Tablet Hotels Review: VIP At No Additional Cost

We have stayed in several hotels booked through tablet hotels and love the experience. If you become a plus member or book with a travel agent that is a plus member, you get additional perks without any additional cost.

What really sets Tablet Hotels apart is the customer service. When we had an issue with a hotel, they were able to make the situation right.

What is ‘Tablet Hotels’?

Tablet is the official hotel selection of their legendary MICHELIN Guide. They have curated the most unique, exciting, and top-tier hotels, all across the globe with an aim is to ensure you can find the perfect hotel or resort to truly make your vacation one to remember, and book it with ease.

What is a Tablet Plus membership?

Where Table Hotels really makes a difference is the Tablet Plus annual membership (priced at $99 per year). It allows members to access a great range of deals and upgrades. 

If you’re an avid traveler (vacationing twice per year, or more) then this membership may be very beneficial to you.

As a Tablet Plus member, you can enjoy exclusive discounts, VIP upgrades, and amenities at a variety of participating properties (such as valet parking, complimentary breakfasts, airport transfers, and many others), credit to spend on bookings, and a great selection of bespoke hotels.

A great thing about being a Tablet Plus member is that you can also book on behalf of someone else. So, if you’re hoping to surprise someone with a luxurious trip, or just want to help your friend out with getting upgraded amenities for their next vacation, you can!

Tablet Plus Membership Perks For Free

Instead of paying for a Tablet Plus membership, you can book your hotel through a travel agent that is a Tablet Plus Member. (like us)

Is Tablet Hotels Reliable?

You can rest assured knowing that when it comes to booking boutique and luxury hotels, Tablet Hotels is one of the best companies on the market. 

With over 20 years of experience, the talented curators at Tablet have been evaluating hotels all across the world that are suited to every taste and budget, curating a hand-selected portfolio to ensure they bring the best of the best to their customers.

What Services Do Tablet Hotels Offer?

Their website offers not only the ability to book hotels but also breaks them down into sections on the main page, including newly added hotels, those featured in their magazine, sustainable properties, glamping choices, adults-only hotels, hotels curated for surfers, farm stays, and many more. This gives people searching for travel inspiration plenty of options before they even get to the ‘Explore’ section!

Speaking of which, one of the most useful features of the website is arguably the ‘Explore’ section. On this page, you can browse their hotels using a variety of filters, including location (Within driving distance, Europe, Latin America, etc.), setting (Countryside, Jungle, Desert, etc.), interests (Fishing, MICHELIN Restaurants, Romance, Skiing, etc.), style (cutting edge, modern, etc.), and vibe (Secluded, Lively, Quiet, etc.)

They have their online blog section, The Agenda, in which unique hotels are brought to the surface in a variety of interesting posts and deep dives.

Tablet Hotel also has their own travel agents, who can put together a dream trip for you. So if you’re browsing their website and enjoy their extensive selection of hotels but aren’t quite sure which one is perfect for you, you can get in touch with them online.

Another great feature of Tablet Hotels is that they’re able to price match! If you discover a hotel on their website that’s cheaper to book elsewhere, you’re able to contact them with the details and they’ll be able to match the best price you can find.

Is ‘Tablet Hotels’ Expensive?

Tablet Hotels hand-select a variety of outstanding hotels, from all different countries, styles, and at a range of price points.

Depending on which hotel you’re looking to book, some are much more expensive than others.

That said, due to the amazing quality and standard of the hotels listed on the Tablet Hotels Website, they all come with quite the price tag. Some are luxury, and others are simply very nice, but none are exactly budget hotels.

For the majority of hotels on the website, you’ll be expecting to pay on average, $200+ per night, though this of course varies by hotel, location, when you’re planning on traveling, etc., with prices being typically higher on weekends.

Tablet Hotel Reviews

When looking at websites such as Trustpilot, Tablet Hotels has a great overall rating of 4.5 / 5 stars.

The majority of reviews are all 5-star ratings and consistently praise both the excellent customer service provided by Tablet and the amazing hotel booking via this service. 

What are the Pros?

The majority of Tablet Hotel reviews are outstanding, with previous quests praising the fresh and smart approach taken on the website. Guests are frequently impressed with how the website has been curated for a niche audience, and the great VIP treatment they receive with the addition of a Tablet Plus membership.

What are the Cons?

When it comes to reviews, some of the more important ones to look at are those that are negative. These can help you learn from other people’s experience, and enable you to make an informed decision when trying out a new service.

Many negative reviews were quite similar, stating that the company seemed to ‘cherry-pick’ reviews left on their website, sometimes going as far as to not publish any negative ones.

Is Tablet Hotels Worth It?

When it comes to booking luxury holiday stays, Tablet Hotels truly lives up to its reputation. Despite a few bad reviews that have been left for them online, they typically live up to the excellent standard they are praised for, and most people experience no issues with them.

With their overall great customer service and exceptional selection of hotels, many users regard them as the first go-to when it comes to booking luxury properties.

Is the Tablet Plus Membership Worth it?

Whilst booking via tablet is worth it for those looking for luxury stays, it’s important to note that a Tablet Plus membership is really only worth it if you’re the type to want all the upgrades or if you travel more than once a year.

Overall, Tablet is a great company when looking for luxury travel stays. That said, if you would like any first-hand help with planning your special vacation or honeymoon, head on over to our travel planning page, to get in touch with one of our very own trusted travel advisors. 

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