When are the Cheapest Times to Visit Sandals Resorts

After looking at the price tag at a Sandals Resort, you may be looking for a few ways to save money. After booking over 1000 Sandals vacations each year, we’ve seen some trends in the cheapest times to visit Sandals.

Dan and Michelle at Sandals Royal Barbados

1. Off-Peak Season: Mid-April to Mid-December

Like most Caribbean destinations, Sandals Resorts have peak and off-peak seasons. The period between mid-April to mid-December is generally considered the off-peak or “low” season for these resorts:

  • Post-Spring Break and Pre-Winter Holidays: Once the spring breakers have left and before the winter vacationers arrive, Sandals often has promotional rates.
  • Weather Consideration: The warmer and slightly more humid conditions during these months might deter some travelers, which can lead to fewer bookings and better deals for those willing to endure the heat.

2. Hurricane Season: June to November

Booking during the hurricane season can be a gamble, but it can also mean better discounts:

We visited several Sandals resorts during Hurricane season 2022, including during Hurricane Ian, and found that it minimally impacted our experience. There were a few days of heavy rain over the 6 weeks we were in the Caribbean, but it was usually only for a portion of the day. Also, we didn’t let the rain keep us from having fun; we still enjoyed the hot tubs and pools and even had a rain-soaked dance party with the help of the fabulous Sandals entertainment team.

Here’s a video we made about our experience at Sandals during hurricane season:

If you’re considering this option, investing in travel insurance that covers cancellations due to weather events is crucial. Sandals Resorts also often provide flexible rebooking policies during this period.

3. Take Advantage of Sandals Promotions and Deals

There are some deals that run year-round at Sandals.

  • 7-7-7 Deals: The Sandals 7-7-7 deal offers an additional 7% off the rack rate (for a total of 62% off) for 7 specific rooms and suites, but the deal is only up on the Sandals website for 7 days. The 7-7-7 deal is usually available, but the selection of resorts and rooms varies.
  • Last-Minute Deals: There are multiple last-minute deals at Sandals, which you can easily find on their website or by checking with a certified Sandals travel agent. You can read more about last minute deals at Sandals here.
  • Book Far in Advance: Sandals often offers great deals if you book far in advance of your trip. Plus, you can always snag a better deal if one comes along later and you haven’t paid in full.
  • Other Deals: No matter when you book, whether it’s at the last minute or not, Sandals Resorts always offers discounts. These include introductory discounts at new resorts, up to $1000 instant credit on certain bookings, up to 65% off the standard rate, airfare credits, a $25 credit for booking online, service personnel discounts, the above-mentioned Sandals 777 deal, and more.

4. Book at The Least Expensive Sandals Resorts

In general, Jamaica is home to some of the least expensive Sandals Resorts. Sandals Ochi is the largest Sandals resort, offering a wide variety of room types, including some lower-cost room options. This is a particularly great option if you’re coming with a group, so people can choose the price point they are most comfortable with. Sandals Negril and Sandals South Coast also offer more budget-friendly options.

Outside of Jamaica, another lower-cost resort is Sandals Grande Antigua. However, this resort is actively being renovated, so prices may increase in the future.

Sandals Grande St Lucian in Saint Lucia

When is the Most Expensive Time to Visit Sandals?

The most expensive time to visit a Sandals Resort is from mid-December to mid-April, which aligns with the major vacation periods and favorable weather conditions in the Caribbean. This is also the time when many people are looking to escape colder climates. Additionally, you might guess that Valentine’s day and honeymoon season are popular times to visit Sandals—late spring and early summer is peak wedding season, with honeymoons following shortly after.

Final Thoughts

One thing we love about Sandals Resorts is that they are truly all-inclusive. So while you are paying for it upfront, there aren’t surprise costs down the line. You can read more about all that is included in your Sandals Stay here.

A stay at Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean is an indulgent experience, but it doesn’t always have to come with a luxury price tag. By being strategic about when you book, keeping an eye out for promotions, and choosing your resort location wisely, you can enjoy the all-inclusive luxury of Sandals without stretching your budget. Happy traveling!

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