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Top 5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona Spain is one of the most popular and romantic cities to visit in Spain. and even Europe. With its fantastic dining and beautiful scenery, it’s easy to see why so many people fall in love with this city. Here are my top 5 reasons to visit Barcelona.

It has the most beautiful landscape and architecture you will ever see

There is no place quite like Barcelona, where you can have both the feel of a large city and the breathtaking views of the seaside, palm trees, and far stretching coastline.

One special architectural find is the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, a gothic Spanish style church built in 1882 by Antoni Gaudi. Its alluring architecture will leave you fascinated that such a site could be found in the heart of the city. There are also many colorful and artistic buildings surrounding all of Barcelona.

Architecture not really your thing? Try taking in the sights and scenery at Nova Icaria beach. This beach can be found within walking distance of the Olympic marina and observatory and within a short distance to downtown. For being so close to the city this beach is surprisingly quiet and has plenty of shops nearby with tons of water sports activities to choose from.

Great Dining

You will never go hungry or thirsty when visiting Barcelona. They have some of the best places for drinks and Tapas. While visiting the city I highly recommend going to Cerveceria Catalana to fulfil your dining needs. Their menu has a convenient section of Tapas to choose from in English, making it easy to choose the perfect dish. You can choose from several different Tapas styles small plates at only a few euros apiece, making their pricing very reasonable.

They also have the best red wine sangria that I have ever tasted! I am not ashamed to admit that it was so good I walked almost six miles just to get that refreshingly fruity beverage for a second time while visiting the city.

The People

I can’t say just how fantastic it is to visit a city where if you don’t really speak the language it’s not a huge issue. I was nervous about this when I first arrived, only to be pleasantly surprised by how nice and friendly the people are. Everyone you meet will greet you with a smile and friendly disposition. It is this type of hospitality that will make you feel right at home. All the people we interacted with from the hotel staff to the cab driver taking us downtown were extremely helpful and polite.

Romantic nightlife

Looking for something more romantic from Barcelona’s nightlife? Consider taking a Pedrera night tour. These guided evening tours take you to Casa Mila. A building that was also constructed by Antoni Gaudi, and completed in the early 1900’s.

It was given the nickname La Pedrera or “stone quarry” in Spanish, due to its shape. With these tours, you can take in the sights of this visually enchanting building. These tours let you enjoy the beauty of the city while keeping group sizes small and intimate. Much of the apartments stay frozen in time giving you the unique opportunity to appreciate its original aesthetics.

The structure stays lit up at night and gently plays music in the background while you circle the Pedrera. You can even enjoy your nighttime stroll while sipping on some cava and listening to your tour guide. Or finish up your evening by enjoying a delicious dinner at the café.


Already spending more than you bargained for on a wedding? Planning a honeymoon destination can be a financially draining situation, depending on your budget, but luckily Barcelona is a very affordable travel destination for a few reasons.

First look at the cost for airline tickets. Most tickets are reasonably priced with many flights to choose from. Flights typically range anywhere from the mid $200’s to upwards of $1,500 per ticket, depending on when and where you are flying from.

Next, is the luxurious hotel accommodations. I would recommend two, the Hotel Ragina and the Hotel Miramar. The Hotel Ragina sits right in the center of the city with breathtaking balcony views of downtown. The rooms are modernly updated and very spacious. The hotel staff was helpful and accommodating.

Great complimentary breakfast with the food served fresh but portions light and not too heavy. Pricing ranges anywhere between mid-$100 and upwards of $300 depending on your length of stay and room size. The Hotel Miramar sits on the top of a hill overlooking the city. Each room has a terrace perfect for enjoying meals or drinks. The rooms are light and airy with contemporary furnishings. Prices range between $220-$450 a night.

So, whether you are looking for eye-pleasing sites, great dining options, friendly local people or a romantic getaway that won’t bust your budget. Barcelona has a little bit of everything you will need in a honeymoon and more. Don’t waste time daydreaming that your perfect honeymoon getaway is out of your reach, start planning today and create your perfect trip.

About the Author:
Hi! I’m Jill Kramer an aspiring travel copywriter and blogger, I live in Raleigh, NC with my Husband Dan and my dog Maxx. I love to travel and enjoy sharing my journeys with others through writing.