Where Is the Safest Sandals Resort?

Sandals resorts are popular with couples thanks to their luxury all-inclusive packages, beautiful locations, and commitment to delivering the best possible service. With adults-only all-inclusive resorts located all over the Caribbean, you might be wondering where the safest Sandals resort is. 

The quick answer is that all Sandals resorts are incredibly safe. The only thing guests at Sandals need to worry about is waking up early enough to snag a lounge chair around the pool. 

In this article, we’ll explain how Sandals keeps their properties secure, plus give you a few tips for staying safe on the island when you head off-site to explore. 

How Does Sandals Keep Their Resorts Safe?

Sandals resorts have multiple safety measures in place that are routinely re-evaluated to ensure their properties are completely secure for guests. In addition, all Sandals resorts are built in safe areas. Many resorts are in gated communities or centrally located in towns that experience a lot of tourist traffic. The few Sandals resorts in more secluded, remote locations have security measures that are just as stringent. 

Sandals security practices include a design that incorporates walls around the property, carbon monoxide detectors in every room, and high-tech security equipment at every entrance and exit. There are also guards patrolling the resort and beach day and night as well as 24-hour video surveillance. 

Sandals resort staff undergo thorough screening and background checks and must comply with a strict code of conduct that forbids any questionable behavior both on and off the grounds. Fraternization with guests is prohibited, and the resort has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of misconduct. Thorough and ongoing safety training is provided to all staff members by Sandals. 

Sandals resorts are also committed to working with local law enforcement and 3rd party security providers, diligently monitoring local situations for any threats to the safety of their guests. Law enforcement officials routinely visit all Sandals locations to properly evaluate the effectiveness of current security measures. 

Off-property excursions are arranged through Sandals concierge services. With Sandals Resorts’ exclusive partnerships with local and accredited tour providers, you’ll be assured of both a safe and affordable outing.

Finally, Sandals’ Protocol of Cleanliness ensures a high standard of hygiene that helps prevent any cross-contamination that can lead to the spread of diseases like COVID-19. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of rooms and suites, with special care paid to high-touch surfaces, happens on a daily basis. Mask mandates are in place for resort staff, who also adhere to daily wellness checks before they begin working. 

Additionally, online check-ins and a reduction of passengers in airport transfer vehicles are in place to reduce the number of guests gathered in enclosed spaces. Private villas and premium suites, which are a Sandals specialty, provide even more privacy and seclusion from other guests, further limiting the spread of germs. 

If you do happen to contract COVID-19, Sandals Vacation Assurance provides conveniences like pre-departure COVID tests, air credits, vacation replacements and quarantine arrangements if you need them.  

Where Is the Safest Sandals Resort? 

The truth is that all Sandals resorts are among the safest resort destinations in the world, and no location is less so than any other. All properties hold the comfort and safety of guests to the highest priority and adhere to the same security and safety measures. 

Sandals resorts are located on seven different Caribbean islands, and although these can have varying levels of security, they are all among the safest. Barbados is especially known for its safety, and it has two Sandals resorts: Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados.

Although there is no one safest Sandals resort, some properties are more popular and have higher ratings than others. Depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for, some Sandals resorts might be a better fit for you. 

Sandals Grenada, Sandals Royal Plantation, and Sandals Grand St. Lucian are the most popular, highest-ranking Sandals resorts. Reviews from previous guests name outstanding customer service, beautiful location, range of dining options, and high-end amenities as the most appealing features. 

Most Sandals resorts are in tourist-heavy destinations and centrally located among other all-inclusive resorts, which adds even more to the sense of security guests experience at Sandals. 

However, there are a few in more secluded, remote locations, perfect for a couples’ getaway or the ultimate romantic all-inclusive honeymoon. They are Sandals Royal Curacao, Sandals Emerald Bay, Sandals Halcyon Beach, and Sandals South Coast. You can rest assured that Sandals’ quieter, more remote properties are just as safe as those built in larger cities and towns. 

Staying Safe on Vacation: Tips for Island Safety

Despite the fact that Sandals resorts are safe and are located in secure areas, there is always the possibility of issues outside the resort. Offenses ranging from petty crimes like theft or pickpocketing to more menacing acts like harassment or assault can occur anywhere, including your home country. It’s important to stay vigilant and take precautions in order to avoid unnecessary risks. 

When you do leave the resort, let staff make transportation arrangements for you. Most resorts have trusted taxi drivers or car services that they rely on to safely transport their guests when they venture off-site. Let someone know where you’re going and if they advise against it, listen to them. 

Fortunately, all Sandals reservations include complimentary airport transfers, so you won’t need to book transportation to and from the resort.

Keep your belongings close to you at all times. Avoid big purses or bags that can quickly be snatched from the street or reached into without you noticing, and wear the strap across your body instead of over your shoulder.  

Carry only a limited amount of cash and, if you can, divide it up and carry it in two places. You might even consider using a decoy wallet with just a $20 bill in it. It’s also a good idea to avoid bringing your passport off-site with you if you don’t need it, and keep at least one credit card locked in your room safe at all times. 

Travel in pairs or groups and avoid unfamiliar neighborhoods, especially at night. Take a taxi instead of walking at night, even in busy areas. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any place for any reason, leave right away. 

It also never hurts to learn a few key phrases in the local language and buy a local SIM card for your phone. You can save or program local emergency contact numbers, the phone number for the resort front desk, or even your driver’s phone number beforehand. 

Fortunately, if you don’t want to leave a Sandals resort, you don’t have to! All Sandals locations come with an amazing all-inclusive package offering unlimited dining and drinks at a huge variety of restaurants and bars; exciting activities and entertainment like watersports, land activities, and live shows; and access to incredible amenities like beautiful beaches, refreshing swimming pools, fitness centers, and spas.

Have we answered all your questions about the safest Sandals resort and how to stay secure on vacation? If not, let us know in the comments. And if you’re ready to plan your Sandals honeymoon or romantic vacation, we have plenty of articles that can help. You can also talk to one of our trusted Sandals travel agents.

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