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Honeyfund Review 2023

A honeymoon fund is a wonderful way for your friends and family to be part of one of the most meaningful trips you’ll ever take. It’s a way for them to gift you experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime.

One such service is Honeyfund.com, which was set up specifically to make it easier for couples to ask for money for wedding gifts. In this article we will give a complete Honeyfund review, including answers to questions like “how does Honeyfund work?” and “does Honeyfund charge a fee?”

What Is Honeyfund?

Honeyfund is an online honeymoon registry service that allows a couple’s friends and family to give monetary gifts for their honeymoon. In operation since 2006, it appeared on Shark Tank and has processed almost a billion dollars in honeymoon gifts.

You can also use Honeyfund as your wedding website, with the ability to add wedding and reception details and an online guestbook.

The site also features wedding planning advice, a wedding vendor directory, and travel information including destination guides, a resort directory, and discounted deals.

How Does Honeyfund Work?

Couples have several options when setting up their Honeyfund pages. You can create a personal wishlist of expenses for your honeymoon, or just request open-ended cash gifts. You share your Honeyfund page with family and friends via a QR code, email, wedding website, and social media.

For the wishlist, you would post things on your honeymoon that people can help pay for, like accommodations, flights, activities, drinks, meals, equipment, and more. In this way, your friends and family can gift you experiences like sunset sails or help cover the cost of getting to your destination.

You can create your custom list from scratch, or you can browse options on the website and add them to your page with a simple click. They have “starter registries” available for all sorts of popular honeymoon destinations like Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bali.

You can also request gift cards. The Honeyfund gift card registry lists more than 200 brands, and there are no associated fees. If you want to register for something that isn’t for your honeymoon, you can add that to your page as well.

You can sync your Honeyfund account with store registries, and they also have a partnership with Target.

How Much Does Honeyfund Take?

According to Honeyfund, fees are not charged to gift-givers, and you only pay a fee on cash gifts that are deposited into your bank account or PayPal account. If you want to receive gift cards, those are free. What percentage does the Honeyfund take? The percentage for funds deposited into a bank account is 3.5%, and for PayPal it’s 2.6%.

However, with the launch of Honeyfund Wallet in January 2023, couples have a new option that doesn’t charge any fees for gifts received via gift cards, Paypal, or Venmo. The Honeyfund website states: “The Honeyfund Wallet is a digital gift card balance inside your Honeyfund account that can be redeemed in a variety of ways including nearly 200 digital gift card brands – and by request to a PayPal or Venmo account. The Wallet funds never expire and you’ll never be charged a fee to receive funds to your Wallet. Fee-free redemption from Wallet funds to PayPal and Venmo is available as a limited-time offer. Offer available only to US residents and subject to change at any time. Handling fees may apply for physical gift cards. Use of the Honeyfund Wallet is subject to Honeyfund Gift Card Terms.”

How Do I Get My Money from Honeyfund?

In order to receive your gifts, you select the method in which you want the funds processed—into your bank, Paypal, or Venmo account, or via gift cards. Once you request them via the Redeem button, the funds should be processed automatically. The Honeyfund site says that users should receive funds immediately, but some Honeyfund review complaints have said it can take weeks.

Honeyfund Reviews from Users

Honeyfund reviews on Reddit are mostly positive. The general consensus is that using Honeyfund is not “tacky,” but is rather practical—especially for couples who are living together and already have plenty of household items.

However, the handful of Honeyfund reviews on TrustPilot are almost all negative, with a rating of 2.2. The main Honeyfund review complaints were that they had difficulty in withdrawing their funds, saying that processing times ranged from multiple days to several weeks. Another issue was gifts not appearing in accounts.

Multiple people said they had a hard time resolving their problem, as customer service was not very responsive to emails and there isn’t a phone number to call. There are quite a few similar Honeyfund complaints on the Better Business Bureau website.

Is Honeyfund Safe?

Yes. The website’s technology is PCI compliant and keeps user information secure, so it’s safe to use for both gift-givers and recipients.

Can You Use Honeyfund for Other Things?

Yes, you can. Couples can set up a Honeyfund page for anything they are saving for, such as a home downpayment or a big move. Other ideas on the site include a year of housekeeping, future babysitting costs, and gift certificates for fun activities for the couple to do together.

Honeyfund Pros and Cons

Honeyfund is a convenient way to request and receive money for your honeymoon. It’s free to set up an account, and you can create unique lists so family and friends feel like they’re helping you achieve your dream trip.

However, while the answer to “Is Honeyfund legit?” is yes, there have been reports of couples having trouble receiving their funds. There seem to be some customer service issues.

Also, some stated that they found the site confusing and hard to use.

After reading our Honeyfund review, what do you think? Are you planning to use it? Do you know someone who has? Let us know in the comments!