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Sandals Loyalty Program: All About Sandals Select Rewards

You have probably heard of the luxurious, adults-only all-inclusive Sandals resorts that are located throughout the Caribbean. But did you know about the Sandals loyalty program?

What is the Sandals loyalty program?

The Sandals loyalty program is called Sandals Select Rewards, and it offers guests all sorts of benefits—including the ability to earn a free 7-night stay!

In the Sandals Select Rewards program, you earn points every time you stay at a Sandals Resort—up to 1250 points per stay. Plus, when you enroll in the program, you will get a bonus of 5,000 points.

Points are earned based on the price of your resort stay (but not on other expenses like flights or activities). The higher your Sandals Select tier (see below), the more points you earn per dollar.

There is no membership fee for Sandals Select Rewards. Sandals Select Rewards points expire within three years of your last activity, such as your last stay. If you have a reservation booked in the future, however, points will not expire.

Sandals Halcyon Beach boat

Be sure that every reservation you make at a Sandals resort has your Sandals Select Rewards membership number attached to it; this is the only way that you can receive the Sandals loyalty program benefits. You can check your account online or contact the Sandals Select customer service team at 1-800-NOW-4SSG or [email protected] to make sure it’s on there.

FYI, the Sandals loyalty program also applies to stays at Beaches Resorts.

Benefits of the Sandals loyalty program

Benefits of the Sandals loyalty program for Sandals Select Rewards members include member-only sales and promotions; access to a private Facebook group for loyalty program members; special member appreciation dinners, Sandal’s loyalty dinners, and other special events during your Sandals stay; and up to 20 percent off services at the Red Lane Spa, purchases at the gift shop, and photography purchases.

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Each time you achieve a new tier in the Sandals Select Rewards program, you will receive a Status Recognition Gift. (See below for details on the tiers.) The higher your tier level, the more benefits you receive, like complimentary gifts, additional discounts, couples’ massages, free cabanas, and VIP customer service during your stay.

How do I join the Sandals Select Rewards program?

You can enroll in the program online, either at the Sandals Select website or on the Sandals app (which you can download from the App Store). Or, you can enroll during your stay at a Sandals resort, either when you check in or at the Loyalty & Travel Lounge.

Tip: If you book a return visit at the Loyalty & Travel Lounge while you’re at a Sandals resort, you’ll get 10-12% off that vacation.

What are the tiers at Sandals?

There are different tiers at Sandals within the loyalty program (also referred to as Sandals rewards levels). These are: Member, Select, Coral, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, and Ambassador.

Members have enrolled in the Sandals Select loyalty program but haven’t stayed at a Sandals resort yet. They do not earn points until they stay at a resort.

You reach the Select tier with your first stay and the Coral with your second. Sapphire tier members have spent 25 nights or $25,000; Emerald tier has spent 45 nights or $40,000; Diamond tier has spent 100 nights or $90,000; Pearl has spent 250 nights or $220,000; and Ambassador tier has spent 400 or more nights or $345,000.

Select and Coral tier members earn 1 Sandals rewards point per dollar spent; Sapphire tier members earn 1.5 points per dollar; Emerald earns 2 points per dollar; Diamond earns 2.5 points per dollar; Pearl earns 3 points per dollar; and Ambassador earns 3.5 points per dollar.

Sandals Select Rewards members who are at the Coral level and above also earn bonus points on every stay.

Redeeming Sandals Select Points

Redeeming Sandals Select points gives you discounts on your room rate on new stays at Sandals Resorts. There is a limit; you can redeem Sandals Select points for discounts of up to 25% of the total room cost.

How much is 5000 Sandals points worth?

Sandals points are redeemable for savings off of your room rate at Sandals Resorts; 5000 Sandals points are worth a savings of $125.

How much is the Sandals loyalty discount?

The Sandals loyalty discount is another way of referring to the rewards program discount. Sandals Select Rewards members can get loyalty discounts of up to 25 percent off their room rate at participating Sandals resorts by redeeming their Sandals Select Rewards points.

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How many nights do you have to stay at Sandals to get a free week?

You need to stay at Sandals for 70 nights in order to accumulate enough Sandals’ loyalty points to get a free week at a Sandals resort. Free night stays do not count towards the 70 nights.

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