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What you Need to Know about Visiting Spain in November

No matter when you choose to visit Spain, the gorgeous country promises you a memorable trip, filled with delicious foods, inspiring cultural experiences, rich history, friendly locals, and beautiful weather. But from all the seasons, autumn is, for many, one of the best to visit Spain. 

Spain awaits its fall visitors with pleasant weather, thinner crowds, superb autumnal landscapes, and many exciting surprises. If you plan to see this European jewel in November, continue reading and find out all about your trip, from weather and costs to things to do and events. 

November Weather In Spain

Spain welcomes you with mild weather, even in November. The temperatures depend, however, from one region to the other. The north of the country, for instance, is known to be rainy in November, while Costa Brava and Valencia welcome visitors with kinder weather, being even very common to enjoy the Mediterranean waters, not only the sun. 

If Barcelona and Alicante are your preferred destinations, the sun shines in autumn but not strong enough to warm the water for swimming sessions to be enjoyable. Lovely walks, long evenings on the terraces, sipping tasty wine and indulging in local foods, are great ways to enjoy the upper Spanish coast during this month.

In case Madrid is on your must-see list, make sure you pack your jacket. With the cold and dry climate, your November trip in Madrid will give you the chance to explore the city and its most hidden gems, without being surrounded by the summer-loving crowds. Also, you will have sufficient sun, and the temperatures are high enough for spending time outside, even in the evenings. 

Crowds & Costs In November

There is no season when Spain is tourist-free, but if you are looking for the moments when the country has fewer visitors, September to late November and January to March are the ‘shoulder seasons’ in Spain. 

So, November is a great time, especially for visitors who don’t like big groups of tourists and want to peacefully admire the most famous sites in the country. Not only will the visitors be fewer in November, but you can also take advantage of low season prices. This is a period with no major holidays, so travelers have the chance to find cheaper flights throughout most of the month. 

Best Cities to Visit & Things to Do In November

If you want to run away from the rainy days, Spain’s southern Andalusia region is a great November destination. Tour the superb, historic cities like Málaga, Córdoba, and Seville, drive around Marbella and the Costa del Sol, indulge in the Mediterranean cuisine, and enjoy the sun and the warm sand. 

Don’t miss exploring the ancient mountaintop city of Ronda and, if you want a deep cultural experience, spend a few days in the possible rainy and gloomy Madrid. Besides the multitude of the museum, galleries, shows, and restaurants, Spain’s capital also awaits you with beautiful fall foliage on display in El Retiro Park. 

If, when you think of Spain, the beach comes to your mind, go to the spectacular Canary Islands, a European tropical paradise that awaits you with fantastic weather all year round. Surfing, hiking, star gazing, standup-ladling, and adventurous climbing are some of the things you can enjoy in the Canary Islands in November. And if you love underwater life and you want a glimpse of it, pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins sessions are awaiting you. For those interested in spotting migratory sperm whales, the town of Tarifa, in southern Andalusia, is the better choice. 

November Events in Spain

There aren’t too many celebrations in November, and this makes this month a perfect time for a quiet, less expensive visit. If you are traveling on the 1st of November, expect almost everything to be closed. People are celebrating All Saints Day, and during this day, many visit the graves of friends and relatives. 

Also, during early November in Andalusia, you can enjoy the annual week-long celebration of sherry. A great place to have this sherry experience is Andalusia’s southwestern city of Jerez de la Frontera. Sherry was actually invented in this gorgeous city, and the festivity is all about it. Expect sherry tastings, sherry pairing menus, sherry cocktails, and all kinds of sherry-themed fun events. And if you plan to book a trip to Madrid, the superb experience of the autumn colors in El Retiro Park will only be enhanced by the International Jazz Festival.