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Travel Tips for Travel Couples

Nothing compares to watching the sun rise over the Grand Canyon with the love of your life. Experiences just can’t measure up to romantic dinners on a Goan beach in India with your dedicated partner in crime. Whether you’re on your honeymoon or on your third year of global galavanting, couples face unique opportunities to learn and grow together.  From navigating maps and winding alleys to creating plans and travel agendas, adventuring as a couple can be a strain for both parties. The rawness of travel, the unhinged sense of awe that replaces the superficial worries of day to day life creates the pristine backdrop for unforgettable moments in love and in life. The raw dynamic of travel can also lead to exhaustion, irritability and conflict.

From sunrises over Crater Lake to hiking above the clouds in the Canary Islands, Tyler and I have shared some of our favorite memories on the road. We’ve also had our fair share of traveling tiffs. We’ve spent 6 weeks straight together in the car driving across the United States. We’ve traveled with friends and relatives at home and across the pond. When it comes to navigating, balancing schedules and interests, and handling travel exhaustion, we have some partner pointers that can help fill each mile with a smile.

The Truth Can Hurt, but Let it out.

You guessed it, communication is number one. When you are traveling, don’t bottle things up. Travel just doesn’t let you do this. You’re tired, you’re excited and you’re together 24/7. Your partner will know when something is on your mind. If your partner has done something that has hurt your feelings, talk about it. If you are feeling uneasy about a plan, express that. Expressing how you feel (and we know, that is so much easier said than done), can save you valuable time on your travels to treasure each other and not squabble the time away. Take time to check in when you are on the move. Pick a day of the week, or every time you take a plane etc. to check-in consistently. Take the time to not only speak your truth to your partner, and actively listen to their needs and feelings.

Keep Your Peace of Mind

Take the time to do what you need to do. Whether you need some time alone to regain your thoughts, take a nap instead of taking a tour, or even eat a healthy meal, respect each other’s needs. The best travel advice I was ever given was “Do what you need to do to keep your peace of mind.” Sometimes you want to go out dancing, but sometimes you just need a night in, even on the road, to reset yourself for the adventures ahead. Give each other space to do this and remind each other of how important it really is.

Balance Interests

One of you may like art museums, the other may not. One of you may be ready to hit the ski slopes and the other could crave a spa day. When traveling together it’s imperative to balance interests in your travel planning. Recognize that you may not be doing your favorite activities all the time and compromise is key. Keep the adventures and opportunities balanced between your interests to keep each other happy and fulfilled.

Plan Ahead

Plotting your route and preplanning activities can minimize the surprise stress that inevitably occurs on the road. Planning a budget and knowing what you can afford can also help to dissuade fickle financial issues. Research the busy travel times and consider traveling off-season. Leave some room for spontaneity but plan enough to keep from missing valuable experiences and meaningful moments. 

Connect with Others

People need people. Although it’s important to treasure your moments together, it’s equally important to continue to engage with your community. Whether its contact with your loved ones at home or getting to know the locals, interact with those around you. It’s easy to get lost in each other, but don’t miss out on the incredible and possibly life-changing connections you can create with other travelers and locals on your journey.

Make it Special

Whether it’s a road trip or honeymoon, traveling together is an absolute gift. It’s truly our favorite thing to do. Take the time to make each day special to keep the honeymoon always feeling. Leave special gifts and treats for each other in your hotel. Secretly buy little trinkets along the way to commemorate the memories made together. Plan dates for each other in your destinations to take the time to appreciate the love that has traveled so many miles.