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Celebrate Your Love in an Exotic Paradise: Honeymooning in the Philippines

With stunning landscapes, impressive culture and great hospitality, a plethora of interesting things to do and see, as well as amazing weather all year round, the Republic of the Philippines awaits all kinds of visitors and is a fantastic honeymoon destination

Why honeymoon in the Philippines?

The most important parts of the Philippines are the mild weather all year round and the spectacular landscapes. Nature has been very giving in this country, and this statement is obvious once you get to explore it. 

But there is more that attracts honeymooners and other travelers. The fact that Filipinos are known to be very friendly and hospitable is as important as the fact that the archipelago boasts more than 7,000 islands and islets, each with its unique beauty. The locals’ smiles make the powdery white sand, sugary cream, or brown beaches even more beautiful. And so do the whale sharks and other underwater creatures that populate the crystal clear waters of the Philippines

With climbing having so much attention in this lovely country, adventurous couples are as welcomed here as are nature lovers. And so are history aficionados, since the Philippines is a historical place with a diverse culture coming from different colonizers. Not too mentioned curious foodies, who have the chance to get closer to the culture of the country through its amazing food. 

Best Time to Visit The Philippines 

There are more than 7,000 islands to explore in the Philippines and only two main seasons, wet and dry. If you want to plan your vacation during the dry season, it must be between December and May. This is also the most popular time to visit. So, besides perfect beach conditions, expect high numbers of visitors. 

If you don’t like high temperatures, around 34°C, avoid going to the Philippines in April or May. If you, however, visit the country during these months, make sure to pack in plenty of sunscreens.

Travelers who find rain romantic can visit the Philippines during the wet season, from June until October. The wet season is also warm, but, keep in mind that there is also a typhoon season, between September and October. So you might want to avoid these months. 

Amazing Destinations for Your Memorable Philippines Honeymoon 

Whether you want to experience the culinary and bustling nightlife scenes in Manila, relax on the white beaches of Boracay Island, enjoy snorkeling in Cebu, the Philippines promises you a memorable escape with your loved one. And, to help you choose your favorite destination in this beautiful country, here’s a list of the best ones. 


Located in the central Philippines, Boracay is a small but beautiful island, well-known for its multitude of resorts and gorgeous beaches. The west coast awaits romantics with its superb White Beach backed by palm trees and filled with restaurants and bars, while the stunning east coast, with its strong winds, welcomes adventurers couples who are into water sports. 

The island offers the perfect setting for a romantic escape, and, to enhance your honeymoon, book a luxury, 5-star hotel. Fortunately, there are plenty of options, and, with our a doubt, The Lind Boracay is a really good choice. With a great location, in a landscaped garden on the shores of the Philippine Sea, stylish rooms, and luxury amenities, this upscale hotel promises you a memorable, romantic stay in a summer paradise. 


If you and your love one are history aficionados, consider spending your honeymoon, or a part of it, in Cebu, one of the Philippines’ most gorgeous provinces. Whether you choose to stay in its stunning port capital, Cebu City, or you prefer a more secluded hotel, this part of the country promises you a remarkable escape filled with interesting stories and landmarks, like the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño church, Fort San Pedro, and many other remains from its 16th-century Spanish colonial past. 

To make your stay more comfortable, choose a lavish, 5-star hotel or resort, like the luxe Radisson Blu Cebu, a high-end hotel, with a great, central location, chic rooms, and amazing amenities. 

El Nido 

If you have the gorgeous Palawan Island on your bucket list, it is a perfect choice for your honeymoon. El Nido, one of its most charming municipalities, is waiting for romantic honeymooners with white-sand beaches, coral reefs, clear waters, lagoons, and plenty of amazing underwater friends you can meet during diving sessions. 

And, for your comfort and relaxation, El Nido Resorts offers you an amazing group of sustainable island resorts in the El Nido area, as well as in Taytay, which is another municipality in Palawan. No matter which of these resorts you choose, expect to encounter the famous local hospitality, a laid-back vibe, the comfort you need, and many unique experiences. 


