Do Sandals Resorts Have Good Wifi?

Like any other hotel or resort, Sandals has free wifi, but just how good is the WiFi at these resorts?

What Constitutes Good WiFi?

‘Good WiFi’ encompasses factors like speed, coverage, reliability, and cost. For the tech-savvy traveler, these factors are crucial in defining their stay experience. In general, people want to know if they can Facetime with family at home, answer emails, and use social media.

At most Sandals resorts, the WiFi speed hovers around 5 Mbps. This speed is generally sufficient for basic browsing, social media, and emailing. However, it may not be ideal for high-definition streaming or large downloads. Depending on where you are at in the resort, you should be able to Facetime your family. Social media should not be an issue either, but you may not have the best wifi on the beach.

Standard vs. Premium WiFi

The premium WiFi offered does not show a significant improvement over the standard complimentary service. This is an important consideration for those who might be contemplating an upgrade for better speeds. For us, it has not made a difference.

Lobby WiFi: A Notable Exception

Interestingly, the WiFi available in the lobbies, which can be accessed without logging in as a guest, often provides superior speeds, ranging from 20 to 80 Mbps. This enhanced connectivity can be a boon for guests requiring higher speeds for tasks like video conferencing or HD streaming.

Wifi Upgrades Coming?

At the newest Sandals Resort, Sandals Dunns River, the WiFi experience is notably better, with speeds averaging around 20 Mbps throughout the resort. This makes it a particularly attractive option for guests for whom internet speed is a priority but also gives me hope that Wifi can be improved at other resorts.

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