What’s the Best Pink Sand Beach in Bermuda?

If you love tropical islands, chances are you’ve seen photos of the spectacular pink sand beaches of Bermuda. The unique hue of that famous Bermuda pink sand beach is a result of the white sand mixing with bits of coral reef, seashells, and the red-colored single-celled organism Foraminifera which has been crushed to bits by the waves’ continuous pounding.

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While Bermuda is not in the Caribbean (it’s in the Atlantic Ocean), it is a quick trip from the East coast of the U.S. Flights from major cities like New York, Washington D.C., Charlotte, and Philadelphia take just about 2 hours. 

You may be wondering, which beaches have pink sand in Bermuda? There are actually multiple ones to choose from, but they are all primarily on the southern coast of the island. If you’re interested in visiting a pink sand beach in Bermuda, here are 7 of the best ones.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach is easily the most famous pink sand beach in Bermuda. Located in Southhampton, the bright teal seawater is a sharp contrast to the soft salmon-hued sand, presenting an amazing photo op. 

Unfortunately, its popularity makes it incredibly crowded, so you’ll have to arrive pretty early in the morning if you want to enjoy a section of the beach by yourself. However, the early morning sunlight just adds to the magic. 

For a serene afternoon of swimming, head a few miles west of the beach to Port Royal Cove, a natural swimming hole with pink sand, shallow water, and a ring of rocks to break up the waves. 

Elbow Beach

Less popular but equally beautiful, Elbow Beach is located almost exactly in the middle of Bermuda’s southern coast. It has brightly colored pink sand and calm, warm water for snorkeling. In addition to tropical fish and coral, there are a few shipwrecks off-shore for divers to explore. 

Cafes, restaurants, and shops are all within walking distance, as well as quite a few resorts. It’s worth noting that some reviews of this pink sand beach in Bermuda mention that staff and guests from nearby hotels claim “private’ sections” of the beach and try to get day visitors to move. Just be mindful of the signs and be sure to stay in an area marked “public” if you decide to visit for the day. 

Warwick Long Bay Beach

At half a mile long, Warwick Long Bay Beach has the longest shoreline of any pink sand beach in Bermuda. Its south-facing shores can make for extremely windy conditions, but a long stretch of coral reef keeps the waves to a minimum and the water is perfect for snorkeling. The beach is perfect for a leisurely stroll and is popular among birdwatchers thanks to the abundance of native seabirds that call it home. 

There’s a trail leading from Warwick Long Bay Beach to other smaller, lesser-known beaches in the area, making it a great area for exploring. Riders from the nearby horseback riding center have been known to make their way up and down the beach during the later parts of the day. 

There’s also a water sports equipment store and rental center nearby, and the South Shore Park lies to the west. Warwick Long Bay Beach is only accessible via a steep set of stairs, so getting to it might prove difficult if you have mobility issues. 

Chaplin Bay Beach 

Sandwiched between Horseshoe Bay Beach and Warwick Long Bay Beach, Chaplin Bay Beach is a small quiet cove that is relatively free of crowds most of the time. It’s so small that during the high tides, the entire beach gets swallowed up by the sea. Therefore you’ll have to time it just right if you want to spend an afternoon enjoying a romantic picnic lunch surrounded by towering sea cliffs.  

Stonehole Bay Beach

Stonehole Bay Beach sits just a stone’s throw from Chaplin Bay, offering a great alternative Bermuda pink sand beach if the former is already occupied. It offers the same dramatic, rocky coastline as Chaplin Bay but purportedly has sand in an even deeper shade of pink. Visit both and compare them for yourself.  

Church Bay

For great snorkeling, head to Church Bay, a popular spot among the locals and a short walk from its eastern counterpart, Tobacco Bay. The town of St. Catherine’s separates the two. Church Bay is nestled among tall cliffs and is teeming with coral reefs. 

The calm cove offers an amazing up-close experience with a wide variety of marine life, including jellyfish at certain times of the year. Before getting in the water, check the current conditions at the nearby Church Bay Beach Rental shack, where you can rent snorkel gear and other non-motorized watersports equipment during the high season. 

Located on the western shores of Southhampton, Church Bay’s pink sand beach becomes all the more special as the sun sinks in the Caribbean. The fiery red tones of the final rays of light illuminate the sand for a spectacular show.

West Whale Bay

West Whale Bay is so named because it provides a direct view of migrating humpback whales from its shores during the months of March and April. When the tide is low, the water is shallow enough to wade out and check out the tidal pools that have formed on top of the rocks, and snorkelers can explore the coral reef far from the shore. 

West Whale Bay is usually quieter than other heavily tourist-populated pink sand beaches in Bermuda, particularly because it’s not the easiest beach to get to. To reach it, you’ll have to hike through a field and make your way through a maze of large rocks. Be sure to bring a flashlight so you can make your way back if you want to check it out at sunset. 

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