The Secret to Getting Free Drinks in Vegas

It’s no secret that you are able to get free drinks when you’re gambling in Las Vegas, but casinos are starting to slow the serving pace. This is because of people who camp out at slot machines and other gaming tables, taking their time in order to get as many free drinks as possible. Do … Read More

A serene beach with white sand, clear turquoise waters, and a clear blue sky, with scattered rocks near the shore and lush greenery in the background.

What’s the Best Pink Sand Beach in Bermuda?

If you love tropical islands, chances are you’ve seen photos of the spectacular pink sand beaches of Bermuda. The unique hue of that famous Bermuda pink sand beach is a result of the white sand mixing with bits of coral reef, seashells, and the red-colored single-celled organism Foraminifera which has been crushed to bits by … Read More

Tranquil beach scene with a clear blue sky, calm waters, a sandy shore, palm trees, and a pier extending into the sea.

12 Best Things to Do in Nassau, Bahamas

With powder-soft sandy beaches; crystal clear, warm water; all-inclusive resorts; and colorful Caribbean sunsets, it’s no wonder so many couples choose to honeymoon in The Bahamas or get married there.  Nassau is one of the top destinations in The Bahamas because of the island’s beaches, restaurants, museums, parks, nightlife, casinos, and other activities. Plus, some … Read More

Snow-covered landscape with a rustic house and pine trees, with mountains in the background on an overcast day.

Our Vista Verde Ranch Review of the Dreamy Colorado Ranch

*Thank you for having us Vista Verde! While our stay was complimentary, these are our genuine opinions. There is something special about Vista Verde Ranch that makes it, unlike any other experience I have had traveling. It was hard to pinpoint at first, but I think the reason became clear when at the end of … Read More

Tallahassee to Destin Road Trip in Florida: Top Spots to Stop

Florida is a delight for couples who love to take road trips. You can cruise through all sorts of interesting and beautiful sights in this scenic state, and each area offers something different. The northwestern section of Florida, known as the Panhandle due to its shape, curves along the Gulf of Mexico and includes the … Read More

Jamaica vs. The Bahamas: Which Island Should You Visit?

Two of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean are Jamaica and The Bahamas—for good reason. If you’re considering one of these two locations for your romantic getaway, this article will help you choose between them. Is The Bahamas better than Jamaica? Or is Jamaica better than The Bahamas? Both are beautiful Caribbean islands with … Read More

Chicago Skyline from the water

10 Romantic Chicago Hotels & Honeymoon Planning Tips

Thank you to Chevrolet, Museum Hack, Marriott, CityPASS, Chicago’s First Lady Cruises, and Bistronomic. While they provided us with complimentary experiences, these opinions are our own. If you are looking for a romantic getaway or honeymoon in a big city with plenty to do and explore, Chicago may fit the bill. The city is full … Read More

couple on top of Rockefeller Building

A January Weekend Getaway To NYC

Michelle and I love New York City and go as often as we can. After almost three years of not being able to make it to NYC, an opportunity for a quick weekend in January came up. I had no idea there were many benefits to going to New York in late January or early … Read More

Snow-covered landscape with trees, buildings, and mountains under a clear blue sky.

A Perfect Romantic Getaway To Park City

The first week in December we found ourselves in Utah. It was early in the ski season, so while we did not know how the snow would be, we decided to take a few days to spend in Park City and we are glad we did. In the three days before we got there, it … Read More

A person relaxing on a lounge chair on a wet wooden deck overlooking a lush forest on a rainy day.

Loma de Vida Spa Experience

Last weekend, one of the highlights of our stay at La Cantera Resort & Spa was our time spent at the Loma de Vida Spa. The first thing we noticed was that the spa feels separate from the rest of the resort while still being so close. Resort spas often feel like they are just … Read More