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A Bermuda Honeymoon Guide

The tropical, memorable island of Bermuda is a British island territory settled in the North Atlantic Ocean. Their iconic pink sand beaches have long drawn tourists from all over the world to the island. Bermuda is made up of 138 islands with bridges and causeways connecting the eight largest islands. Looking to visit beautiful Bermuda for your honeymoon? Here are a few things you should know while planning your getaway.

Bermuda is situated off the east coast of the United States, roughly 1100 miles north east of Miami, Florida and around 850 miles from North Carolina. Many first-time visitors are surprised to learn that Bermuda is a 90-minute non-stop flight from NYC, less than a 3-hour flight from most U.S. East Coast travel hubs.

The island is split up into three distinct regions, the West end, Central Bermuda and the East end of the island. Each part of the 22-mile island has something unique and picturesque to offer.

One of the best parts about traveling to Bermuda is that when you’re on the island, you feel thousands of miles away. But you’re actually close to home. It’s only a two-hour flight from most east coast cities. Short travel time to a removed, romantic location? Sounds great! The island’s location along with the breathtaking scenery, luxurious accommodations and adventurous activities makes Bermuda the perfect destination for your weekend getaway or honeymoon. 

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7 night all inclusive stay at elbow beach, bermuda

Spend 7 nights at a luxury resort, Elbow Beach Bermuda. This resort has 98 guestrooms dotted amidst 50 acres of landscaped gardens. Honeymooners can expect high class leisure facilities, proximity to Bermuda’s charming capital and a private pink sand beach.

Spend 6 nights at the Rosewood Bermuda. This resort is a flawless setting for life’s most relaxing moments. Honeymooners can expect to enjoy 240 acres of magnificent waterfront in Bermuda, be pampered with the utmost luxury and spend some great time in the sun.

bermuda ocean for honeymooners


Spend 7 nights at a luxury resort, Elbow Beach Bermuda. This resort has 98 guestrooms dotted amidst 50 acres of landscaped gardens. Honeymooners can expect high class leisure facilities, proximity to Bermuda’s charming capital and a private pink sand beach.

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10 Night Tahiti Package

Spend 8 days on a cruise of Bermuda from New York. Honeymooners can expect specialty restaurants without nominal cover charges, time on the beautiful open ocean, and plenty of relaxation. If you’re looking to escape to a tropical paradise and enjoy the water, this cruise is for you.

the coast of bermuda, clear waters with rocks, perfect for a honeymoon

When to visit Bermuda

 Experts say that March and April are the two best months of the year to visit Bermuda because it is cheaper, less crowded, and still warm. But if you’re looking for crowds, warmer water and a tan, peak months are between May and October.

What to do during your honeymoon

  • East end: The East end of the island is the historical section of the island. Here travelers can explore the historic town of St. George, which is full of architecture, history and culture.
    • Tobacco Bay Beach: Where travelers can snorkel, relax on the beach or spend an afternoon at a happy hour or beach bonfire. 
    • Tom Moore’s Jungle: Hike and explore the beautiful jungle
    • Crystal Caves: Head underground to explore some of the million-year-old crystal formations that are as breathtaking and beautiful as they sound
  • Central: Hamilton, the capital city can be found in Central Bermuda. The harbor town is well known for its restaurants, shopping, beaches gardens, and golf
    • Elbow Beach: These two famous beaches can be found on the central part of the island. Travelers can also kneeboard and kiteboard here
    • Summer street party: Every Wednesday from 7-10, Hamilton’s front street is closed off for dancing, dining and local artisans.
    • Bermuda Arboretum: Bermuda’s Arboretum is a great way to get some steps in. Their 22-acre preserve is filled with flowers, fields, jungle and unbelievable sights.
waterfall in Bermuda
  • West end: The most famous attraction on the West end is the Royal Naval Dockyards. Aside from that travelers can explore Horseshoe Bay Beach or do some whale watching.
    • Horseshoe Bay Beach: One of the world’s most instagrammed beaches. This is the perfect place for sunning, swimming and relaxing
    • Royal Naval Dockyards: Here travelers can explore the military history of the island with tours, gift shops and a museum
    • West Whale Bay Beach: While it may be one of Bermuda’s smallest beaches, it’s the perfect place to whale watch if you’re there in the spring

Where to stay during your honeymoon in Bermuda

Fairmont Southampton

This well rated, all-inclusive hotel has a private beach club along with a tennis and golf resort and a million different ways to kick back and relax.

honeymoon resort hotel room in bermuda

This is the perfect hotel for honeymooners and babymooners. The hotel offers what they call a Bermuda Moondance. It’s is a four-course dinner for two, prepared by the resort’s Executive chef on a secluded beach. The waters scenery, and a personal butler is what every couple dream about. 

The Reefs Resort & Club

This beautiful hotel is situated on a cliff along the ocean. The resort is close to the golf course and offer a private beach, an outdoor infinity pool and spa, a great dinner restaurant and beautiful ocean views

Pompano Beach Club

This luxurious four star resort is located on the west end of the island and offers travelers 3 restaurants 3 bars (including a pool bar) a spa, fitness center, tennis court and the opportunity to rent out water equipment. This resort is run by an American couple who keep their customers coming back by providing, ocean view dining, cliffside hot tubs and great water sports.  

Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort and Spa

This resort is located on 50 acres of beachfront property on famous Elbow Beach and offers great snorkeling, hiking, sunset walks on the pink sand beach and the option to rent out their private yacht. The swoon worthy sights and great service will ensure that every couple leaves the resort satisfied.

The Food in Bermuda

Looking for the perfect restaurant? You can probably find it on the island. Most local spots will offer a blend of English, Portuguese and seafood.

  • Marcus’ Bermuda: A scenic high-end restaurant on the island. Marcus’ makes sure to serve updated traditional food like short ribs, pork belly and a delicious array of seafood
  • Devil’s Isle: Looking for a coffee shop, bar and restaurant? You found it. Everything is made from scratch and they do it all well.
  • Tom Moore’s Tavern: The oldest eating spot on the island. The private home converted into a tavern has been a staple for about 100 years. They serve seafood and pasta and even have a vegan option.
  • Woody’s Sports Bar: is Bermuda’s take on bar food. This cool little dive offers fried fish, beer and is a popular hangout spot on nights and weekends.

With all its beauty, beaches and history, Bermuda may feel like another world. No matter what you want to do, what you want to eat, or what you want to see, you can probably find it in Bermuda. As long as you’re okay with dazzling beaches and relaxing sea sights, and first-class amenities, you won’t leave disappointed.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.