Do Sandals Resorts Have a Payment Plan?

Sandals Resorts, renowned for their luxurious all-inclusive offerings in the Caribbean, understands that planning a vacation can be a significant financial undertaking. To make this process more accessible and manageable for their guests, Sandals offers flexible payment options, including a standard payment plan and an alternative through Sandals Uplift.

Standard Payment Plan: Deposit and Incremental Payments

The standard payment plan at Sandals Resorts is straightforward and user-friendly, catering to the needs of guests who prefer to spread the cost of their vacation over time.

  1. Initial Deposit: To secure a booking at any of the Sandals Resorts, guests are required to pay an upfront deposit of just $98 to make a reservation. Shortly after, a payment of $302 in 21 days will be made using the same credit card.
  2. Flexible Payment Schedule: After paying the initial deposit, guests have the freedom to make payments towards their balance in any amount and at any frequency they prefer. This flexibility allows guests to budget according to their financial situation without the pressure of fixed monthly payments.
  3. Final Payment: The total balance must be paid 60 days before your trip. Guests can track and manage their payments through Sandals’ online portal, making the process transparent and straightforward.

Sandals Uplift: A Monthly Payment Option

Recognizing the diverse financial needs of their guests, Sandals Resorts also offers an alternative payment plan through a partnership with Uplift.

  1. Monthly Payments: Sandals Uplift allows guests to finance their vacation through monthly payments. This option can be particularly appealing to those who prefer a consistent and predictable payment schedule. Payment can even be completed after the vacation has already happened.
  2. Application Process: Guests interested in the Uplift payment plan must apply for it, and approval is subject to a credit check. This process is typically quick and can be done while booking the vacation.
  3. Duration of Payments: The duration of the monthly payments can vary based on the total cost of the vacation and the terms agreed upon at the time of application.


Sandals Resorts offers these flexible payment options to ensure that their luxurious vacations are accessible to a broader range of travelers. Whether guests choose the standard payment plan for its flexibility and interest-free advantage or opt for the structured monthly payments through Sandals Uplift, these options reflect Sandals’ commitment to providing exceptional experiences for all guests. As with any financial commitment, guests are encouraged to review the terms and conditions carefully and choose the plan that best suits their financial situation.

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