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Our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers

If you’re looking to buy a gift for the travel lover in your life, we’re here to help. We are full-time travel bloggers, so we’ve tried a lot of products, and have our eyes on a few items as well. Here, we’ve compiled a list of things we think any adventurer and travel lover will appreciate.

The Hotel Box from Hotels Above Par – Bring the luxury hotel experience home with this gift box with six exciting items from six luxe hotels worldwide, it’s a holiday present that satisfies wanderlust and inspires a sense of adventure.  You’ll receive curated items including slippers from an internationally-renowned five-star hotel, a nutrient-packed face mask from one of the USA’s most tantalizing spas, candles produced by a trendsetting inn, a cookbook from one of the world’s most alluring restaurant programs, games imprinted with a custom design reflective of a hotel many revere, plus a honey jar collected from an international stay with a unique beekeeping program.

Babbel Language Learning SubscriptionBabble can be a great way to learn the basics of a language before you arrive, and it doesn’t take up any extra space in their suitcase! I personally prefer Babbel to Duolingo because I find it to be more contextually informative, as compared to the gamification of learning words and phrases. I also like that some features are available offline (great for learning on the airplane!) where offline learning is not available for Duolingo.

Allbirds – These are my go-to travel shoes*. My white Tree Dashers are comfortable enough for all-day walking in the streets of Europe, and stylish enough to go with everything I pack. My favorite thing about them (besides them being easier on the environment than other sneakers) is that they’re MACHINE WASHABLE. I wear them year-round and they’re still pretty white, which is wild.

*Affiliate link

Quikflip Jacket – These sturdy rain jackets convert into backpacks, and honestly, we take them everywhere we go. They’re so handy for varying weather conditions, and when we have them on we know we’ll have a bag to carry souvenirs or water bottles around with us while traveling. I also use it as my travel pillow on the airplane. Here’s a TikTok we made showing how it works!


Gift guide for travel lovers! ✈️ this first one is unisex sizing, so I sized down. We truly bring these with us on every trip, they’re so handy to have! #travelgift #travelgiftideas #amazonaffiliate #travelblogger

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Bose Noise Canceling Headphones – I find that noise-canceling headphones are so helpful when it comes to reducing travel stress. For me, Bose have been the best quality. Of course, they’re also great when you need to focus, or when you want to have really immersive sound quality.

Bluetooth sleep mask – Having a bluetooth sleep mask has been a game-changer when it comes to sleeping while traveling. Along with blocking out sources of light so you can rest, you can listen to something to fall asleep without disturbing your partner. I have a strong preference for the model that indicates “zero eye pressure”.

Reusable Earplugs – These are great reusable earplugs that I wear especially in the airport and on the flight when I want a bit of peace and quiet. The Experience Loops are great for when you want to still be able to hear a bit – like when preparing to go through security or waiting for your flight to start boarding (or at a concert). But I use the Quiet Loops most often since you can comfortably sleep in them, and prefer them to the disposable earplugs because they are more effective, more attractive and better for the environment.

Travel PrintsEtsy has a lot of options for this. Artwork is a thoughtful way to remember a destination or to get excited for an upcoming trip!

Luggage set – This Amazon Basics roller carryon has served us very well the last few years.

Custom travel coffee table books are a super popular options this year. Not only does it look great on their coffee table, but it’s a great way to remember a trip you’ve taken together! Because it requires a bit of work to put together, it comes with that extra thoughtful touch.

You can find a few more of our travel gift ideas on our Amazon Storefront! Happy Gifting 🙂

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.