Average Honeymoon Length in 2023

If you’re getting married, chances are you’re also planning a honeymoon. You might wonder, how long should honeymoons be? What is the average honeymoon length?

In this article we’ll answer those questions, so read on!

How long is the average honeymoon? For most couples (more than 80 percent), the average honeymoon is around 7 days. Couples who plan to travel overseas will usually add a few days, for a total average honeymoon length of 9-10 days. Some lucky couples have honeymoons that last 2 weeks or longer, while others take shorter breaks like 3-5 days.

How long should honeymoons be? As long as you want them to be! Seriously, your honeymoon length is totally up to you, and is just a function of how much time you can take and what your budget is.

You will want to discuss your honeymoon length with your future spouse and make sure you’re on the same page about how long you’d like the trip to last. Also, consider the destination and what activities are available. While a month on a tropical island can sound fabulous, the reality might not be so great.

You’ll also want to think about how long it usually takes you to get into vacation mode on a trip. If you don’t tend to relax until the third day, a 5-night honeymoon won’t feel like much of a break. Make sure you have enough time to truly unwind and get rid of all that wedding-related stress.

How Honeymoon Trends Are Affecting Average Honeymoon Length

In the post-pandemic world, there have been definite changes affecting honeymoons. One of the recent honeymoon trends has been that couples are planning longer honeymoons, with an average stay of 10-20 days.

If you want to take a longer honeymoon but aren’t sure you can afford it, try planning your trip for the shoulder season. Prices will be lower at that time, so you can stay more nights.

Another way to afford the honeymoon of your dreams is with a honeymoon fund! You can learn all about this special type of wedding gift registry here.

Couple in Maldives

Mega-Moons and Duo-Moons

A longer honeymoon length often coincides with the “mega-moon” trend, of turning a honeymoon into the trip of a lifetime by going to bucket list destinations.

Since those types of destinations are often exotic, far-off places like Dubai or the Maldives, it can take a lot longer to get there than your usual 3-hour flight to a Caribbean island. It doesn’t make much sense to only go for a week if you have to spend two of those days traveling, so couples who are headed far away will often add several nights.

Something to consider if you’re planning a long trip for your honeymoon is that you will likely experience jet lag, both on the way there and on the way home. You may want to add a day or two on each end of your trip in order to give yourself time to recover.

Another honeymoon trend that is affecting the average honeymoon length is that of “duo-moons.” This is when a couple will take a short break, or mini-moon, right after the wedding, then a longer trip later.

Especially when the couple is planning a mega-moon, having a duo-moon gives them more time to plan and save for their main honeymoon. For example, a duo-moon could be taking a long weekend minimoon at a nearby beach, then heading off to a honeymoon in Africa the following year to go on safari. Mini-moons usually last between one and four nights, making them an affordable trip that is easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Extended Honeymoons

And then there’s the honeymoon that keeps going, a trend that we personally champion (#honeymoonalways)! One benefit of the last few years has been the increase in remote work, allowing many people to work from anywhere with a good internet connection. This has given rise to another honeymoon trend, the extended honeymoon.

Instead of a short-term vacation, couples are opting to spend months or even years traveling. Some choose the nomadic lifestyle, essentially taking a never-ending honeymoon.

Now that you’ve read all about the average honeymoon length, how long will yours be? Let us know in the comments!

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