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Uniworld River Cruises Dress Code

Uniworld River Cruises are a great choice for anyone looking for an exciting cultural getaway or honeymoon. They provide river tours all across the globe, with trips in Egypt, Peru, India, Asia, and Europe, among other places.

If you’re interested in going on one, you’re probably wondering, what is the dress code for Uniworld River Cruises? In this article, we’ll tell you all about it so you know what to pack for your Uniworld river cruise and be sure you’re dressed appropriately, both for the onboard events and the weather.

Uniworld River Cruises Dress Code Onboard

While onboard a Uniworld ship, you’re asked to dress in smart casual daytime wear, but for evenings you’ll want to dress up slightly. Resort-type wear is great for dinner, but shorts are not permitted. However, nicer jeans are OK.

There are some onboard events on some itineraries that will require a slightly more formal dress style, such as sports jackets, blazers, and cocktail dresses. You’ll certainly want to look your best for the Captain’s Welcome and Farewell events!

Check to see if there is a pool and/or a fitness facility on your ship. If so, you’ll want to bring a bathing suit and coverup, plus workout gear if you plan to exercise.

Uniworld River Cruises Dress Code in Europe

Uniworld’s European itineraries cruise through many different destinations. This, coupled with how varied the weather in Europe can be across the seasons, can make choosing what clothes to bring with you a mammoth task. To help, we’ll let you in on a little tip: Layers!

Layering your clothing allows you to easily adjust when the temperatures change from warm daytime temperatures to chilly evenings. You’ll want to make sure you can add or shed layers quickly and conveniently, should you be on land. Start with lightweight tops and bottoms and bring an outer layer like a cardigan or scarf.

Comfortable, smart casual, and even sportswear are all appropriate both onboard the ship and while onshore during Europe cruises. Think walking shorts, slacks, and everyday dresses. 

If you’re visiting during early spring or late fall, you will need to dress a little warmer. Bring sweatshirts, thick tops, and jackets. 

The tours in Europe will require a lot of walking. Be sure to bring along some sturdy and comfortable walking shoes with good ankle support, or comfortable sandals if you’re visiting during summer. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen too.

Uniworld River Cruises Dress Code in Exotic Destinations

Uniworld also offers itineraries to a variety of exotic destinations, which are very different from their Europe river cruises. 

Generally speaking, these destinations have warmer temperatures year-round, so more casual clothing is acceptable due to the warmer weather they experience. Again, layers are a great choice, just in case the weather drops cold or it begins to rain. Think light shirts, cardigans, pullovers, skirts, dresses, slacks, and walking shorts. And don’t forget a sun hat!

The weather can vary widely depending on the season in which you’re traveling and the regions included in your itinerary, so be sure to pack a variety of layers, as well as a windbreaker or waterproof jacket.

Like with European destinations, there will be a significant amount of walking onshore, so bring a good pair of comfortable walking shoes with you.

Some excursions and tours include visits to temples and other holy sites. You should ensure that your shoulders and knees are covered when visiting these places to remain respectful of their religious customs.

Uniworld River Cruises Dress Code in Egypt

Egypt experiences warm weather year-round. You’ll want to pack casual and cool attire for both daytime and evenings. 

Cocktail dresses and sports jackets are not needed for this itinerary. However, there is an onboard Gala Reception, so you’ll want to bring at least one smart-casual outfit for that. Footwear should be worn at all times in the dining room.

This itinerary also offers an extension to Jordan. The weather there can be quite different; during the winter months, temperatures can drop below freezing at night. Be sure to pack an extra set of warm clothes if you’re taking this trip.

Uniworld River Cruises Dress Code in India, Vietnam, and Cambodia

These destinations in Asia are all typically quite warm. Pack a variety of light clothing with layers, such as light shirts, shorts, slacks, and dresses. When visiting India, you’ll want to dress a little more modestly. Avoid tank tops, mini skirts, and very short shorts.

During the evenings, casual and cool attire is acceptable, and it’s important to note that guests should wear footwear at all times in the dining room. There is no need for cocktail dresses or sports jackets during this itinerary, but feel free to dress up a little for the evening meals if you wish.

Uniworld River Cruises Dress Code in Peru

As with the others on this list, comfortable walking shoes and lightweight clothing are must-haves for itineraries here. That said, Peru is both warm and prone to rainfall, so you’ll want your lightweight clothing to be quick drying. Be sure to bring rain gear with you too!

If you’re planning on a jungle excursion you’ll need to be dressed appropriately for this. While you want to stay cool, you’ll also need your clothing to be protective. Think long pants, rain gear, long-sleeved tops, wide-brimmed hats, and extra socks. Bring a bathing suit as well.

Did our article give you all you need to know about packing for Uniworld river cruises? If not, let us know in the comments. And if you’re interested in booking one, check out our articles Uniworld vs. Viking, Uniworld vs. Avalon, Uniworld vs. Tauck, Uniworld vs. AmaWaterways, and What Is the Uniworld Cancellation Policy? Or, get in touch with a river cruise specialist to help you plan!