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Honeymooning in Norway – an Underrated Destination

Norway – the Scandinavian dreamland of amazing fjords, huge glaciers, romantic islands and colorful homes. Sometimes covered in a thick sheet of snow, sometimes drenched in the warmth of the sun and sometimes glowing under the spectacular Aurora Borealis, Norway is a land of extraordinary experiences.

From cruising along the Norwegian coast to taking a romantic tour along the fjords, there are plenty of things to do in Norway on your honeymoon.

Best Time of Year for A Honeymoon In Norway

Each season is special in its own way, but I strongly recommend going either in the summer and enjoy the midnight sun or in winter. Not many people consider winter for their honeymoon, but if the destination is Norway you might want to think twice.

Winter in Norway offers the best chances to see the amazing Northern Lights and witness the surreal frozen landscapes the North of Norway has to offer.

Where to go on your honeymoon in Norway


Bergen homes along the coast

In 2015, Bergen was voted by a panel of over 10.000 travelers as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Surrounded by one of the most popular attractions in the world, the Norwegian fjords, Bergen is also a great starting point for many organized fjord tours.

Some of the most popular attractions in Bergen are Bryggen, Fløibanen Funicular, Bergen Aquarium or the famous Fish Market.

While you’re there, don’t forget to try one of Norway’s best seafood restaurant situated right by the sea on a small island, Cornelius Seafood Restaurant. The island can be reached by boat and the trip takes about 20 minutes from the city center.

Best places to stay in Bergen during your honeymoon: Villa Charlotte, Opus XVI, The Hanseatic Hotel, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.


With its colorful little houses, waterways and wooded hills, Trondheim is Norway’s third-largest city and is, without doubt one of the most photogenic also. Considered the country’s historic capital, Trondheim is a pleasure to explore by foot and one of the things that makes it a great honeymoon destination is that it’s usually not over crowded by tourists.

We recommend booking a romantic kayak trip that will end with a romantic three course dinner at the local restaurant. After that, you can catch a serene sunset over the Old Town Bridge (Gamle Byrbro) to understand why locals have nicknamed this landmark the “Gateway to Happiness.”

Best places to stay in Trondheim during your honeymoon:Thon Hotel Nidaros, Radisson Blu, Clarion Collection Grand Olav.

Geirangerfjord – Romantic Fjord Cruise

Norways Fjord with cruise ships stopping by

Norway is home to some of the most fascinating fjords in the world and cruising amidst these imposing boulders in the company of your loved one could be the best thing to do on your honeymoon.

Norway In a Nutshell offers customizable fjord tours that can be taken as a round trip with return to your starting destination, or as a one-way trip. You can start your tour in Oslo, Bergen, Flåm or Voss.

On the tour you will travel through some of Norway’s most beautiful fjord scenery. For an amazing honeymoon experience, we recommend taking your time and adding overnight stays and extra activities along the route. If you feel adventurous, put on your hiking gear and a hiking backpack and enjoy some of the amazing hiking trails in the area.

The hotels you can find along the route are incredibly and considered an experience in itself. Some of the most romantic hotels we recommend that are placed by the fjords are Kviknes hotel, Hotel Ullensvang, Bergstadens Hotel and Vertshuset Hotel.

Lofoten Islands – Chasing the Northern Lights

Norway is one of the best places in the world to catch the stunning view of the remarkable aurora borealis and sharing this experience with your loved one will make for an incredibly romantic and unforgettable honeymoon.

Imagine spending a few days with your loved one in a cozy cabin retreat in Northern Norway with your very own front row view of the phenomenal Northern Lights.

Best time to see the Northern Lights is in winter, and while you’ll be without sun from November until mid-January, what you lack in light you’ll gain in incredible views of the Moon, stars and aurora borealis.

There are plenty of beautiful islands in Northern Norway destined for catching the magic lights, like Bodø, Lofoten Islands, Lyngenfjord, Narvik, North Cape and Tromso. 

Best places to stay in Northern Norway for your honeymoon: The Arctic Hideaway, Scandic Arctic Hotel, Lauklines Kystferie, Scandic Bodø, Scandic Bryggen Hotel

Juvet Landscape – The World’s Most Unusual Hotel

Featured in the popular movie Ex-Machina, the Juvet Landscape Hotel is considered one of the most beautiful, unusual and romantic hotels in the world. The hotel is located in a forested watery scene in the small rural hamlet of Alstad, part of the Valldal Valley. This is on the northwest coast of Norway, approximately 90 minutes driving from Ålesund.

Each room is a detached small independent house and features one or two floor-to-ceiling glass walls that frame the surrounding nature and are positioned in such a way that no room looks onto another.

Although not considered by many a traditional honeymoon destination, Norway offers its own unique experiences and stunning landscapes that will make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience and I highly recommend it.

Author: Nick from Global Backpackers.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.