10 Top Food Tours In Toronto

It is said that food is central to traveling, offering an evocative entryway into another culture like no other. Toronto is a multicultural city and hence a melting pot of mouth-watering global cuisines. The city is bustling with energy and whether it’s pork, duck, or beer you fancy, you’ll be in for a sweet treat. There are vegan-friendly options too for some of you!

Any trip to Toronto is incomplete without checking out its food tours. Going on any one of these, will without a doubt, leave you satiated. And yet, you’d be left wanting for more! Listed below are among the top ten food tours in Toronto:

1. The Globetrotter

You’d sure feel like you’re globetrotting while still within a few miles in this diverse neighborhood. The Kensington Market is a multicultural bohemian neighborhood that is rich and diverse in culture. No wonder, you’d be getting the whole world on a platter when you visit here.

Joining a food tour with a reliable guide, you’d be skipping all those long lines to sample international cuisines –at least six of them- from duck tacos to butter tea.

Be sure to take the transit to reach here. The traffic is crazy, and there is no such thing as parking.

2. Toronto’s Kensington Market Donut Tour

A newer food tour offering in Toronto is a Donut tour. Visit 5 different donut shops in the most interesting parts of downtown Toronto, Kensington Market, and Chinatown.

You’ll try a variety of different donuts, discover shops and restaurants to return to later and take in a bit of history as you make your way from the different donut shops.

This food tour is a perfect way to start your day and your vacation, giving you an overview of several areas, getting recommendations for the rest of your trip and filling you up with the sweet donuts we all love.

3. True Toronto

Nibble around on a Canada-themed food tour situated in Kensington Market – one of the most popular in Toronto. You’d find yourself lost at sea, with so many choices available to you.

Going with a guide helps you in trying out a variety of classic dishes. And along with the gastronomical experience, you also get to witness the beautiful, historic architecture around you.

You have a range from Moo Frites (poutine) to the creamy and buttery butter tart and a sampling of pure heavenly coffee from the Nanaimo Bar. All you need to bring is a great appetite, and you’ve got yourself a hearty dinner by the end of the tour.

4. Beer Grylls

What you get here is a beer tour of the Old Town, and places that even locals may never have heard of! Be prepared to be on your feet for hours, since you’ll be walking around the streets of Old Town Toronto. So, wear the most comfortable shoes in your closet.

Your guide will tell you about how beer played an important part in the city’s past. You will get to visit three classic Toronto pubs, and savor a beer tasting experience at the famous Mill Street Brewery.

The atmosphere is fun and youthful. We don’t guarantee you’d be leaving the same way that you enter!

5. The Fatted Pig

If you enjoy some sweet pigs in a blanket, then this tour is a must for you. A 3-hour food tour of Toronto gives you a plethora of pig-inspired dishes to try.

You get to take in the specials of various restaurants and there’s a trip to a butcher shop thrown in too. You’ll also learn a great deal about ethical farming while sampling on local delights ranging from Toronto’s signature peameal bacon sandwich to a variety of pork sausages. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

By the end of the tour, you’ll end up with a belly full, understanding why the town is nicknamed ‘Hogtown’.

6. Best of all Worlds

If you are interested in a varied mix of local and international cuisines, then this tour is the right choice for you.

Not only will you get to taste some sensational food while on tour, but you’ll also learn a lot about the history of this lively and vibrant neighborhood.

Along with the thriving food scene, you can also shop for knick-knacks among the colorful shops and street art that lines the street.

7. The Essential Adventure

If you have a good 3 to 4 hours to spare, then book the Essential Toronto Tour-Food Tour and Toronto Islands Trip.

You get to live like a local for these few hours. It’s like a crash course on the Toronto lifestyle. You get a full food tour of the famous St. Lawrence Market. What’s best is that this tour is completely private and vegan and vegetarian friendly.

If you’re traveling in season, you also get a water taxi ride to the Toronto Islands! And if that’s not all, you get to explore Toronto’s underground city with a tour of its Path tunnels.

8. National Geographic’s Favorite Food Market

This tour will take you around St. Lawrence Market, titled “Best Food Market in the world” by National Geographic.

The trip begins at the Hockey Hall of Fame. You get to walk around a park that features a beautiful fountain while on your way to a coffee shop. There’s also a sandwich shop nearby, where you’d find ‘the very best apple cake in the world’.

In St. Lawrence Market, you get to try out local favorites – like the famous peameal bacon sandwich. With every bite, your tour guide will also give you a piece of Canadian history to chew upon.

9. Around the World in 150 Minutes

Experience eclectic Toronto by tasting food from over 6 countries. Slow down and take a breath of fresh air in Toronto’s old bohemian neighborhood. Right off the hustle and bustle of Yonge Street, you get into the crux of the most diverse city in the world. From Chilean salsa to butter black tea, you’re in for a culinary adventure that will introduce you to flavors from around the world.

10. One of Three

If you like a lot in a little, this is your lot. Three guided tours in three hours. Choose between Kensington Market, St. Lawrence Market, or Chinatown.

Take your taste buds on a beaten path to exploration, by visiting small and family-owned culinary gems. You’d get to try eclectic dishes that you’d never find on your own while immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of the area. Taking a tour has its own perks, from tutored tastings that combine history and folklore.

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