Uniworld Reviews: What To Expect During Your River Cruising

If you’ve ever taken an interest in going on a river cruise, one of the standout providers may have been Uniworld. Offering boutique river cruises across a huge range of destinations, Uniworld boasts outstanding service and a luxury experience for all its guests.

With 18 gorgeous river cruise ships, each built to blend seamlessly with the region they travel to, and a selection of great itineraries across a range of amazing destinations worldwide, Uniworld River Cruises is a major operator within the river cruising industry. Founded in 1976, this California-based cruise company has a strong presence not only in North America but for those who enjoy cruising all around the globe. They have a strong customer base and strive to provide new and exciting cruises to their long-time customers.

Whether you’re new to river cruising, or just checking out Uniworld as an option for a future river cruise, you may be wondering what to expect when traveling with them. To help you out, we’ve done the legwork for you, researching forums, review boards, and various cruise websites to bring you everything people love (and some of the things they don’t) about traveling with Uniworld, so you can get all the information you need before you book that dream getaway.

Uniworld River Cruises Cost

Whilst at first blush, Uniworld cruises seem to be quite pricey, they’re actually very good value.

Uniworld cruises are all-inclusive and cost, on average, somewhere between $2000 and $4000 per person, depending on the length of the cruise, the itinerary, and the time of year you plan on traveling. Having everything included for this price actually makes them excellent value as a provider of boutique luxury cruises, as can they include everything from flights to overseas transfers to personal butler service, alongside unlimited premium beverages and inclusion of all gratuities, three splendid meals a day and even Uniworld exclusive personalized excursions.

If you’re looking to keep costs low, however, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. Holiday and themed cruises, for example, tend to be a bit pricier than a standard river cruise. So if you’re not set on going on a themed river cruise, it’s much better to keep costs low by going on a standard Uniworld River Cruise.

Uniworld Cruise Experience

Uniworld ships and itineraries are designed to truly blend in with the rivers they are designed for. From stunning French interiors aboard the S.S. Joie de Vivre which cruises the stunning rivers of France, to the iconic hand-painted murals aboard the Ganges Voyager II which cruises through India.

There’s a great range of activities and entertainment options available onboard, as well as a great range of dining options to enjoy.

Uniworld is a great option if you’re planning on staying a little longer in a certain city either before your cruise commences, or at the end of your trip. This is because the company allows you to truly make the most of your getaway by offering guests the option to extend their getaway by adding accommodation for a few extra days in a variety of amazing historic cities all across the world.

Be sure to adhere to the onboard dress code in all areas of the ship.

Uniworld Cruise Food & Drink Review

As Uniworld fares are all-inclusive, guests can enjoy a great range of food and drink options aboard their ship at no extra cost! Uniworld offers unlimited drinks including fine regional beers and wines, as well as handcrafted cocktails made with premium spirits.

Another great feature aboard Uniworld is that menus are inspired by the region you’re visiting and prepared with local ingredients. Although menus are pre-planned to match up with the destinations, they can still be adapted to suit dietary requirements or preferences, so long as you provide enough notice before sailing. 

Uniworld Cruise Entertainment & Onboard Activities

Since river cruises only travel short distances between destinations, guests typically spend most of their time on land exploring, eating on board, or sleeping, so there isn’t much need for onboard activities. That said, there’s a great selection of onboard libraries and lounges across the fleet, where guests can relax with a good book or chat with fellow guests on the journeys between destinations.

After arriving at a new destination, guess can enjoy guided walking tours, try some local cuisine, or visit local landmarks.

If you’re planning on traveling with Uniworld, you may be pleased to know that you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy exclusive access to a range of museums and popular landmarks without the regular tourist crowds, thanks to their after-hours tours. There’s also a great variety of fun nights out to be had in the cities boasting great nightlife scenes, such as Prague and Amsterdam, which are pre-planned by the company to ensure everyone has a great time whilst staying safe.

Whilst Uniworld only offers river cruises, most of which are more tailored towards the enjoyment of adults, both young and old, Uniworld also offers a variety of family cruises, which place emphasis on catering to a great getaway filled with family fun. With the family-friendly cruises, you can enjoy movie nights, game rooms, complimentary bike hire for use on land, and even kids menus at the dinner tables.

Family cruises also offer onboard cultural activities aimed at young cruisers and teenagers, such as classes where they can learn to cook dishes or learn the language of the local region they are traveling in.

What Guests Liked Most About Cruising With Uniworld

Reviews for Uniworld are generally very good, with an overall rating of 4.3 / 5 on CruiseCritic. 

Guests generally enjoyed experiencing regions fully and surrounding themselves with like-minded people on their vacation. Many reviewers stated that their experience traveling with Uniworld was fabulous and amazing and that the guided tours taken with Uniworld whilst on-shore were fun, relaxed, and informative.

Guests commented on how attentive the staff were, with fast, friendly, and professional service from both the wait staff and the bar staff.

What Guests Didn’t Like About Cruising With Uniworld

As most of the reviews for Uniworld are very good, there are only a few issues that seem to be a common theme with guests.

A lot of guests were unhappy with how much travel time was done onboard a bus, be this to and from activities and excursions, or even to meet the boat at a port if the ship was delayed.

Some guests also complained of large groups onboard dominating the limited spaces on the excursions, however, this is not a common issue.

Still thinking of booking a cruise with Uniworld? Talk to one of our trusted river cruise agents to plan your perfect trip!

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