace, and a city. Seville is also the home to the Flamenco Museum so make sure you make it to at least one show during your visit.

As we have established, Seville is one of the best romantic destinations. So, the list of hotels to stay in is a long one. However, the best-recommended hotel for couples and honeymooners is Hotel Casa 1800. You can guess from its name that it specializes in antiquity and romance. It has 33 rooms, each with its own interior design, giving its guests an authentic experience.

7. San Sabastian

Located on the Northern coast of Spain, San Sabastian has everything you would want in a romantic destination and is a top destination in the world for foodies. Here you will find more Michelin stars per square meter than anywhere else in the world (apart from Kyoto).  You will also find delicious regional food called pintxos, not to be confused with tapas.  Do some research before you go to find the best pintxos in San Sebastian during your visit.  The baked cheesecake is to die for and there are plenty of amazing tapas places throughout the town.

When you aren’t too busy eating, there are plenty of other things to do in San Sebastian. There are miles of beautiful beaches to fall in love with, beautiful buildings, and fun shopping to enjoy.

8. Mallorca

There is nothing more romantic than a honeymoon on an island. Even more romantic is a honeymoon on a Spanish island, specifically Mallorca. It is both an escape from the loud city life and an excellent honeymoon destination for newly married couples. Mallorca manages to put a smile on every one of its visitors’ faces.

For the lovers of water activities, a beach day in Mallorca includes swimming, diving, water-skiing, and a lot more wet fun. There is also a possibility to watch dolphins early in the morning after enjoying a breathtaking sunrise. For adventurous couples, a visit to the neighboring villages may turn out to be the best part of the trip. In fact, Mallorca has something for everyone.

Mallorca Romance

The paradise for honeymooners has some of the world’s best romantic resorts and hotels, including all-inclusive resorts that make planning easy. At the top of the list, there is Hotel Illa d’Or. It is a 4-star beachfront hotel that offers the best view from its rooms which are still rocking classical designs. Other hotel recommendations are Boutique Hotel Can Cera and Gran Hotel Son Net.

9. Toledo

This is probably where all the romance fantasies were first inspired. Toledo is a fairytale city, almost identical to the stories that have beautifully designed castles and old-school streets. There is no way you do not fall in love with this place. Everyone who’s ever been to Toledo can testify they LOVE it.

The UNESCO has declared the whole city a World Heritage Site. Therefore, the list of places to visit on your honeymoon in Toledo is very, very long. However, you can’t miss the most famous attraction of them all: Toledo Cathedral. Then, you can find exquisite cuisine in the many restaurants available everywhere. To end this shortlist, you have to view the city from the top of a hill. Simply put: there are no words to describe how beautiful the sight is. You can also see one of Spain’s castles, the Castle of San Servando.

Toledo for couples

Toledo knows that it is a top destination for couples, and its hotels clearly show that. Therefore, it is difficult to find the best hotel when they are all great. However, the most reviewed hotel on TripAdvisor for a romantic stay is Eurostar Palacio Buenavista. It earned its #1 romantic hotel in Toledo thanks to its perfect location, its warm and friendly staff, and its incredibly designed rooms. The top 2 and 3 romantic hotels are Parador del Toledo and Hotel Santa Isabel.

10. The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are located off the coast of Africa, but are still a part of spain. The beaches are stunning and skies that are some of the clearest on the globe. The rugged islands offer a variety of landscapes including the world’s third-largest volcano, hundreds of beaches, forests and snad dunes.  You can arrive at this tropical paradise in around a 3 hour flight from Spain.