El Nido is an amazing destination but, if you want the same experience, only smaller and quieter, consider spending your love escape in delightful Coron. With incredible natural wonders like baby powder sand beaches, underwater mountains, hidden lagoons, and otherworldly reefs, the former sleepy fishing town is now waiting for curious travelers from all over. 

To have a memorable honeymoon, you need your nights to be as great as your days. Two Seasons Bayside Hotel is a 4-star hotel located by the bay in the tropical city of Coron, and a great choice for honeymooners. Bright rooms, outstanding views, tasty breakfasts, an infinity pool, as well as a terrace and a rooftop hot tub are some of the amazing amenities waiting for couples and other travelers.  


Located in the western Visayas, and praised for its unspoiled beaches, mountain interior, underwater life, and urban fun, Negros is another popular honeymoon destination in the Philippines. Whether you are interested in exploring the natural beauty of the area, indulge in breathtaking culinary treats, or adventure into memorable diving sessions, this destination can offer you the romantic escape of your dreams. 

And to make your nights comfortable and relaxing, there are plenty of hotels and resorts available. Antulang Beach Resort is one of the great options, not only because it is the only resort in Negros island with private pool villas, suites, and cottages with heated outdoor jacuzzis, but also thanks to its sensational location, suspended on seven sprawling hectares of natural beauty. 


If you and the love of your life prefer city breaks instead of mountain or beach vacations, Manila might be your perfect destination in the Philippines. The bustling capital city offers visitors a superb mix of Spanish colonial architecture and modern skyscrapers.

Besides its splendid architectural features, Manila also welcomes history lovers, foodies, and party animals who want to explore its explosive nightlife. When it comes to accommodation, the Philippines’ capital is full of great options, The Manila Hotel being only one of them. The 5-star hotel, overlooking the South Harbor, welcomes couples with great comfort, luxury amenities, and other romantic surprises. 

North Luzon

Couples who love exploring imposing mountains, relaxing on sunny beaches, meeting friendly locals, and visiting Spanish colonial cities, are going to fall in love with North Luzon. The beautiful region promises to satisfy all kinds of visitors and to make your stay special, you should choose the best from the hotels available in the area. 

Midori Clark Hotel and Casino, for instance, is a gorgeous 3-start hotel, surrounded by greenery, and featuring modern rooms and luxury amenities, as well as a laid-back cafe, a casino, and plenty of there great surprises. 


A former sleepy fishing village in one of Sorsogon’s more remote areas, Donsol is now, thanks to the ‘discovery’ of whale sharks off the coast in 1998, a popular destination for all kinds of travelers, including romantic honeymooners who have a passion for Mother Nature. Besides beautiful beaches, amazing natural spots, and the chance to get closer to the impressive marine life of the Philippines, this delightful village promises visitors, tranquility, romance, and complete relaxation. 

To have all these, make sure you find the best accommodation, according to your preferences. Vitton & Woodland Beach Resorts, located a few steps from Donsol Beach and featuring its private beach area, is a fantastic option. With gorgeous traditional wooden furnishings, private balconies with relaxing views, authentic cuisine, and international dishes, as well as the possibility to enjoy amazing spa treatments or adventure into exciting water activities, this hotel awaits all kinds of honeymooners.  


Well-known for its healing practices, which turned into relaxing and cocktail-sipping sessions for travelers, Siquijor is still a mysterious region for many Filipinos. The esoteric vibe makes this delightful area even better for romantic couples looking for a place to celebrate their new beginning. But, besides this mysterious vibe, Siquijor is like any other sensational touristic destination in the Philippines, with spectacular nature and laid-back and wonderfully affordable beach resorts.

Infinity Heights Resort is, for instance, a great choice, especially if you want a luxe 3-star resort with all the amenities you need. But there are plenty of other options that promise to satisfy all kinds of needs, desires, and budgets.