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Are Sandals Resorts Couples-Only? or Evolving to be Adult-Only?

Sandals Resorts, a chain of all-inclusive resorts located in the Caribbean, has long been recognized for its focus on providing romantic, luxury getaways for couples. Traditionally marketed as a couples-only destination, Sandals has been synonymous with honeymoons, anniversaries, and romantic retreats. However, recent shifts in the resort’s branding and marketing suggest a subtle movement away from an exclusively couples-oriented approach, pivoting towards a broader adult-only message.

The Traditional Couples-Only Image

For years, Sandals’ marketing campaigns and resort amenities have been tailored to meet the needs and expectations of couples seeking a romantic escape. The design of their rooms and suites, with king-size beds and intimate settings, reflects this focus. The resorts’ activities, dining experiences, and overall ambiance have been meticulously crafted to create an environment of romance and privacy, ideal for couples.

Transitioning to Adult-Only Messaging

Recently, Sandals Resorts seems to be redefining its target audience, or at least broadening it. The adult-only messaging encompasses not just couples but also friends, solo travelers, and groups looking for a luxurious getaway without the presence of children. This shift likely reflects changing market dynamics and a recognition of the diverse needs and preferences of adults traveling for leisure.

Accommodation: A Challenge in Transition

Despite this shift in marketing strategy, the physical infrastructure of Sandals Resorts still heavily caters to couples. One significant aspect of this is the room and suite configurations. Unlike many resorts that offer a variety of room types, including those with two beds to accommodate friends or family members traveling together, Sandals primarily offers rooms with one king-size bed. This layout inherently favors couples and can be a limitation for those traveling in non-romantic pairings.

To address this, Sandals offers the option of a rollaway bed, allowing for some flexibility, but these beds are requested not guaranteed. It suggests that while Sandals is adjusting its marketing strategy, the physical aspects of its resorts are still deeply rooted in a couples-centric design.


Overall, if you find yourself going to Sandals Resort to attend a wedding and not as a couple, no one will mind and you will be welcomed. Sandals is moving towards an adult-only approach, but will take time and investment to embrace the groups that are already starting to choose Sandals like Bachelorette parties, corporate getaways, multigenerational family trips, and group friend trips.