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 Best Place to Stay in Manitou Springs

Colorado is a popular destination for adventurers and honeymooners year-round. No matter what you’re looking for, Colorado can and does offer it–everything from the romantic to the adventurous. The trick is knowing where in Colorado to visit.

One amazing destination in Colorado is Manitou Springs. This lovely town is known for its natural beauty and close proximity to many of the major hotspots in the state. In town you’ll find year-round hiking, natural mineral springs, and the well-known Manitou Incline. But just a short distance away, you’ll be able to enjoy attractions like Garden of the Gods and Pike’s Peak. 

Manitou Springs Colorado Accommodations

Finding adventure here isn’t difficult. The next step is finding the best place to stay in Manitou Springs. Just like the range of activities, there are many different types of Manitou Springs accommodations to fit the kind of stay you’re looking for. 

Jerome Wheeler’s Carriage House

If you’re looking for a small space, then Jerome Wheeler’s Carriage House might be the spot for you. This historic home is divided into three separate but self-contained living spaces. Each apartment can sleep between two and four people and offers an updated and well-equipped kitchen. 

The Carriage House is located just outside downtown Manitou Springs but is still within walking distance to a handful of various local attractions. If you’re looking for a quiet place that’s steeped in local history, then this is a great choice.

Onaledge Historic Lodge

If you want to be closer to downtown or have slightly larger accommodations, then Onaledge Historic Lodge is the one for you. This is a family-friending lodging option that can accommodate a party of up to 30 people. 

This historic and impressive lodge offers modern amenities, rich history, and a sophisticated but comfortable atmosphere, all conveniently located at the center of town. 

INNhale B&B

For something unique, you might be interested in INNhale B&B. This B&B offers adults-only Manitou Springs Colorado accommodations for guests who might want to indulge in cannabis while vacationing.

INNhale offers rooms that sleep from two to three people, and each is filled with amenities both inside and out. It’s also conveniently located just a 15-minute walk to attractions like the Manitou Cliff Dwellings.  

Spurs n Lace B&B

Spurs n Lace B&B is a great option for those looking to stay outside Manitou Springs. This lovely B&B sits just between Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City, a suburb of Colorado Springs. 

Spurs n Lace offers another more traditional setting with bedrooms that sleep two to three people. Its unique location is, however, its biggest draw. Visitors staying here can enjoy the offerings in both Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs. In less than ten minutes, you can visit the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Garden of the Gods, or even Red Rock Canyon.

The Cliff House at Pike’s Peak

Perhaps you want to be well outside the city center so you can enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings. If so, then The Clifff House at Pike’s Peak is the right spot.

Even though The Cliff House is nestled just below Pike’s Peak, there is no shortage of room amenities and features. Room packages vary, but many boast features like steam showers, gas fireplaces, and even a two-person spa tub. All of this also comes with a breathtaking view of Pike’s Peak.

Colorado is a place bursting with activities and natural beauty, and Manitou Springs offers a well-packaged sampling of both. 

If you’re ready to plan your honeymoon in Colorado, check out our planning guide, Everything to Know to Plan a Colorado Honeymoon. And if you’re looking for something a little different from these Manitou Springs Colorado accommodations, take a look at 15 Colorado Cabins with Hot Tubs & Amazing Views

Manitou Springs Colorado Accommodations FAQs

What is the elevation of Manitou Springs, Colorado?

Manitou Springs, Colorado sits at the foot of Pike’s Peak. Its elevation is 6,412 feet above sea level.

What is the weather like in Manitou Springs, Colorado?

Manitou Springs, Colorado, like the rest of the state, experiences all four seasons. Temperatures in the area range from the low teens to the mid-80s. The colder winter months can also have high accumulations of snow. One of the biggest advantages of the altitude and area is the lack of humidity. 

What are some popular activities in Manitou Springs, Colorado?

Some of the most popular activities in the area are exploring the natural surroundings–hiking, climbing, off-roading, etc. If the outdoor activities aren’t interesting to you, then there is plenty of shopping, cafes and restaurants, and historical sites to visit.

What are some popular restaurants in Manitou Springs, Colorado?

There is plenty to eat in and around Manitou Springs, Colorado. Depending on your taste, you can find casual restaurants like grills or more intimate spots like a fondue restaurant. 

Quite a few local restaurants boast high ratings–many over four stars. Some of the most popular restaurants in Manitou Springs include the Swirl Restaurant and Wine Bar, Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant, Cliff House Dining Room, and Red Mountain Bar and Grill.

Now that you’ve read all about this lovely town and the variety of Manitou Springs Colorado accommodations available, what do you think? Will you head here for a romantic escape? Let us know in the comments!