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Top 10 Romantic Date Ideas To Try In Toronto

#1. Enjoy Toronto’s Harbourfront

Some of the coolest date ideas, in my opinion, always have an element of dance or music involved. This is also one of my favorite free things to do in Toronto. Start with a romantic walk along the harbourfront boardwalk enjoying the cool air from the lake during the summer. At the end of the boardwalk at Harbourfront Centre, enjoy a free concert by local artists at Toronto’s at the concert stage. Free music events are held mostly on Friday and Saturday evenings. So, check the schedule on Harbourfront Centre’s website before you leave. If you plan your date carefully, you may also be able to take part in a free dance lesson with your partner at the Dancing On The Pier event.

#2. Camping Under The Stars

This date idea is inspired by the movie – The F Word starring Daniel Radcliffe. Spoiler alert – In this movie, the leading couple spend a night at the Scarborough Bluffs Beach where they go skinny dipping at night. Unfortunately, this romantic date is brought to an end when their clothes are stolen by their naughty friends. Though it didn’t end too well for the couple, it is actually a great date idea. Take a barbeque and a tent along with some warm blankets to cuddle up in. Spend the day barbecuing by the stunning beach and camp in Bluffer’s Park and enjoy a night under the stars.

#3. Explore Toronto Islands

This is a weekend date idea. Take your date to the Toronto Islands but instead of boarding the overcrowded ferry, choose a more private option – a water taxi for just the two of you. A water taxi can be boarded from the waterfront at Yonge Street. Once on the islands, you can explore the island by a bike/ boat. Renting out a bike is a popular option to check out the island. However, a more intimate option is a to rent out a boat. You can explore parts of the islands which are generally not accessible by the public.

#4. Try An Escape Room Together

This is for the adventurous and fun-loving couple out there. Show off your smarts and have fun trying to escape a locked room by solving puzzles together. There are a lot of escape room options in Toronto. The most intriguing one is set in Casa Loma where there are World-war II themed rooms set in the grandeur of the Castle.

#5. Sail To Niagara For A Wine Tour

This luxury date option, can be arranged by booking a tour with Gone Sailing Adventures , a company that arranges private sail tours. The tour starts off in the morning with a breakfast followed by lunch in the afternoon on an open deck in a private yacht as you sail to Port Dalhousie from Toronto. From there, you connect with your winery host and spend the afternoon sampling the best wines in the Niagara region. The date ends in luxury as well as you return home to Toronto in a chauffeured limousine. This date is sure to impress.

#6. Dinner Cruise On The Lake

If you like the idea of a dinner/ lunch date on the lake as mentioned above but don’t have the budget for it, you can go for a Dinner/ Lunch cruise instead. Mariposa Cruises conducts lunch and dinner cruises where you spend 3 hours cruising and savoring the delicious buffet on board. You can impress your date by reserving your seats with the best view of Toronto Skyline.

#7. Enjoy the VIP IMAX experience

A movie and dinner is everyone’s typical go-to when it comes to a dates. However, you can pimp up this ordinary date idea in several ways. You can choose to go to a VIP IMAX experience where the wide seats are luxurious and comfortable. In the VIP experience, you can also order food and alcohol from your seat, before the show, and enjoy it during the movie. Another idea is to watch a movie in the park. Several parks across the city screen movies during the summer. Take a blanket and some sandwiches with you to make the night special.

#8. Share Some Laughs At A Comedy Club

Nothing brings you closer than sharing a laugh together. Take your date out to a one of the many comedy clubs in Toronto. There are several good ones to choose from. Comedy theatres like the The Second City and Absolute Comedy also offer an option of dinner plus show.

#9. Take A Romantic Helicopter Tour

Experience a date straight out of a Bachelor episode. Take a romantic and private helicopter tour with your date and enjoy the views of Toronto skyline and the lake from the window of your helicopter. There are several companies in Toronto that offer such tours. However, these tours are quite short ranging from 7 minutes to 15 minutes long. So, it’s better to pair it with some other activity like a dinner as well.

#10. Take A Weekend Trip To Niagara Falls

I already talked about exploring the wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake. However, Niagara Falls itself, which is just two hours away from Toronto, is also a very romantic place to visit. Sure, it can get very touristy in the summer. However, when you are on the Maid Of The Mist with your beloved, in the midst of the most beautiful falls in the world, you are sure to fall in love.

Author Bio: Pari is a Ph.D. graduate who quit her job as a college professor to pursue her true passion – travel. Now, she writes a travel blog focused on travel destinations, food and fashion around the world.